Terry's Friend Dates a Robot

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    Terrys rotund friend

    buys a sexbot

    the dirty bugger

    By dregj, Nov 13, 2006

    Terry rotund friend

    buys a sexbot

    the dirty bugger

    The great thing about this episode is the comedy

    the funny looking friend with the big teeth.

    the jealously of every other female after he gets the girl

    the brilliant dialogue "we can still be friends"

    The fightings not bad either batso get beaten badley (again)by the super powerful android and the house get totally wrecked at the end just as the parents arrive(back from a holiday)

    annoyed about their credit cards being maxed out to pay for the robot.

    I would recomend this episode to anyone who likes cartoons

    its not as deep as batman beyond usually gets but its a bleedin good laughmoreless

    5 1