Battle of the Network Stars

ABC (ended 2003)
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  • Battle of the Network Stars pits celebrities from the three major networks, ABC, NBC, and CBS against each other in team events. The events include relay races in swimming and track, a closest to the hole golf contest, a baseball throwing competition with a celebrity in a dunk tank, a bicycle relay, volleyball match and an obstacle course. The finale in each show is a tug-of-war. The teams are awarded points based on their finish. First place gets 100 points, second place receives 75 points and third getting 50 points. Each member of the team that finishes first based on total points after the events are completed receives $20,000.moreless

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  • S 12 : Ep 2

    The Battle of the Network Stars (NBC) (2003)

    Aired 8/16/03

  • S 11 : Ep 1

    Special #19

    Aired 12/10/88

  • S 9 : Ep 2

    Special #18

    Aired 5/23/85

  • S 9 : Ep 1

    Special #17

    Aired 12/20/84

  • S 8 : Ep 2

    Special #16

    Aired 5/3/84

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  • Howard Cosell


  • Joan Van Ark

    CBS Team

  • Heather Locklear

    ABC Team

  • Scott Baio

    ABC Team

  • Robert Conrad

    NBC Team Captain

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    • Bob Costas: Sorry about what happened Telly. Telly Savalas: I don't think I am Howard. I mean I hate to say, I'm a sore loser. The Strategy is still paying off. Now I'd rather play against ABC the weaklings than NBC in the tug-of war.

    Notes (18)

    • Telly Savalas complains that a grievous error occurred in the baton race that later cost NBC a 2 second penalty. He, of course, fails to point out that all 3 teams had run out of their lanes which is a disqualification.

    • Ron Howard and Mackenzie Phillips were co-stars in the classic "American Graffiti" (1973) They also starred in the sequel "More American Graffiti" (1979)

    • NBC's Captain Robert Conrad explodes after his team is dropped from first place to second in the running relay, due to a protest by Kojak himself, Telly Savalas. He challenges ABC Captain Gabe Kaplan to run it off in a one-on-one race. Kaplan wins, meaning ABC keeps the first place position. I was rooting for Bob, but I think that quick cigarette he had cost him the race. He took it like a man, but when will people ever learn...

    • When this aired it was titled Challenge of the Network Stars.

    • Rob Reiner and Penny Marshall were married at the time. They divorced a few years later.

    • Cheryl Ladd was the last one of "Charlie's Angels" to participate in any of the Battles. Farrah Fawcett-Majors was first, followed by Jaclyn Smith.

    • The number of contestants per team were reduce from 10 to 8.

    • Oldest contestant among all 3 teams- Tony Randall (58) Youngest contestant among all teams- Melissa Gilbert (13) NBC contestant Rhonda Bates stood at 6'2", however, Bo Svenson of the CBS team was the tallest contestant, at 6'6"! CBS contestants Denise Nicholas and Jimmie Walker were co-stars in the 1975 film "Let's Do It Again," starring Sidney Poitier and Bill Cosby. Denise was Beth, wife of Bill Cosby, while Jimmie was boxer Bootny Farnsworth. Mackenzie Phillips and Suzanne Somers were co-stars in "American Graffiti" (1973.) Mac was Carol, and Suzanne was the blonde in the white t-bird. During the show, Mackenzie became ill, and could no longer participate. Bo Svenson also injured his shoulder as a result of the game of frisbee. However, he made it back in time for the tug-o-war, which he had a huge part in winning. With 2 of their teammates being out of the game for a while, this makes CBS's victory all the more earned and deserved.

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    Trivia (8)

    • Prior to the Tug of War, Cosell said that if NBC wins the score between them and ABC would be a tie, but by virtue of ABC winning more events they would be the winner.

    • This is Larry Wilcox's fourth appearance and he has never been part of a winning team.

    • James Farentino and Linda Evans were supposed to take part but Linda got injured and James dropped. James and Linda were meant to team up for the tandem bike race and he didn't want to do it without her. Doug Barr and Thelma Hopkins were tapped to replace them.

    • This would be the second time the winner was determined before the tug of war. (In the third one ABC was declared the winner)

    • CBS and NBC would meet in the Tug of War to decide who would win second place because ABC won enough to be declared the winner.

    • At the time of this Emma Samms only appeared in two episodes of Dynasty and Dack Rambo only appeared in 5 episodes of Dallas.

    • Jack Scalia who's on the CBS team because of his role on DALLAS, was not on the show this season. His character was killed off during the previous season ender.

    • This is Charlene Tilton's 7th appearance, the most by any star.

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    By larry80j, Jan 08, 2013

  • When it is revealed that the writers of "Battle of the Network Stars" are going to use the Muslim prophet Character in a joking matter, the nation decides to "Bury it's head in the sand" and maybe the terrorists won't attack.

    By 0dragoon0, Jun 23, 2006

  • you could never do this today.

    By CAPNDEL, May 24, 2006

  • The first few years, This was a must watch

    By fluffybear, Aug 26, 2005

  • Loved this show

    By Jagger1966, Aug 15, 2005