Who is going to review the weekly episodes from Banshee season 2?

By Vicky8675309

Jan 07, 2014

Cory implied, did not confirm (not 100% sure), he was going to review Banshee. However, to my recollection it was just implied and I'm still not sure if it will be a weekly review. Maybe it will just be an end of the season review like last time. I'm sure there are some fans who would review it but I see potential problems if more then one person reviews the same episode. What if people only comment on one (or more on one then the other)....what if several people post reviews then an official tv.com reviewer does a review....

Can we get a statement from tv.com about whether or not an "official" tv.com reviewer will review each episode of Banshee season 2?

If not, then what? No reviews, multiple reviews...
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  • MarlboroMagpi Jan 07, 2014

    Actually I kind of agree it would be good to have just 1 review per episode unless it is a photo recap or other specific questions about the show. I think this season it will be more exciting and fun on TV.com than last season same with oprhan black.

  • TVcom_editorial Jan 07, 2014

    We are definitely covering this Friday's season premiere (Cory is writing the review). Weekly writeups are still TBD!

  • Vicky8675309 Jan 07, 2014

    Thanks! Please let us know about the weekly write ups once they are determined.

  • patsully Jan 07, 2014

    In addition to any and all staff reviews, everyone should also feel free to write their own, whether it's short form, photo recap, or in-depth. Multiple viewpoints are awesome, and there is no problem with conversation being split - in fact, it's more focused!