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    About a hidden camera playing pranks on people.

    By henry244, Jun 02, 2009

    This show sucks because it has no sound from the people's reactions! I feel it is a waste of time making these pranks and showing it on tv. When I watch it, it's like watching it on MUTE! GOD! The most important part of being a funny show should be the people's reactions right? but you cant hear their reactions!! you can only see it!! I always wonder what the victims are saying. !!!! That is what is missing!! There could be a lot of funny comments/ reactions coming from them and that'll add more laughs. Yes, this show has a lot of potential, too bad. I want some change!moreless

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    Need Sound

    By lynnllloyd, Aug 01, 2007

    To Whom It May Concern:

    This show has a lot of potential. I have watched Just for Laughs the last 3 shows. Your show could be a very funny show if only you could include the sound so we can hear the reactions of the unexpecting participants and listen to what they are saying. This show reminds me of the candid camera show which has sound in it. I will not be watching your show again unless you include vocals. I would appreciate it if you could please email me when & if you include sound. Thank you, Lynn Lloydmoreless

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