The Dippers

Season 2, Ep 18, Aired 2/25/76
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  • Episode Description
  • After a young pickpocket named Jonesy is killed, Baretta solicits the help of an expert to infiltrate the gang that operates at an airline terminal. Not realizing that the reason for the death is related to the lifting of a passport from a hired assassin.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Tom Ewell

    Billy Truman

  • Michael D. Roberts


  • Edward Grover

    Lt. Hal Brubaker [ 2-4 ]

  • Robert Blake

    Det. Tony Baretta

  • Chino 'Fats' Williams


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  • Quotes (3)

    • Baretta: Minute man, you told me you was never gonna cheat again. Here you are not only cheatin' my bird, but your cheatin' this honorable old drunk here how to cheat. Billy: Who cares about the honorable drunk, he cheated a nice innocent bird.

    • Baretta: Dude you got to pay your dues. And if a fella tries to beat the dues collector, he's gonna tear him up. Just eats him up. Joey: Yeah I think you're right Baretta. Baretta: Say what. Joey: I say he was right Baretta. Baretta: How do you know my name? Joey: Well I didn't at first but now I do. Yeah that nose, that grin, yeah yeah, Vinnie was the Baretta of that nose. Baretta: You knew my old man. Joey: Yeah, we was as tight as two peas in a pod. Wow we used to drink over there in that little place on Sixth Street. Baretta: Ballpeno's. Joey: Yeah, yeah Ballpeno's, oh yeah you was a snotty nosed little kid, used to come in there and drag your old man out by the ear. You was a stubborn little sucka, used to drink and bawl all the time. Baretta: My old man drank enough booze in there he could'a owned half that place. I remember you useta gamble with him there, you'd a play chess for money. Joey: And I'd win all the time. You know those were great days, they used to call it 'The Great Depression'. Hey look at me now, here I am today eatin' cornflakes and ole Vinnie's boy turned cop. Wow what a disappointment. Baretta: Well there partner, I think I gotta another disappointment for ya.

    • Baretta: My old man always said, You could always tell a man's life by reading his hands. Pool player, brain surgeon, brick layer it's all there. If you know how to read it. This guy has never done an honest day's work, see that stuff it's called lion's skin. Doctor's spray it on a hurt or bruise or somethin' , makes the skin clean hard and dry, this kid was a dipper. Nopke: Picket pocket. Baretta: That's right, this stuff on yer hand you could steal a wet mackerel out of an old ladies girdle and she'd never know the difference. Somebody killed a teenage dipper.

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