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    Oh yea.

    By JimC39, Aug 13, 2015

    L O V E this show. It sticks pretty close to what the movie established. Then digs into it. This show is GREAT. Love the kick ass sheriff.

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    oh man!

    By megjoy96, May 05, 2015

    This show is the bomb!! I am loving it! each time, leaves me wanting more! I am tired of the teasing as far as Norma and Romero and Dylan and Emma!! there soooo close to being more than "friends"and super cute! I like Norma! shes one of my favorite characters and I hate Norman but I suppose the show wouldn't be much fun with out him.

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    The real psycho

    By kjjensenchandler2, Mar 24, 2015

    I believe this show has the potential to last years, however, when the show comes to an end; being the psycho fan I am, It would be awesome to show Romero and Norma as lovers: Basically, Norman and Norma lose Emma from her illness, Dylan loses his life through the business, and Norman turns to Norma for what he needs, However, as much as she loves him, Romero has become the shoulder she needs in that moment, and like in the original psycho movies; she and her "lover" are killed by her Norman and it will show him opening the motel as .......moreless

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    the N-square factor of the Bates' equation...

    By ErosMakelaris, Mar 17, 2015

    The chemistry between Farmiga and Highmore is unbelievable! Farmiga is the ideal Norma to the Norman we met in Simply memorable performances on a strong script!


    One of the few shows that without hesitation and beyond the shadow of a doubt can call itself a prequel!

    A show that, episode by episode, builds a realistic story to a unique end, the creation of Norman Bates - as main character in Bloch's novel Farmiga and Highmore with stellar performances elevate the story on every sarcastic comment they make, every fake smile they share and every desperate measure they take to protect each other.

    It's an extraordinary show that tears down our impression that Norman Bates was always a psychopath and gives a convincing answer on why he was never properly socialized, on how he developed an abnormal relationship with his mother and how he eventually developed the Oedipus complex.

    It's a great psychological thriller!moreless

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    Great show

    By Berttom, Nov 21, 2014

    When is it coming back on, I love this show and its the only show that I followed faithfully week after week

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    By kikkapi, Aug 29, 2014

    Bates Motel is dry, slow and boring. The storyline is cheesy and very predictable ... so predictable that my family keeps saying, I'd Swear You Saw This Before! The only reason I keep watching it is because I'm a captive audience. There isn't anything else on TV that the household is interested in watching and so other household members started watching this by default (per se); since we don't have a family room, I 'have' to watch this show while others watch it but they think it's corny, too. I must admit that I am the one who is most bothered by the cheesiness of this show; the others think it's cheesy but it doesn't irritate them, like it does me. I'm surprised that Vera Farmiga would associate herself with such a series because her skills are above this ... perhaps Ms. Farmiga decided to participate so she could lend some advice to the writers, producers, etc. (LOL). The actors / actresses are of various skill-levels but I will make no discriminatory remarks because they all have to start somewhere and as with any trade, most people tend to get better over time. I just hope this holds true for the writers!moreless

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    They've got it going!

    By _Leslie_, Aug 24, 2014

    Knowing how many movies, remakes, shows have been made out of Robert Bloch's novel, at first I was quite sceptic - I mean, how much more can they get out of that book without making it look generic and tedious ? It turns out - a lot. Although the events in this TV show have never been described in Bloch's book, the writers on this show did make them seem quite authentic. Bates Motel rocks it for one more reason - Vera Farmiga. I am so glad she left FX's AHS to do this one. As for the kid - Freddie Highmore - he has been the right amount of creepy and good. Awesome show! Please, A&E, don't ruin it!moreless

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    By DavidSwagTV, Jun 19, 2014

    Every Tuesday I say that, that is until the season finale of this AWESOME SHOW. THE ACTING THE DRAMA, AND NORMA!!!!!!!

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    Captures the viewers

    By nelly_brad, Apr 27, 2014

    Its different, and we love it. Every episode just keeps us guessing. My hubby and i have got really intrigued with the show and cant wait until the next episode comes out. The main characters, norma, norman the sheriff etc are fantastic in capture their roles which i believe captures the viewers. Well done to you all and please keep them coming.

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    By sroberts461, Mar 11, 2014

    When I first heard about this show I passed on it. I thought a series dedicated to the early life of Norman Bates and his weird relationship with his Mother would be dull. I was completely wrong. I binge watched the first season and was hooked pretty quickly. Vera Farmiga is brilliant in this role! She deserves an Emmy award! The dynamic between the damaged Norma Bates and Norman is so intriguing and their emotionally abusive relationship is fascinating. Now that the Breaking Bad freight train is over, I hope this show starts getting more recognition!moreless

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