Bamboo Blade

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  • Yuji: (to Kojirô) Tama-chan may look quiet and calm, but she is actually a rash person. I've notice from the last time, that she has a thing for heroes of justice. So, she definitely would not forgive bad guys.

  • Kojiro: (about Danjûrô's girlfriend) A couple should total up to 100 marks. That is to say a 30 mark guy should pair up with a 70 mark woman, A 10 mark woman should pair up with a 90 mark man. That would achieve balance in the world, he is burning with passion that is not needed. could be like this. Yuji: How can it be... Danjûrô: Sorry to keep you guys waiting, I brought Miyamiya here. Miyako: Nice to meet you, I'm Miyazaki Miyako. Yuji and Kojirô: (after seeing how pretty Miyako is) Stop screwing with me!

  • Kojirô: Isn't there a way to find competent people? Kirino: How about this? Let's throw stones on those people who are holding things like bamboo blades. If they are highly trained, they will slash them all to pieces. Kojirô: You watch way too much dramas... Kirino: It won't work?

  • Kenzaburô: You've finally gathered some female members. You have a Kendo club too, right? Let's compete then! Kojirô:Oh, okay. But there's only one member for now, I have to wait for new members to join. Kenzaburô: Kojirou. Kojirô: Yes? Kenzaburô: Let's have a bet.

  • (preview for next episode) Monster on top of Tamaki's head: Ha ha ha ha ha. I'm the all-powerful Death Armor, and these are the three rules of the Death-Death Boy Scouts: 1. Don't be a picky eater. 2. Don't sign your name to anything. 3. Don't lend anyone any money even your best friends. 4. A good offense is a good defense. I know it's four, but get over it! Staying true to those rules and you'll make a great Death Scout. Write them in your Death Book, your Death Desk, while you listen to Death Metal. The next episode is entitled "Black and Blue" but I'm not even in it so you don't have to watch. (Tamaki smacks him with the kendo stick.)

  • (flashback) Tamaki's father: Tamaki, you put too much power into your throat strikes. It's as if you were delivering a lethal blow against a villain. You should not be even be using throat strikes. Tamaki: I can't use them on anyone? Tamaki's father: Well, perhaps if you were fighting an older man, only if he's experienced in the ways of kendo, and you are at least in high school. Until then, it is off limits. (present time) Tamaki: (thinking) He's a man. He's older. And he has kendo experience...Father, Mother, I'm in high school now. It's allowed.

  • Chiba: Um, I'm the team captain... Ishida: Give me a second...Okay, you're Yellow! Your character oozes yellow! Chiba: What do you mean by that?!

  • Sayako: Kirino, I finally get it. It doesn't matter if I have talent, or whether something suits me or not. It just wasn't something I wanted to do. Thanks for helping me see that, Kirino. It's because of you, I can move on. But until I find what I really wanna do, I'm gonna keep moving ahead! Let's spar again sometime, Kirino!

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Notes (36)

  • This episode is based on the events from chapters 1 to 4 from volume 1 of the manga.

  • Japanese episode title: 竹ぼうきと正義の味方 Romaji episode title: takebouki to seigi no mikata

  • This episode is based on the events from chapters 5 to the 1st half of 10 from volume 1 of the manga.

  • Japanese episode title: ブレードブレイバーとお弁当 Romaji episode title: bureedo bureibaa to obentou

  • This episode is based on the events from the 2nd half of chapter 10 in volume 1 and chapter 11 in volume 2.

  • Japanese episode title: ブラックとブルー Romaji episode title: burakku to buruu

  • This episode is based on the events of chapters 12 to 15 from volume 2 of the manga.

  • Japanese episode title: ピンクとブルー Romaji episode title: pinku to buruu

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