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  • Felix: What did you see?
    Banacek: Well, it wouldn't be fair.
    Felix: To whom?
    Banacek: To you. What if I helped you out and you won the game? I mean, how would you feel?
    Felix: Better than if I lost the ruddy game through my own ineptitude.

  • Felix: By the way, have you seen the latest issue of Sports Illustrated?
    Banacek: No, I've been busy.
    Felix: Pick up a copy. Contains an article on the ritualistic ancestry of pro football, by Arnold Shore. Very definitive piece. Very brilliant research.
    Banacek: Umm. Yours, I suppose.
    Felix: What tipped you off? "Brilliant", or "definitive"?
    Banacek: Your smirk, as a matter of fact.

  • Banacek: There is an old Polish proverb that says..."If you're not sure it's potato Borscht, there could be orphans working in the mine."

  • Susan: What was that, honey? Some kind of trick play? Banacek: If it was, it was called by a coach named Houdini.

  • Felix: Say, didn't Jay give you my message?
    Banacek: well, he was about to, but your accent is better.
    Jay Drury: Yeah, well someday I'd like to hear his Sicilian.

  • Felix: By the way, there's an old English proverb that says... "The only thing worse than a devious Russian, is a sneaky Pole."
    Banacek: You mean the only thing better.

  • Joe Thaddonhurst: Well, I thought you were going to talk to the engineer and the brakeman, and the...
    Banacek: I don't have to talk to anybody. You did your investigating for me. I forgot to say thanks, didn't I? Thanks.

  • Jay: How was the lady engineer?
    Banacek: Electrical, but not civil.

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  • Additional Credits for all episodes of the show:
    Titles & Optical Effects: Universal Title

  • John Brodie is billed as Special Appearance by.

  • Filmed at the Pasadena Art Museum, later known as the Pasadena Museum of Modern Art and now the Norton Simon Museum of Art.

  • For the second season, Christine Belford is introduced as a series star, as rival insurance investigator Caroline 'Carlie' Kirkland.

Trivia (4)

  • Banacek's father worked as a research scientist in his native Poland and as a mathematician in America.

  • The pilot was aired as an NBC Mystery movie; A&E did not air it when they reran the series in the mid 1990s.

  • In this episode, Banacek tells us that his father came to America from Poland in 1924 at the age of 16.

  • We learn from this episode that Banacek's father was called Leo and that he had died "a couple of years ago".