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  • 9.5


    By DavidSwagTV, Jun 19, 2014

    Every Tuesday I say that, that is until the season finale of this AWESOME SHOW. THE ACTING THE DRAMA, AND NORMA!!!!!!!

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    Captures the viewers

    By nelly_brad, Apr 27, 2014

    Its different, and we love it. Every episode just keeps us guessing. My hubby and i have got really intrigued with the show and cant wait until the next episode comes out. The main characters, norma, norman the sheriff etc are fantastic in capture their roles which i believe captures the viewers. Well done to you all and please keep them coming.

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  • 8.0


    By sroberts461, Mar 11, 2014

    When I first heard about this show I passed on it. I thought a series dedicated to the early life of Norman Bates and his weird relationship with his Mother would be dull. I was completely wrong. I binge watched the first season and was hooked pretty quickly. Vera Farmiga is brilliant in this role! She deserves an Emmy award! The dynamic between the damaged Norma Bates and Norman is so intriguing and their emotionally abusive relationship is fascinating. Now that the Breaking Bad freight train is over, I hope this show starts getting more recognition!moreless

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  • 9.0

    Great show

    By PElf, Jan 04, 2014

    This show is brilliant, love the writing and all the actors are doing an amazing job.

    At the end of every episodes I'm absolutely creeped out and I come back for more.

    The only shame is that the first season has just 10 episodes, I'm starting number eight right now.

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    By peachyamerica, Sep 13, 2013

    Loving it so far!!! Can't wait for the next episode.

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    hooked on that '' bait ''

    By IslamHamdan, Aug 18, 2013

    a really really good show , can't wait for the second season .

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    On tv in the UK?

    By Fang_Banger666, Jul 16, 2013

    This program, looks like it has a lot of potential, but will it shown on tv in the UK?

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  • 9.5


    By TVMASTER90210, Jul 12, 2013

    This show is fantastic. No complaints at all.

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  • 7.5

    High Quality a Fatal Flaw?

    By marcusj1973, Jul 07, 2013

    When I saw the promo for 'Bates Motel' I was immediately intrigued but knew I wouldn't have time to watch it as it aired. I found some free time and just finished watching season 1 and have found a new phenomena in television, high quality taking away from the overall appeal.

    A few episodes in, I knew this show was doing a very good job at telling the Bates story, yet I found myself much less engaged than I would have expected. A few more episodes in, and it was more of the same. It wasn't until the 8th episode that I was able to put my finger on the problem.

    Vera Farmiga as Norma and Freddie Highmore as Norman are nothing short of spectacular in their portrayal. Two high quality performances in one show is usually as much as one could ask for, but Nicola Peltz and Oliva Cooke as Bradley and Emma also do an exceptional job at conveying little intricacies in their character.

    Emma is a little more cliche as the dorky unpopular girl with a crush but the subtleties from Olivia Cooke blur the lines between the annoying girl, the underdog you want to get the boy and the innocent girl you want to run for her life. Similarly, popular girl Bradly traditionally would have nothing to do with the weird new kid, but like Emma said, "She beautiful, popular and she's nice so you can't even hate her". This single quote I think sums up my issue with 'Bates Motel'.

    Norman is a sociopath, a bright and honest kid, a victim and a predator and Freddie Highmore is SO good at turning on a dime as well as slowly fading from one to the other to the point where you're not quite sure when the transition happened. The exact same is true of Norma. She's a control freak, a survivor, a loving protector and equally abusive mother.

    The problem, I don't know what to feel about these characters. Everybody's a victim, everybody's a hero and everybody's a villain. And unlike other shows where the anti hero has somebody worse to put them in perspective, that's not the case here. One second you think that Norman is the victim just trying to do right while living under the thumb of a crazy mother and the next is a mother just trying to survive and protect a son who clearly has some very serious issues.

    I never thought I ever would have said this, but the acting and writing in this show is so good that, for me, it's taken away from the greater effect.moreless

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    Surprisingly good!

    By 12Slade, Jul 03, 2013

    The show is quite good after hearing that a TV show is being made based on the movie & book I was suspicious at first. But it really surprised me positively, the actors are well chosen. Even Freddie Highmore with his cute looking face is perfect for the role of the psycho because you don't expect a Psycho behind such a cute face.

    Can't wait for Season 2!

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