Return of the Joker

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    In what you could call the final episode of Batman Beyond, Bruce Wayne and Terry McGinnis meet a blast of Wayne's past, arguably facing their most dangerous threat in their lives.

    By elpaquilloloco, Nov 27, 2010

    This TV movie brilliantly bringed back the most essential villain of the Batman Universe: The Joker, revealing finally his fate, along to the one of many essential characters of the series, mainly Bruce Wayne, Barbara Gordon and Tim Drake (The third Robin). We saw how powerful is the Joker as Batman's nemesis, showing it easily when he killed one of the Jokerz without any mercy, and how affraid of him, or better said, traumatized, Bruce was after Tim's brainwash and posterior murder of the joker, showing that those scars never really heal. How you can't let the past go. How it hurts.moreless

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