Barefoot In The Park

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    Sitcom that didn't get any respect from ABC. I may be wrong, but I don't think so. I live in the innercity & just like demolishing buildings and calling it urban renewal. Some of them, aren't in danger of collapsing & can be fixed.

    By ymy382, Jul 07, 2006

    I thought this show got the quick hook from ABC back in the day. It was pretty darn good & I was ticked when it went off. I don\'t want to cry rascism, but that\'s probably what it was. Try to imagine sitting around in suburbia watching a young black man who\'s a lawyer & his gorgeous wife as they struggle in the big apple. I\'m tipping my hand, but I don\'t think it got a chance. I don\'t know one person with a Neilsen box in their home. No wonder. Thanks for letting me vent about one of my favorite shows. Pres. of the Tracy Reed fan club; Melvin Greenmoreless

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