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    This one is even better even the first one SPOILERS

    By RICEA42991, Sep 29, 2011

    It shows more Bat and Cat romance even a kiss(It would have been neat if they included Huntress of Earth 2 thatwuld of been a real drama hitter for both of them).Also Batgirl finally joined the team so more of her.Nightwing comes out now.Also it showed how Harley got with the Joker.The only thing that was missing was for Barbara to become Oracle and rise the realtionship with Dick.

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  • 7.0

    Batman Gotham Knights starts off where TAS left but with some changes.

    By randy_roes, Sep 29, 2011

    The most important change in Gotham Knights is the appearance: the drawings are more manga-like. Therefore a great artistic link to TAS is lost.

    Next to this we see that the old Robin has become Nightwing and there's a new Robin (a much younger one).

    We also have Batgirl who joins the club.

    Where Nightwing is a great character (well, it's bassicly Robin with more maturity) the new Robin is simply irritating and gets on my nerves

    But I have to say, the show isn't a complete waste of time.

    Simply for one reason: it's batman

    How messed up can you make it? I don't care!

    As long as we have a man, dressed as a bat who fights the ambassadors of evil, we'll watch it with a bag of popcorn.

    But the popcorn tastes better while watching TAS!moreless

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  • 9.9

    This is why gotham knights is better than the original

    By grimmjoww1, Sep 29, 2011

    First there was Batman the animated series than gotham knights, out of the two I like gotham knights this version is better because the animation has gotten better batman has more sidekicks lil robin,batgirl,and former robin aka knightwing batman has more enemies than before joker also looks more creepy and insane.I have not seen gotham knights since 11 years ago when it aired on kids wb anyway the whole design is much better like bruce has more details in his face and wardrobe they also fused it superman which made it twice as cool that is about all I could think of for now. (LATER)moreless

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  • 6.6

    At times it approaches, but never really matches, the quality of "Batman: The Animated Series."

    By jamoon2006, Oct 05, 2010

    Though it's all of the same writing/producing talent and virtually the same voice actors as the classic "Batman: The Animated Series," there's something about "Batman - Gotham Knights" that just doesn't click with me.

    Maybe it's like Timm and Company's "Superman" in that, for all of its smoother animation, the plots are lacking. Like "Superman," action sequences have been beefed up and characterization has been tossed aside. Out of the run, I can think of only three episodes that match the caliber of "TAS." "Over the Edge," the nightmarish episode penned by Paul Dini; "Never Fear;" and "Legends of the Dark Knight." Other than those, we have weak Joker episodes, uninspired new villains (Calendar Girl, Roxie Rocket...even Firefly stinks.)

    And the number of weak episodes in this series is too high compared to the good. "Beware the Creeper?" "Critters?" "Ultimate Thrill?"

    This may be nitpicky, but as a Batman fan, I wasn't wild about the whole "Bat-family" being featured. It doesn't make a lot of sense that Batman surrounds himself with Robin, Batgirl, et al because Batman fundamentally is a loner. In "TAS," he was a lone wolf most of the time and the stories were better for it. In "Gotham Knights," if Batman gets into trouble, there's at least three other heroes who can swing in and save the day. It eliminates a lot of the tension when the solution to a problem is, "Oh! Robin/Batgirl/Nightwing shows up!"

    Much of the complaints against this show stem from the character redesigns. Are they all that bad? Penguin and Scarecrow look much better than their "TAS" counterparts. Batman looks a little better (his "Justice League" design was much worse, in my opinion.) The biggest offenses are Joker and Commissioner Gordon, who now looks emaciated.

    That could be because the animation itself is weaker..."TAS" had a timeless sort of quality to the show, like the Fleischer "Superman" cartoons of the 1940s. "Gotham Knights" looks like any cartoon show from the mid 1990s.

    I'm not sure what the exact reason was for the decline in quality, but as such I've never been able to really embrace this series. I'll stick with my Volumes 1-3 DVDs of "Batman: The Animated Series" and chalk this one up to a good idea that needed some fixing before it got on the screen.moreless

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  • 9.9

    Click on continue if you want to hear what I have to say both about the show and the people reviewing it.

    By DarthFreeza, Oct 05, 2010

    I'm deeply disappointed with the people reviewing this show. They're all focusing on one thing: The designs. Can't these people who rate it with less than a 8 get over the design flaws. The budget was getting to low so they improvised with new designs. I will get more into the design topic later but as for now, and what about these people saying the storylines have changed? Most of the episodes feel the same as TAS. Mad Love is definately my favorite episode (TAS or Gtham Knights). The new designs arn't that bad. Let me go through a walkthrough of what I think:

    Joker: Worse than in TAS but not that bad. He still looks like a psycotic clown with rouble on his mind.

    Harley Quinn: Seems to have no change in her appearance other than being slimmed down.

    Poison Ivy: Better than before. Sure the curves were cool before but she looks more like a plant lady now.

    Scarecrow: HE LOOKS SCARY!!!

    Sorry, I have to cut this review short because I have to leave. I'll post a thread similar to this on the forums later if you want to read more (assuming you car of my opinion.)moreless

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  • 9.5

    the best show ever to watch... batman and the gotham knights to take out the villians. so this series is the best series i ever watch.

    By TheDarkKnight2, Mar 11, 2007

    Batman and the gotham knights to take out the villians. so this series is the best series i ever watch. the series are great after it first season. which i will still love and watch. im giving this show 9.5 score. batman is the great man with a dark past and he still fight with dark justice.

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  • 9.0

    this show was awesome!

    By shadowblade223, Feb 11, 2007

    Maybe not a better series then batman the animated series,but still had complicated characters,cool villains,cool storylines,and awesome vechicles and gadgets.

    Nightwing was a great addition to the dark knights and so was batwoman and tim drake aka robin 2.

    The return of the joker,static shock,batman beyond,and superman tied in well with this series too.

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  • 9.1

    it's a good show.

    By JLU51306, Jan 22, 2007

    the show has batman be more modern but not too original and it makes him look alot better and they have robin batgirl and nightwing, it's cool the enemies are the same but differant and the show is just great . another great show from bruce timm. it's a very great show.

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  • 8.8

    The Dark Knight returns. This show continues the Animated Series, but based a few years later. The series spends alot more time on the other heroes of Gotham including a new Robin, Nightwing, and Batgirl.

    By mbcben, Dec 23, 2006

    The Animated Series remixed. They changed all the chracter models. They ruined the joker, improved the penguin, and totally redesigned Killer Croc (for the good), just to name a few. Though not as good as The Animated Series, the show is still one of the best comic book cartoons. The series is set about 5 years after Sub-zero, the last Animated Series movie.

    Dick Grayson, the original Robin has left Batman after a quarrel. He's now known as Nightwing. Troubled youth Tim Drake takes the role as the new Robin. Barbara Gordon returns as Batgirl. The show spends alot more time centering around the other heroes with Batman sometimes making only a cameo appearance.moreless

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