Barney and Friends

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  • Luci: That was great!
    Min: Nobody leads like Michael.
    Tina : I'll say! But we seem to have lost someone.
    Tina, Min, Michael and Luci: BARNEY!!!!
    Min: Oh, no! LOOK! (she runs to the classroom window where she sees Barney stuck in the swings) He's stuck!
    Tina : Quick! Let's rescue him! (with not a minute to lose, the kids dash right outside to save their big purple friend)
    Barney: (struggling) Help! Help! I'm stuck!
    Tina, Min, Michael and Luci: (grabbing a hold of Barney) One...Two.....THREE!!!! (faster than you can say peanut butter, they successfully yank Barney out the swings)
    Barney: Phew!! Thanks, kids. (giggles) I'm not fat, I just have big bones!

  • Barney: Simon Says, touch your neck. (Tina and Michael touch their necks) Barney: Simon Says, touch your tail. (Tina and Michael try, but their behinds have no tail!) Michael: Hey! No fair, Barney! Tina: Yeah! We don't have a tail like you do! Barney: You're right. That wasn't fair.

  • Michael: Besides, it was just a toy spider. Derek: Yeah, who's scared of some ol' toy bug? (Tina holds up a toy fly.) Michael and Derek: AAAAAAH! Tina: Yeah, who's afraid of some ol' toy bug?

  • Patty: This sure is a beautiful day to make new friends. Tina: Uh Patty, if you can't see, how do you know it's a beautiful day? Patty: I just use some of my other senses besides seeing. I can feel the warm sun on my face and the cool breeze when it hits me. And I can smell the spring flowers and I can hear the leaves rustling on the trees and birds singing just like you do. Tina: Well, I've never thought of that.

  • Luci: Hey everyone, I want you to meet a new friend of mine. She started school with me last week. This is Patty. Patty, these are my friends. On your right, here's Michael. Michael: Hi, Patty. Luci: And on your left is Kathy. Kathy: Nice to meet you. Luci: And standing beside on my right is my sister Tina. Tina: Hello, Patty. Patty: Hi everybody. Luci's told me a lot of you already. Kathy: Why are you carrying that cane, Patty? Patty: I'm blind and sometimes I use it to help me find my away around. Kathy: What does that mean you're blind? Patty: My eyes can't see things like yours do. Kathy: What can you see? Patty: I can tell when there's a light out and when it's dark. But I can't see things like trees or clouds or any of you. Tina: I'm sorry, Patty. Patty: Oh, it's okay. You don't have to feel bad for me. I'm happy to make new friends.

  • (the kids are set for the sack race) Tina: Derek, I think I saw something in your bag. Derek: Yeah? Barney: Okay. Get on your mark... Tina: And it was big. Derek: Yeah? Barney: Get set...! Tina: I think it was a big bug! Derek: A BUG?!! YO!!! Barney: GO! (Derek rapidly hops past the stairs and toward the finish line at the gate) Barney: Derek is the winner!

  • Tina: I accidentally grabbed my dad's lunch bag instead of mine.
    Shawn: What's so bad about that?
    Tina: I had to eat a sardine sandwich and cottage cheese.
    Luci, Shawn, and Min: Eww!
    Tina: With no dessert!
    Luci, Shawn, and Min: EWW!!

  • Derek's Grandfather: (after the song "I Love You") Derek, I want to thank you and your friends for this fun day at school. Nana: And I had a wonderful time too. Derek's Grandfather: And Barney... Where did he go? Derek: Granddad, he's right there.

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Notes (111)

  • The song, "Old King Cole" is the first song to be sung twice.

  • Songs they sang: "Barney Theme Song" "Old King Cole" "If "All the Raindrops" "I'm a Little Teapot" "Yankee Doddle" "I'm a Little Robot" "Animal Parade" "Rocket Song" "I Love You"

  • Songs they sang: "Family In The Dell" "BINGO" "Hush Little Teady" "Rock-a-bye Baby" "Riding In The Car" "The Sister Song" "Where Is Family" "My Family's Just Right For Me"

  • Songs they sang: "Three Monkeys Rap" "Traffic Song" "Barney Bag" "Buckle Up My Seatbelt" "Walk Across The Street" "Stranger Song" "Clean Up"

  • "Shape-Up Freeze" is the second and last song to be sung twice.

  • Songs they sang: "Tina's Sad Song" "Our Friend Barney" "Clapping Song" "Exercise Song" "Move Your Body" "Shape-Up Freeze" "Animals In Motion"

  • Songs they sang: "Aiken Drum" "Mish Mash Soup" "Apples And Bananas" "Peanut Butter" "Milk Song" "Oats Peas Beans" "Silly Supper" "Healthy Snacks"

  • Songs they sang: "Four Seasons Day" "Little Drops Of Water" "Rain, Rain Go Away" "It's Raining, It's Pouring" "If It Never Ever Rain Again" "Mister Sun" "The Autumn Song" "The Winter Song" "Skating, Skating"

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Trivia (7)

  • Barney and the kids stay in the schoolhouse for the rest of the episode when the thunderstorm begins.

  • Vinyl records shouldn't shatter easily when simply dropped onto the floor (when Tina accidentally drops three 45-RPM records and they break.) This usually only applies to the much older 78-RPM records, made of a more fragile shellac material instead of vinyl.

  • The song the animal orchestra played during the puppet show was "If You're Happy and You Know It".

  • At the beginning the program, the school crossing picture sign is backwards. Usually the school children are walking right to left, and not left to right as seen on the Barney set.

  • When the Vend-O-Ball machine dispensed so many balls after Baby Bop pressed the bottom button, why couldn't they have a ball pit?

  • Songs 1.Barney Theme Song 2.It's A Fun Fun Sunny Day 3.Big and Little 4.Colors All Around 5.Everyone Is Special 6.Have A Snack! 7.You've Got to Be You 8.I Love You

  • Barney was in this episode.

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  • "My Favorite Things" This episode based on a song from the 1965 musical movie, The Sound of Music.