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Quotes (2)

  • Batman: For what it's worth, I believed her when she said for the first time in her life she was happy

  • Poison Ivy: I meant it when I said I wanted a family that loves me... I just wanted it on my terms. Robin: Lady... you're nuts. Poison Ivy: Well that's your opinion - probably the last one you'll ever have too.

Notes (3)

  • This episode is episode 14 on the Batman: The Animated Series Volume 3 DVD.

  • This episode, along with "Eternal Youth" was released on VHS as The Adventures Of Batman & Robin: Poison Ivy. Later it was paired up with the VHS The Adventures Of Batman & Robin: The Penguin (consisting of "The Mechanic" and "Birds Of A Feather") on DVD.

  • In Poison Ivy's photo album there is a picture of Harvey Dent when he approved the construction of Gotham Penitentiary leading to the eradication of a flower species, which made Poison Ivy try to kill him. You can see also a photo of that flower (these events took place in "Pretty Poison"). There is also a photo of Ivy and Harley from the episode "Harley and Ivy" where they became friends.