Look Back in Terror

Season 3, Ep 12, Aired 12/22/76
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  • Episode Description
  • Baretta takes a three day leave with his new girlfriend, problem is her ex-boyfriend Bishop breaks out of prison and hunts her down for the security bonds she is holding.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Tom Ewell

    Billy Truman

  • Michael D. Roberts


  • Edward Grover

    Lt. Hal Brubaker [ 2-4 ]

  • Robert Blake

    Det. Tony Baretta

  • Chino 'Fats' Williams


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  • Quotes (4)

    • Baretta: I'm gonna fix this old toilet once and for all, my old man always said, 'There ain't nuttin' in this world you can't do if you put your mind to it.' And this toilet ain't gonna beat me. Billy: Tony I knew your old man quite well but like everybody else, he wasn't right. Baretta: He wasn't huh. Billy: No Baretta: Well you just watch me you old croaker sack! Watch me fix this toilet.

    • Rooster: We need to breakdown our communication right. Well I'm sure not gone move until I kick your butt so tell the man what he wants to know. Baretta: There ya go. Kid: What's the big deal? I seen her goin' into the buildin' at Wilcox and Fifth. Baretta: I know that old dumpy building they are tearin' down. Do you think she's still there? Kid: I dunno. I don't think so. I seen her goin' in there with a big bag of groceries. But when she came out she didn't have nuthin'. Baretta: She come out all alone. Kid: Yeah she came out alone. Baretta: Give the man his ten dollars. Rooster: Oh without a doubt brother. Kid: Ten Rooster: Yeah sure man, five. Kid: This ain't no ten. Rooster: I know it ain't no ten, look the man ain't here the Rooster's here take the five man. Come on I'll buy ya an ice cream soda. Kid: I don't want no ice cream soda. Rooster: Well what do you want? Kid: I want my other five. Rooster: Boy this cat's a chip off the old Rooster. Look I'll buy ya a hamburger. Kid: Man I don't want no hamburger, give me the other five!

    • Laurie: I must say Officer Baretter, I highly approve of your rehabilitation treatment. Baretta: Well I must say that I certainly don't do this for all the ladies I arrest, just the kind of funny lookin' ones with the bird legs. And beside with that funny Cockney accent whose gonna teach ya to talk English if it ain't me huh. Laurie: Doctor Dolittle are you now.

    • Baretta: My old man always said, 'Don't pay attention to your heart just keep movin' your feet.

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