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    By johndrybred71, Apr 04, 2015

    The concept, characters, writing, directing, acting on "Barney Miller" made it the best, still-unequaled sitcom ever produced on television.

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    One of the last smart comedies...

    By sandbur, Jul 01, 2010

    This was one of my favourite comedy shows because it was smart as well as funny. Not smart in a particularly intellectual way, but smart in an extremely clever way.

    And unlike today's "comedies", this story of several intertwined fictional lives did not rely on lowest common denominator content or character bashing to get a laugh. It was the every day stuff that was viewed in a lighthearted way.

    On the other hand, it could also be quite poignant and even heart breaking, and all of this allowed the audience to get into the stories as well as the characters behind them.

    I miss real comedy on TV. I wish there were still people around who could create this level of comedy, and a network with the intestinal fortitude to actually air it!moreless

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    A true classic and very funny.

    By oldtvlover, Jul 20, 2008

    This was a very funny program indeed. Without any doubt the wise cracking Detective Nick Yemana is one of the best detectives in Barney miller's Precint. Jack Soo was talented, creative, and very funny. To be honest with you I have had a dream with Jack Soo in it. He was a doctor at the VA Hospital, and I asked him, "Aren't you that guy from Barney Miller?" He answered, "Yes, but that was a long time ago." I also remember Soo on an episode of Hawaii Five-O. Yes, his life was cut short but his credits shall never be forgotten.moreless

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    As good of an ensemble as "As Time Goes By"...

    By Theoacme, Jun 14, 2008

    ...but this was virtually an all-male enclave (as Linda Lavin and Barbara Barrie were the only females ever credited in the opening titles).

    Still, the ensemble, revolving around Hal Linden's title character, had plenty to do, and plenty of opportunity to shine. Yes, the stories were sometimes offbeat (werewolves in Greenwich Village? deaf prostitutes? a sanitation officer shooting at someone for dropping a candy wrapper?), but this demonstrated the real secret of the show - the various characters that passed through the 12th Precinct that interacted with the detectives there.

    The sardonic humor that permeated the show (as the fog did in one very classic episode) didn't hurt either. Sure, there was no Judi Dench caliber performances - but Barney Miller didn't need any, as its ensemble was a bit deeper.moreless

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    Ah, sweet memories of sitting back, watching Barney & the guys!

    By cuddles3, Jul 04, 2007

    This show was something I rarely ever missed a episode of - a fantastic cast, silly stuff galore, always a laugh a minute! Wojo was one of my favorite characters - stereotypical big dumb guy. You just had to feel sorry for him! Yes, I do have many happy memories of watching this show, & then discussing it with my friends the next day - we ALL watched it as young teens! Any show that can pull in the teens as well as the adults, is a show worth it's salt! A reunion show would be great!moreless

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    This show was great, I was young when this show was on and I still thought it was funny.

    By kevinb4444, Mar 15, 2007

    This is a show for all ages, they had humor and they had serious moments, situations, it was really an interesting show to watch. You had Barney Wojo, Fish, the Asian guy, they were all good. The people in jail usually had a good line or two as well. Sometimes it was someone famous sometimes it wasn't. The writing and the acting on this show were pretty good from what I remember. This show was pretty funny most of the time. I really should get the DVD and watch it again. This show was definitely one of the early 80's sitcom classics.moreless

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    Barney Miller is a thinking man's comedy, which is a nice way to say that it isn't for everyone.

    By tmkreutzer, Mar 14, 2007

    The mid-seventies was a time when preachy, diverse and public minded sit-coms ruled the air waves. Over the top in the way they presented previously "taboo" topics, these sitcoms played on the social and racial tensions that were very much a part of that era. Barney Miller wasn't really like that. Although it featured a very diverse cast and dealt with such topical subjects as drugs, death and even the intergration of women into the police force, the show was very sedate in its pacing and often quite subtle in the way it made its audience laugh.

    Originally based on the character of Barney both in the office and at home, the show's producers quickly realized that the real charm of the show was in the way the office functioned. Once the formula was set, the audience never left either of the two rooms, the dectective's squad bay and the Captain's office, on the upper floor of the 12th Precinct. The characters would come and go, often returning with arestees (many of whom became recurring characters) and the comedy unfolded in the way the officers related their expereinces while out of the office and in how they conducted their interviews.

    In those Pre-Dilbert days, the true drudgery of office work was seldom seen in a clearer light than the one that Barney Miller shone upon it. Anyone who works as a public servant today can instantly identify with the show and the poor men who struggle every day to Protect and Serve the public while attempting to preserve their own humor and sanity. This is a great show, sorry if not everyone gets it.moreless

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    this show was not that good

    By CAPNDEL, Jul 11, 2006

    for the life of me i will never understand why this show lasted as long as it did. it was never funny. it was just another 70's sitcom. the same old formula played out at a police station. i remember one episode they had some kid build a nuclear bomb. how retarded.

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    It was OK. Not good but just OK.

    By 0dragoon0, Jun 23, 2006

    It was OK. Not good but just OK. At times, Barney Miller really bores the hell out of me but there were many savoring moments that made me watch it til the very end. Recommended only if you have time to kill.The story of this show is ok, but no way to say "This is nice".

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    Barney Miller is about the lives of a group of police officers in New York's 12th precinct.

    By IndianaMom, May 19, 2006

    Barney Miller is a show that has a great ensemble cast. It took a few episodes for everyone to find their characters. The early episodes are a bit formulaic. But then Barney, Wojo, Yemana, Harris and Fish all began to work together like a well-oiled machine. Then, in the second season Dietrich joined the precinct and it was perfect. One of my favorite moments was when Yemana ate brownies laced with hashish. There are many great quotes. I haven't seen an episode in several years, but some quotes come to my mind from time to time.moreless

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