Bat Masterson

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  • Narrator: Nevada, September 5, 1886. Wild horses, wild men, wild times from the history of the West and the life of Bat Masterson, the man who became a legend in his own time.

  • Clark Benson: If I was you, mister, and thought it was proper to wear those clothes, I'd get me out of the dust.
    Bat: If you were me, you wouldn't be wrangling horses at $8 a head.
    Clark Benson: Ah, $7 a head. You don't argue with a U.S. Cavalry quartermaster.

  • Polly Landers: I'm flattered you know of my establishment.
    Bat: A travelin' man has to know where the table stakes are worth tryin' for. I plan to win some of your money, Miss Landers.
    Polly Landers: Always welcome.

  • Ellie: Fighting Quince is like fighting snakes in the dark.
    Bat: Some of my best friends are snakes... and beautiful blackjack dealers.

  • Bat: One thing I didn't teach you is how to shoot a man in the back when he's rolling on the ground.

  • Richard: So you see, Mr. Masterson, you're just what we need.
    Bat: It's possible.
    Richard: We're prepared to pay you ten thousand dollars.
    Bat: It's growing probable.

  • Abigail: You keep company with a powerful lot of ladies, Mr. Masterson.
    Bat: I always aim to dispel loneliness wherever I find it, Miss Feather.

  • Richard: How did you know I was hidden back there.
    Bat: That's where I'd be if I were you and you were me and Abby was still Abby.

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Notes (3)

  • Robert Conrad makes his first television appearance in a small uncredited role as an Indian brave.

  • Leon Alton is listed in the end credits but never appears.

  • Filming Location: Vasquez Rocks, CA

Trivia (4)

  • Bat Masterson (Gene Barry) sings "Oh Susannah" while bathing.

  • Dyan Cannon's name in this episode is credited as Diane Cannon.

  • Bat says "Where every man wishes he were a Paul Bunyan." The series is set during Bat's life in the Old West in the 19th century, but the legend of Paul Bunyan wasn't created until 1906.

  • At the 11-minute mark as the waiter pours coffee, an anachronistic wristwatch with a steel contracting wristband is clearly visible on his left wrist.

Allusions (1)

  • Governor: You mean Dan Webber and the rest of his 40 thieves?
    Referencing the Arabic folk tale of Ali Baba, a merchant's poor son who manages to steal gold from a band of 40 thieves who hide their treasure in a cave which can only be opened by speaking the proper password: "iftah ya simsim", commonly translated as "Open Sesame." When the thieves track Ali Baba down and hide in oil barrels to get into his manor to kill him, he discovers their plan and kills them by pouring boiling oil into the barrels.