Guns and Brothers

Season 3, Ep 23, Aired 4/6/77
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  • Episode Description
  • Baretta investigating a stolen vehicle report believes that two brothers are responsible. When another vehicle is stolen, this one filled with M-16's the boys have more to worry about than just Baretta.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Tom Ewell

    Billy Truman

  • Michael D. Roberts


  • Edward Grover

    Lt. Hal Brubaker [ 2-4 ]

  • Robert Blake

    Det. Tony Baretta

  • Ferde Rombola

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  • Quotes (5)

    • Baretta: Just reach out and get a peanut, reach right to the bird and get a peanut. Rooster: I ain't scared of the bird. Baretta: I understand. In the first place your a revolutionary out there in the streets tryin' to find me some guns, so what did you find out about them? Rooster: I'll tell you somethin' bout guns, this city has got more guns, then that chicken has got feathers. You want machine guns, pistols, rifles, a cannon. I talked to a dude today who said he would build an atom bomb, you ready for that. Yeah we need a disarmament conference for this neighborhood alone. Baretta: I want 180 M-16' rifles, that's what we talked about. Now did you get a connection. Rooster: Well I got a nibble, another one, cat by the name of Croft, Tommy Croft, says he'd contact us.

    • Rooster: Man them guns are designed to kill people in large quantities. Baretta: Ah ha! Precisely why you must play your part and play it well and speak the speech I pray you the way I tell you the way to speak it because by there doing we will eliminate the guns from the streets and then they won't shoot your body or mine and then AMEN for that. Dig. Rooster: Hmm I dig, I dig. Um tell me to play this part I got to um the strollin' ... Baretta: Minstrel. Rooster: Yeah, strolling minstrel, um I got to wear a costume of lower demeanor huh. Baretta: I would suggest my man something a little less boisterous then your usual attire would be more appropriate. Rooster: So I got to wear something like you. Baretta: Yep. Rooster: No man. Baretta: No, no, no, by playin' this part you will be helpin' fulfill your debt to society. And you will be doin' a good deed for a worthwhile cause. Rooster: A question about my debt to society, Baretta why is it whenever we get to talking about guns and killing it's always us, but when it has to do with harmless personal pleasure it's either a sin or a crime. Baretta: Because my good man, in the eyes of society and the law, you are a crook. Rooster: For selling love? Baretta: I don't say I agree with them, but I could arrest you. I ain't gonna arrest cuz I kinda like a little of what you're traffickin'.

    • Baretta: Pros would have used bolt cutters and they would've taken them with 'em, these guys used a pipe and bent it up and threw it all down. Brubaker: You get any prints on that. Baretta: Naw, they wiped it clean or else they wore gloves. They only took thirty cases. Brubaker: What do you figure those things are worth on the open market about thirty to forty thousand dollars? Baretta: For sure. Brubaker: And that's kids?! Oh shoot, what do you figure, they got a fence or they're gonna have to go out and get a fence. Baretta: I think they're gonna try and sell'em, they're gonna get a fence. Brubaker: Then what are you gonna do for me, huh? Baretta: I'm gonna go get a fence. Brubaker: You got it. Baretta: You're gonna make a very good detective someday. Brubaker: (dryly) Very glad to hear that. Enjoy yourself. Baretta: Thank you.

    • Sally: Tony, you shouldn't have hurt him, he had polio. Baretta: Sally, that's not what's botherin' him and it ain't what's botherin' me. The boy's got problems, he's in trouble, their big problems and they gotta get fixed. Understand. Sally: I don't know what you're talking about. Baretta: Aw Sally, I wish the world was the way you see it, all eclairs and cookies and sugars and frills but it ain't, it's real and it's gonna come crashin' down on ya and when it does it's gonna do you in. Now I suggest that a way to fix that is to go have a talk with your son right now, not about polio and cakes and and and all that kind of thing.

    • Baretta: Where was ya this mornin' bout 10:30? Ray: Making deliveries. Baretta: Yeah, you didn't go by Dave's Drive-In by any chance. Ray: I might have, it's a public place. Why? Baretta: On account of somebody nailed a brand new pickup truck full of wood. Ray: So somebody nails a whole truck load of lumber and you can't wait to get over here, man. Baretta: Where's your brother? Ray: Donnie? Baretta: No your brother SUE! Ray: I told you already he's makin' a delivery. Baretta: Oh yeah. Ray: Yeah. Baretta: Yeah.

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