Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Duel of the Double Crossers!

Season 1, Ep 21, Aired 6/12/09
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  • Episode Description
  • Jonah Hex is recruited by Mongul to bring new warriors to War World. The bounty hunter of the Old West crosses paths with the Dark Knight and, after a change of heart, teams up to take down a violent empire and find a way back to his own time. But first, Batman tries to train the Outsiders.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Sam Register

  • Scott Menville


  • Linda M. Steiner

    Development and Creative Supervision

  • Phil Morris

    Jonah Hex

  • Kevin Michael Richardson


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  • Jonah Hex and Batman in War World.

    By macabre190788, Mar 05, 2010

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (10)

    • Batman: Listen, strength comes in numbers. We can survive this if we work together. Arges: Yeah? The guy in the last battle said the same thing. Batman: How'd that work out for him? Gordanian: Ask him yourself. (points out a pile of broken armor) Batman: ...right.

    • Black Lightning: Pretty fast for a big guy! But you want to beat the Outsiders, you've got to be lightning fast!

    • Arges: Didn't ask you to sit. Jonah Hex: That's because you ain't got no manners.

    • Batman: Two days ago, Zebra-Man, you told the parole officer you would never use your magnetic powers for evil again. Looks like you'll never change your stripes.

    • Jonah Hex: I like big guys like you, Mongul. 'cause when you fall, you make a real big racket. And you will fall. That's my word.

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    Notes (3)

    • International Airdates: Canada: August 30, 2009 on Teletoon

    • In the end credits, Mike W. Barr and Jim Aparo are credited as creators of Katana, and Tony Isabella and Trevor Von Eeden as creators of Black Lightning.

    • Character bios: Mongul, Lashina, Steppenwolf, Jonah Hex, the Outsiders, Despero

    Trivia (2)

    • In several shots, the prisoners don't appear in the same tubes during the battle in the time tunnel chamber. For instance, Batman is against a pillar and Mongul misses him with a punch, and the "space pirate" from the arena is seen even with Mongul. When Jonah jumps and fires his gun, the same alien is now even with Jonah, much closer to the time tunnel. When Jonah shoots Mongul, a gray-skinned alien with a movies Alien-type head can be seen to his right. Mongul throws a piece of floor at Jonah and the same alien is seen to Jonah Hex's left. And when Batman is thrown against a tube at floor level, a short bow-legged alien is seen to his right, but a few scene cuts later as Mongul calls them unworthy, the same alien is on the second tier of tubes.

    • Other villains appearing without dialogue: Stompa, Zebra-Man

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