Balls of Steel

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Quotes (5)

  • Mark Dolan: May I say you look sensational?
    Olivia Lee: May I say... You look average.
    Mark Dolan: Okay... Good...

  • Alex Zane: If you're playing crap, you'll get a zap... If your score is frightening, you'll be hit by lightning... If the wrong answer is mooted, you'll be electrocuted!

  • Mark Dolan: Hello, and welcome to Balls of Steel - the hidden camera show with stunts so outrageous, they're likely to get the show's presenter sued... ...Hello, I'm Eamonn Holmes.

  • Alex Zane: This is the show where words are defined... ...or your score is maligned.

  • Mark Dolan: Hello, and welcome to Balls of Steel, the comedy show in which the bits in the news where they say "If you're sensitive, look away now" is the whole show.

Notes (3)

  • Alex Zane wins the Balls of Steel Trophy.

  • The Pain Men win the Balls of Steel Trophy in this episode.

  • We are introduced to Mr. Inappropriate, a new regular in series two.

Allusions (1)

  • Hello, I'm Eamonn Holmes
    Eamonn Holmes is a Northern Irish television personality in England best known for being the host of a large variety of shows.