Season 2, Ep 4, Aired 1/31/14
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  • In the hope of shedding more light on the murder, Lucas visits a strict Amish schoolteacher, while¬† Siobhan and Emmett find Chayton more difficult to deal with than expected.¬† Meanwhile, Proctor attempts to make peace with Alex and Rebecca tries to deal with being rejected by her parents.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Gil Birmingham

    George Hunter

  • Antony Starr

    Lucas Hood

  • Geno Segers

    Chayton Littlestone

  • Ivana Milicevic

    Carrie Hopewell / Ana

  • Olafur Darri Olafsson

    Jonah Lambrecht

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    By bwagner57, Feb 01, 2014

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    • Hood: Get up and brush your hair. Job's here to take your picture.
      Job: I am? Okay, who the fuck is this and what the hell am I doing here?
      Hood: Well, this is where it gets interesting. (To Jason) Introduce yourself.
      Jason: Jason Hood.
      Job: Fuck me.
      Hood: Yeah. We gotta make him someone else.
      Job: Well, the motherfucking hits just keep on coming.
      Jason: Nice Tie.
      Job: (To Jason) Shut up.(To Hood) And why aren't we killing him?
      Jason: Hey, whoa!
      Hood: Shut up.

    • Jason: (Job nearly drives into him) What the fuck?!
      Job: Were you or were you not supposed to stay in your motherfucking room?
      Jason: I got hungry.
      Job: Get in the fucking car.
      Jason: I kind of don't want to.
      Job: Bitch, I should be shooting your dumb white ass right now, but instead I'm offering you a ride. So show some fucking gratitude and get in the fucking car, or I will run you into a wall and say my foot slipped off the clutch!

    • Jason: When do you think me fake ID will be ready?
      Job: "Fake ID", hmm? Bitch, what you think this is? This ain't some phony Virginia driver's license you're buying for 50 bucks in the back of a head shop, so you can host a kegger in your backyard and date-rape the motherfucking prom queen. I'm giving you a new name, credit history, social security number and a motherfucking birth certificate. I am turning you into a whole new goddamn human being.
      Jason: OK, Jesus. I'm sorry.
      Job: And let me tell you something else. Once I have performed this little miracle, you are going to disappear and we are not going to see or hear from your punk ass again because if you show up a second time looking for a handout because you fucked up again, I will personally put a bullet between your eyes. And just for that, I'm gonna name you Marion.

    • Kai: Now you may not be aware, Jonah, but there is a debate currently raging in civil society about the efficacy of torture. Now I happen to fall on the side of those who believe that pain is a tool like any other. And where pain will work, it's far and away the most efficient tool for the job.

    • Hood: You kill him?
      Kai: No. But you should probably call an ambulance.
      Hood: Yeah, I probably should.

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