Band of Brothers

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    one of the great tv series of all time

    By tikeswarb, Mar 01, 2014

    this is one of my favorite tv series .....

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    By MehrdadL2, Dec 08, 2012

    I have never seen a war this real in movies or TV shows. Every detail has been shown as much as it deserves to...

    It is really hard for other war related pictures to compete with this one for showing reality.

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    Seriously incredible!

    By keramarie, Jul 06, 2012

    I watched this with my husband, who is a big war history buff. This was a beautifully made mini-series that was terrifying and human and also funny. The directing was perfect and the acting was spot on. Nothing comes together better when you watch a full cast of extremely talented actors: Damian Lewis, Ron Livingston and Donnie Wahlberg. I enjoy WWII movies and television, but this was incredible!

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    The band of brothers is an amazing miniseries.

    By mindmalfunction, Nov 16, 2011

    The band of brothers is an amazing miniseries. I watched it on TV and then bought the DVDs and then bought the Blurays when they came out. The summary on the main page refers to Rescue me, not the Band of Brothers. This should be fixed.

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    Best of its kind!

    By Rd_Dude, May 25, 2011

    Band of Brothers is the best of the best when it comes to portraing war movies and shows in general. I think this show is one of the best series I've watched in my life.

    The show is about the ordeals of easy company during world war II. It's a story about sacrafice, friendship and the brutality and ruthlessness of war. I really like these kinds of shows were they show you the horrors of war and introduce you to characters you can have an emotional attachment to. Something you can only truely appreciate by the way when your favorite one dies.

    I know this show is a few years old by now but I just watched the whole thing again and I have to say that I still like it just as much when I first saw it. This show is the a legend. They can't make anything like this ever again. (They tried with the Pacific and although that was good too, it didn't have the same impact on people like Band of Brothers)moreless

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    this is a show about world war 2

    By onetreehillrcks, Mar 22, 2011

    all these men fight against the Germans in world war 2. They try to fight them and end up with only about 12 men left in the end. Band of Brothers is good because it shows you what these men had to go through to get where they are now.Most die in the war but some stay alive to see the celebration at the end. Its a true story and sometimes sad, sometimes scary or sometimes its really, really happy. They also free other countries prisoners. Band of brothers is a great show for people who love to see what really happened in these kind of events. Just em@il for more information xmoreless

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    War has never been this entertaining...

    By AjMc91, Feb 13, 2011

    Band of Brothers is an epic miniseries. Part of me can never decide whether it might actually have been better as a series. Obviously it would have had to have been less factually accurate and probably a little more action filled, but this show is so good that it's hard to not want there to be more of it.

    It is an emotional (and when I say emotional I mean emotional. If you don't cry at the end you have no heart) journey through basically the worst thing that humanity has ever done to itself. We get to experience what it was for young men to be in that place at that time and see the things that they did. We get to feel the intensity of the explosions as much as the power of the emotions. We come to love the protagonists and enjoy their successes as much as we distain the loss of the MANY people that die. An absolute epic series that deserves to be seen by everyone (lets face it, it cost enough for them to make it, they want you to watch it too!) and really should be. If you've got a slow week you can watch an episode here and there and you'll enjoy every minute of it.moreless

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    Band of Brothers

    By efc91, Sep 18, 2010

    This is the first HBO series I ever saw and the second drama series (24 was first) and I have to say way back in 2001 I was amazed at how much this mini series was like a tv version of Saving Private Ryan. It must have cost millions it was a good job two big names were behind it all Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks. I really like the episode Hanks Directed Crossroads it was probably my favourite episode of the series. The cast was excellent evryone was superb as there characters the whole series was fantastic. Will never forget this.moreless

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    The most incredible mini-series I have ever seen!

    By chardr69, Jun 23, 2009

    This is one of the most ambitious and realistic depictions of war I have ever seen in a television show, made with absolute respect towards the heroes that the show is based on. It is not for the faint of heart, some of the images shown are horrific, but needed to convey what these brave young men went through. The band of brotherhood that these heroes developed through training and the hell of combat is astounding, and captured perfectly by the wonderful collection of actors and filmmakers that paid tribute to all the members of the American 101st Airborne Division, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 2ed Battalion, E Company, better known as Easy Company. The mini-series is based upon the Stephen Ambrose novel of the same name.

    The series takes you from Easy's early basic training at Camp Toccoa, Georgia through their involvement in the major campaigns throughout Europe until the end of the war.moreless

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    'Band of Brothers' is essentially 'Saving Private Ryan: The Series' and that is FAR from a bad thing.

    By BenRyan33, May 14, 2009

    'Band of Brothers' is an emotional WWII epic that chronicles the story of Easy company from D-Day til the end of the war. We are introduced to the men during training and watch their triumphs and sorrows throughout the rest of the war.

    It's hard not to compare it to "Saving Private Ryan" both based on content and on the production talent involved (Spielberg and Hanks). But one of the strengths of 'Band of Brothers' is that we are giving more time to invest in these characters over the course of 10 episodes. This allows us to connect with these men and get to know them better and more intimately. We feel their losses and feel as though we are actually a part OF the company.

    One of the things that hit home the most for me while watching it was the feeling of loss involved with being a soldier of WWII. It is something that gets lost on many of us today with all of the countless WWII video games and movies. 'Band of Brothers' helps to remind us of the price paid during war and how deeply that experience can affect those involved.moreless

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