Battlestar Galactica

The Living Legend (2)

Season 1, Ep 13, Aired 12/3/78
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  • Episode Description
  • The brash Commander Cain insists that the Galactica join in on a frontal attack on the Cylons, an attack that Adama believes would be a suicide mission. Adama decides to send a commando force, comprised of personnel from both Battlestars, to a Cylon planet to get the fuel needed to escape Baltar's trap.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Tony Swartz

    Lieutenant Jolly

  • Dirk Benedict

    Lieutenant Starbuck

  • Laurette Spang


  • Patrick Macnee

    voice of Imperious Leader (uncredited)

  • Lorne Greene

    Commander Adama

  • Fan Reviews (1)
  • After meeting the Battlestar Pegasus (thought destroyed in the original Cylon attack), Adama is drawn into a war for fuel and for honor by fellow Battlestar commander Cain.

    By Henotheist, Jul 26, 2008

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (5)


      Baltar: He's allowing us to destroy the Galactica and the fleet. Who, in their right mind, would do such a thing?
      Lucifer : May I suggest the legendary Commander Cain?
      Baltar: Cain! Ooooh, yes, Cain, of course! Cain! What does he care of the Galactica and the fleet? He wants..he wants me! Recall our fighters at once!

    • Baltar: What do you mean, they aren't where we want them? Lucifer: They are, at this moment, over Gamorray... Baltar: What??!! Lucifer: Blowing the pogeeze out of it, if reports are accurate.....

    • Imperious Leader: ( to Cylon Centurions) What was that? Find out before I have you scavenged for spare parts!

    • Starbuck: (Nodding towards Sheba and Cassiopeia) With support troops like this, who needs Cylons?

    • Boomer: Apollo, what are our chances of coming out of this thing? I mean, we're walking right into a Cylon city. Apollo: You really want to know...? Boomer: Huh. That's what I thought...

    Trivia (6)

    • Goof: Even though the commando force that sky dives to Gomorray is comprised of six individuals: Sheba, Bojay, Apollo, Starbuck, Boomer and Cassiopeia; Bojay is not seen landing on the ground nor in the first two scenes of the team running towards the command center and their outlying fuel bunkers.

    • For the first time in the series, a Battlestar and a Cylon Basestar go head-to-head in battle.

    • At least two new types of Cylons are seen on Gammoray: an IL series with black and silver robes and blue head and a short Cylon with gold robes and a featureless silver face framed with blue material.

    • Highlights from "The Living Legend (1)" run after opening narration and credits and before part 2 begins.

    • Final appearance of the Cylon Imperious Leader

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