Season 3, Ep 6, Aired 10/27/76
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  • Episode Description
  • A rapist is on the loose and Baretta only clue is Shoes a deaf mute shoeshine boy who can identify the killer by his shoes.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Tom Ewell

    Billy Truman

  • Michael D. Roberts


  • Edward Grover

    Lt. Hal Brubaker [ 2-4 ]

  • Robert Blake

    Det. Tony Baretta

  • Chino 'Fats' Williams


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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (4)

    • Brubaker: It'll be easy, it's gonna be easy, it's an invisible man. Baretta: That's very interesting. Brubaker: What's interesting. Baretta: You know most of the time Boss, I don't pay alot of attention to what you say. Brubaker: Yeah I noticed that Baretta. Baretta: But I think you just hit on it, the invisible man. Brubaker: What are ya talkin' about? Baretta: Like'em the ice cream guy on the corner, the kid who sells the newspapers, they are there all the time, pretty soon you don't see'em like the forest in the trees thing. That's very perceptive. Brubaker: Yeah well that's good stuff, hey where ya goin'? Baretta: Goin' to the pool room. Brubaker: You can't think without a pool cue in your hand? Baretta: You don't understand, pool is a very sophisticated game like chess. It deals with geometric oppositions when you have to watch the balls, examine the whole line ... Brubaker: Baretta, Baretta. Baretta: Yes sir. Brubaker: I'm sorry I asked.

    • Baretta: Ah, Mimi my dove of the Yukon, have you ever been groped by a wino? Mimi: No but it sounds like it could be fun. Baretta: Ah! Now tell me, ain't this the life. Mimi: This is really terrific. Tony that rapist isn't going to show. Baretta: He might be three feet away from you. Whip on out there and wiggle them bananas around. You got your radio. Mimi: Yeah Baretta: Don't bother me unless it's a dire emergency.

    • Rooster: Is that the rapist you're talkin' bout. Baretta: I ain't even got a lead. Rooster: You ain't got, man look it I ain't got no money man, my chicks is all in the back things are lookin' pretty bad you hear. I'm gonna sue the city for restraint of trade you hear. Baretta: I thought you were gonna get your women off the street. Rooster: I'm takin' em to the barn now man, they squawkin' like chickens too. Baretta: Well when you get 'em to the barn, get out in the street and find me somethin'. Rooster: But the city ain't payin' me to find the rapist, you dig. Baretta: Well then you don't get no money made.

    • Baretta: (talking to Shoes) Just between you and me and the pool balls we'll come up with some answers. He rapes women, I know that ain't unusual, but the thing is that he gets them to go with him, I mean they unlock the chain or they walk out the door. How's that happen, is he tellin' them somethin' or what? You're right, the last one was only in town for four days, so she couldn't have known him and that blows that whole theory out of the window. Brubaker: Still talking to the dummy huh. You're gonna wind up in the cuckoo's nest someday. Baretta: Yeah, if I don't get some answers I'm gonna put myself in the nut house. Maybe I'm in the nut house already. Where was I Shoes? Concentrate, yeah we're talkin' about clues. Leather, he uses a leather thong, he ties their hands, he rapes them and then he strangles them with it and that's a pretty clue. The young ladies ain't so pretty with their eyes lookin' at ya. What's a leather thong, that's a mocassins, Indian, cowboy, that's a million things, Shoes. You're right Shoes, ain't got nothin' so far.

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