A Bat Divided!

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    Batman is split into three separate aspects of his personality.

    By Rattrap007, Dec 28, 2010

    This was a fantastic episode. I laughed a lot during it.

    The intro was great. Man is Booster Gold an idiot. It was nice to see Riddler for the first time.

    The highlight of the episode of course was Batman being split into three parts. Dietrich Bader pulls it off fantastically. Science Batman was a total nerd and spoke like one. Angry Batman was violent and was ready to fight any villain he can find. Slacker Batman was the highlight thought. So much fun seeing Batman act like a stoner. I'm not familiar with firestorm or Dr. Eks, but both made for a fun episode.

    I had lots of fun with this episode and that is what matters in the end.moreless

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    By repugnantone, Dec 28, 2010

    Ok! first off That is NOT how firestorm was initially created and i have no idea who those 2 were that did become the schizophrenic candlestick!!(rotflmao) (i can however appreciate the humor in this episode) But Firestorm was created by a nuclear explosion set by anti-nuclear protesters... The 2 people who manifested into the 1st Firestorm were Ronnie Raymond(high school student) and Professor Martin Stein(nobel prize winning physicist)the same accident/explosion also created Multiplex a.k.a. Danton Black one of Flameheads more persistent enemies. I am a huge fan of Firestorm: the nuclear man, yes, i've read every single comic regarding him.

    So please everyone out there who has watched this out there don't think that Firestorm is actually like that though they did get his transmutation abilities and fusion burst right they also did a great job with his hair. Though barring the massive continuity flubs regarding this episode it was still entertaining to watchbut not at all on the ball so to speak.moreless

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