Balls of Steel

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  • 8.0

    The British have done it again!

    By casabonita83, Jan 21, 2009

    This is British humour at it's best. Balls Of Steel is where a bunch of comedians go out and do the most disgusting and stupid sketches or stunts that simply you just have to laugh at. Every performer is different to another performer. Here in Australia, Balls Of Steel has been to compared to our Chaser boys, crazy, stupid and out of control. The sketches or stunts on Balls Of Steel are very clever I may admit. My favourite performer would have to be Neg and his "Urban Sports" and his signature catchphrase "Leg It!". I hope there will be more seasons of Balls Of Steel to come.moreless

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    Real funny material. Balls of Steel is clever and a show I'll always follow

    By boggered, Sep 27, 2008

    Balls Of Steel is stupid yet funny. I mean the people on it are childish but it is funny. The set ups are clever but sometimes I think they better be careful or someone will punch them. Also this show features some great lines like: "Leg It!", "Woop" etc.... The characters in this show are really funny yet rude. But still with the likes of Neg, The Miltant Black Guy, The Big Gay Follower, Alex Zane with many others/pranksters/comedians this is a great show and Australia's answer to "The Chaser" as compared on A Current Affair once. This is one of the best modern British comedy shows I've seenmoreless

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    This comedy show challenges a huge range of comedians and performers to undercover stunts and tricks.With so many comedians involved you are sure to find one funny and enjoyable to watch.The jokes are so blunt and quite rude at times but such good tv.

    By xXxMalteaserxXx, Apr 11, 2008

    I find this show really enjoyable and think it is hysterically funny.The comedians and performers are all so funny and just a pure joy to watch.There are definitely some preformers/comedians I prefer such as..The Annoying Devil and of course the Pain Men who are just so crazy and have you almost wincing as they do their daredevil stunts and stupid antics.This is one comedy show that you'll find it hard not to laugh at because the jokes are just so funny and so casually done it's hard not to enjoy them.I think the undercover stunts are very amusing and I just love seeing the people's reactions.This is only recent to me but from the first time I watched it I was practically hooked and couldn't get enough of the sometimes rude and occasionally dirty yer extremely hilarious jokes and gags.

    I can almost guareentee everyone who watches this programme will love it because in my opinion it is very difficult not to enjoy it.moreless

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  • 8.3

    Balls of Steel his a show were contestants peform crazy things to get the audience voting for them in order to win the Balls Of Steel trophy.

    By N8WHARTON, Jun 30, 2007

    This for me is one of the shows which when its on you got to see it its among the funniest shows out and the ridiculus acts peformed in this show are extremely entertaining. The people on the show are always the same people but sometimes they have new people doing crazy stuff to impress the audience. This my type of show because im into the way the show plays tricks on people and really annoyes them and also the way it is set up it could be in a food store, Merchandise shop are the best location is the streets.moreless

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  • 7.0

    Show following several 'characters' who do daring / stupid things at the expense of others.

    By Mahon87, Apr 10, 2007

    I enjoy Balls of Steel and find many parts (or characters) of the programme extremely funny. The only downside to the show is the 'filler' characters that are there only to add range to the character list and are more annoying than funny!

    I'd love to see a full episode of Neg, he makes me cry with laughter!

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    amazingly funny ull laugh every time

    By bobcharley01, Apr 08, 2007

    Well what can i say, if u laugh at pain or other people pain and frustraition, u'll love this show, even if you don't you'll still love this amazingly suprising and funny show.

    everyweek the cast will perform stunts and acts they have recored without other people knowing, and it will be shown on a large tv infront of a audience in the end the audience vote who has the biggest balls or BALLS OF STEel.

    the stuff they do ranges from painting disabled signs in empty car parks to playing knock and dont run.

    in my opinion it's the funniest audience show i've seen and even if you don't find those funny, you will wet urslef wen u watch it at one poiont or another.

    watch it, i give it a million out of ten extremly creativemoreless

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