He'll Never See Daylight Again

Season 1, Ep 1, Aired 1/17/75
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  • Episode Description
  • Baretta vows revenge on the underworld mob boss who has his thugs murder his girlfriend.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Andrew Prine

    Andy Scanlon

  • Joseph Mascolo

    Frank Cassell

  • Madlyn Rhue

    Sharon Fowler

  • Neil Timothy Carey

    Matty Trifon

  • Lew Brown (II)

    Sgt. Tom

  • Fan Reviews (1)
  • Great episode, if you watch this one, you will get hooked!

    By AprilFox, Apr 19, 2006

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  • Quotes (4)

    • Baretta: Let the good times roll, there ain't nothin' like a little Autralian magic to cure anything. Billy: Yesum man, best pizza I ever had was in New York, Abe's Place, run by a Jew in a German neighborhood. Last time I was there it was packed with Chinese. (Baretta laughing) Billy: Did Schiller have any kind words. Baretta: Schiller my man wouldn't have any kind words at his mothers funeral. I don't care what he says or what he does, cause it was worth it. Billy: Boy all that guy was busted for was runnin' numbers. Most he'll get will be eighteen months. They'll never get him for killing Sharon. Baretta: Oh yes they will. He's gonna pay his dues this time. He made too many mistakes and the big boys will snuff him when he's in the pen. He's never gonna see daylight.

    • Baretta: Limousine for the bereaved, go get my girl will ya. Andy: Oh I understand, a limousine for the bereaved, I didn't really get that. Baretta: Your limousine awaits darlin'. Sharon: Oh Tony, its terrific. Baretta: You see the lady does recognize class. Andy: Yes, but you can get in anyway. Baretta: Oh thank you very much!

    • Rooster: I know something you forgot. Baretta: What I forget? Rooster: Flowers for my lady. Baretta: Ah Im way ahead of you. We stop at Schultz's on our way home. I got a beautiful corsage ordered. Rooster: Take care of business Tony. Look man, why don't you let me pop for them flowers. I mean it's the least I could do. Baretta: I appreciate the thought partner, but I don't know if that be the right sentiment you know, flowers for my girl comin' from you. Rooster: Ah man, you just don't tell her that's all. Baretta: Ha haha, Artie the schemer! The day you croak you gonna be thinkin' of some way to get out of that box ain't ya. Rooster: Got to stay ahead Tony. Baretta: Yeah I hear ya talkin'.

    • Frank Cassell: (to Baretta) You kill me, you're gonna be dead before I'm planted.

    Notes (1)

    • Rooster's first name is revealed to be Artie. In the closing credits his name is listed as Art Nelson.

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