Band of Brothers

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  • Guarnere: I like Winters, he's a good man. But when the bullets start flying, I don't know if I want a Quaker doing my fighting for me.

  • Winters: Nix, what are you gonna do when you get into combat? Nixon: Oh, I have every confidence in my scrounging abilities. And I have a case of VAT '69 hidden in your footlocker. Winters: (laughs quietly) Really? Nixon: Oh yeah.

  • Toye: Hey guys, I'm glad we're going to Europe. (takes out his knife) Hitler gets one of these right across the windpipe. Roosevelt changes Thanksgiving to Joe Toye Day, pays me ten grand a year for the rest of my fucking life.

  • Guarnere: My brother's in North Africa. He says it's hot. Malarkey: Really? It's hot in Africa? Guarnere: Shut up!

  • Perconte: This ain't spaghetti. This is Army noodles with ketchup. Guarnere: Well, you ain't got to eat it. Perconte: Come on, Gonorrhea, as a fellow Italian you should know that calling this stuff spaghetti is a mortal sin.

  • Soldier: Oh, Easy Company! Don't worry. While you're running, we'll take your dames to the movies for you. Liebgott: Good, they need some female company.

  • Bull: (to Lt. Winters, as Easy Company is marching one Friday night) Sir, we got nine companies, sir… well how come we’re the only company marching every Friday night, twelve miles, full pack, in the pitch dark? Winters: Why do you think, Pvt. Randleman? Bull: Lt. Sobel hates us, sir! Winters: (pauses a moment) Lt. Sobel does not hate Easy Company, Pvt. Randleman – he just hates you! (rest of Easy Company laughs) Bull: Thank-you-sir!

  • Toye: Three day supply of K-rations, chocolate bars, charms candy, powdered coffee, sugar, matches, compass, bayonet, entrenching tool, ammunition, gas mask, musette bag with ammo, my weapon, my .45, canteen, two cartons of smokes, Hawkins mine, two grenades, smoke grenade, Gammon grenade, TNT, this bullshit, and a pair of nasty skivvies! Perconte: What's your point? Toye: This stuff weighs as much as I do, I still got my chute, my reserve chute, my Mae West, my M1. Perconte: Where you keeping the brass knuckles? Toye: I could use some brass knuckles.

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Notes (35)

  • International Episode Titles: Slovakia: Currahee (Currahee)

  • Tony Blair (UK Prime Minster from 2 May 1997–27 June 2007) personally met Steven Spielberg to request that the series be filmed in the UK.

  • Original International Air Dates: United Kingdom: October 5, 2001 on BBC 2 Germany: April 3, 2003 on Premiere 1 Denmark: May 8, 2006 on Kanal 5 Greece: October 25, 2007 on SKAI Slovakia: August 26, 2009 on STV1

  • All of the insignia are either originals or exact replicas, down to an identical stitch count on the "screaming eagle" patch, and "wings" pins cast from original molds.

  • The wardrobe department hired the Corcoran Boot Co. to manufacture 500 pairs of paratrooper jump boots to the original Army specifications.

  • The actors endured a grueling two-week boot camp where they learned the basics, from how to wear a uniform and stand at attention, to sophisticated field tactics and parachute jump training. The average day was 16 hours long, beginning at 5:00 a.m., rain or shine, with strenuous calisthenics and a three-to-five-mile run, followed by hours of tactical training, including weapons handling and jump preparation.

  • More than 2,000 extras worked on the miniseries during the course of production.

  • Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg and Steven Ambrose passed each of the scripts around to real-life soldiers of Easy Company to guarantee the authenticity of the miniseries.

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Trivia (14)

  • Nitpick: When Luz is imitating Maj. Horton to fool Capt. Sobel, a boom microphone is reflected in the wet helmets.

  • Nitpick: Throughout the series they salute each other, something which is not done in the airborne divisions.

  • When Winters drops the potato masher in the first 105mm gun's barrel, he doesn't pull the pin out. You can see him pull on it but when the grenade drops into the barrel the pin is still attached.

  • Goof: The episode states that Albert Blithe died of his wounds in 1948. Blithe actually surivived his injury and would remain in active service with the Army until his death in 1967.

  • Goof: When the troops enter the city of Carentan, they're being attacked by a German M42 from a window and fire back. During this exchange, bullet-holes appear and disappear on the advertisement-sign attached to the house.

  • Goof: Sgt. Randleman's NCO bar on the back of his M1 helmet disappears while in the gully of the road on the outskirts of Eindhoven. It then reappears when the Company enters Eindhoven.

  • Goof: Les Hashey sees a medic shot by a German in the left leg, though the medic is holding his right leg the next time he is seen and his left leg is in fine shape.

  • Goof: The British para commander is referred to as a brigadier-general and is wearing a general officer's cap badge. There has been no such rank in the British Army since the 1920s. The equivalent, brigadier, is not a general officer and wears a different cap badge.

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  • Episode Title: "Why We Fight" Why We Fight is the title of a series of World War II propaganda films, which were directed by Frank Capra.