Return of the Joker

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  • Batman: Good bad dog.

  • Joker: Dee Dee? Dee Dee: (both) We're with you! Joker: Boys? Chucko & Ghoul: We're with you! Joker: Bonk? (Waits for answer) Joker: Oh, right. Dead.

  • The Joker: Ah, the new boy. Ears are too long, but I miss the cape. Not too shabby, not too shabby at all. Woof! (Woof dives at Batman)

  • Batman: What's the matter? I thought that you always wanted to make Batman laugh. Joker: YOU'RE NOT BATMAN!!!

  • Joker: (to Batman) Beneath all the stern and Batarangs, you're just a little boy in a play suit crying for Mommy and Daddy. It would be funny if it wasn't so pathetic.

  • Terry McGinnis: How you doing, killer (Ace)? Dog on TV: I wish I were dead, I wish I were dead!

  • Terry McGinnis: I'm trying to make up for past sins. The state says my three months in juvi' wiped me clean, but my soul tells me different. Everytime I put on that suit, it's my chance to help people who are in trouble. I guess, on a personal level, it's a chance to look like a worthwhile human being again; in my eyes if no one else's. It's what I want Bruce. Bruce Wayne: Stupid kid. You don't know what you want; none of you ever did.

  • (To Terry) Bruce: I've been thinking about something you once told me, and you were wrong. It's not Batman that makes you worthwhile, it's the other way around. Never tell yourself anything different.

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Notes (19)

  • Awards and Nominations: - Won a Video Premiere Award for Best Sound - Nominated for a Video Premiere Award for Best Animated Video Premiere - Nominated for a Video Premiere Award for Best Art Direction - Won a Annie Award for Outstanding Achievement in an Animated Home Video Production - Nominated for a Annie Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement for Directing in an Animated Feature Production - Nominated for a Annie Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement for Writing in an Animated Feature Production

  • Apparently, Dick Grayson is still active in this time. Barbara says, "You should look up Nightwing sometime. Has he got stories." Nightwing is Dick Grayson's adult hero identity.

  • In the flashback, in one of the scenes with Batgirl hitting up a street woman for information, Black Canary is visible, holding the street woman by the shoulder. This shows a relationship with both Black Canary from Justice League Unlimited and the Batman comics (where Black Canary frequently works with Batgirl/Oracle).

  • Because of how Bruce makes peace with the ghosts of BTAS and Terry finally accepts the mantle of Batman for what it is, the film is considered the real series finale as opposed to "Unmasked."

  • There have been many questions as to when the film is set in the series timeline. However with Bruce Wayne once again taking the reins of Wayne Enterprises, the film is set some time after the events of the third season episode "Kings' Ransom".

  • Joker's stabbing of the original Batman in the leg during the flashback finally answers why the elder Bruce Wayne walks with a limp.

  • The Stacked Deck, a harbor-side bar renowned for scum, appears in the Batman: TASM episode "Batgirl Returns." Batman throws a guy through the window of the stacked Deck Club in the flashback. The dance club in Batman Beyond is called "Stacked."

  • The satellite looks a lot like HARDAC from "Heart of Steel."

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Trivia (7)

  • The flashback Batgirl and Batman both have their revamped designs from The New Adventures of Batman. However, the Joker has his classic design from the Batman and Robin Animated series.

  • Having a second Batsuit would make more sense. After all, in the pilot episode "Rebirth", the one Bruce wore was certainly a larger size. It would look very loose on Terry's slender frame unless it had the ability to adjust itself. There's the possibility Bruce redesigned the suit to better fit Terry after the episode "Lost Soul" if there wasn't a spare costume at the time.

  • The design on the chest of Nightwing's costume is red in one scene, when it should be blue.

  • In "a Touch of Curare" Gordon mentions that Dick Grayson left. Here, Gordon says Batman forced them to hang up the tights, but does that include Nightwing?

  • Tim Drake is the second Robin for this version. The character Jason Todd is not mentioned in the universe Warner Bros. Animation has created.

  • The voice of Angie Harmon, who plays Barbara Gordon, is not suited for character of such an age. Stockard Channing, who played Gordon in the series, sounds very different from Harmon creating a discontinuity in the movie.

  • In the opening credits, both of the Executive Producer credits are misspelled "Exectutive".

Allusions (1)

  • Terry: Suspended animation due to floating around frozen in a block of ice.
    Terry's attempt to explain the Joker's return alludes to Captain America's return to life in Avengers (vol. 1) #4.