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  • S 4 : Ep 21

    Daybreak, Part 2 (3)

    Aired 3/20/09

  • S 4 : Ep 20

    Daybreak, Part 2 (2)

    Aired 3/20/09

  • S 4 : Ep 19

    Daybreak, Part 1 (1)

    Aired 3/13/09

  • S 4 : Ep 18

    Islanded in a Stream of Stars

    Aired 3/6/09

  • S 4 : Ep 17

    Someone to Watch Over Me

    Aired 2/27/09

  • Cast & Crew
  • Edward James Olmos

    William Adama

  • Mary McDonnell

    Laura Roslin

  • Katee Sackhoff

    Kara "Starbuck" Thrace

  • Jamie Bamber

    Lee "Apollo" Adama

  • James Callis

    Gaius Baltar

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  • The Best Show on Television? Yes, according to Time Magazine, The National Review, Rolling Stone and New York Newsday. Praised by The New York Times, The New Yorker, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Chicago Tribune and many other publications, Battlestar Galactica won a prestigious Peabody Award in the spring of 2006. Ronald D. Moore, the producer of Carnivale and writer for Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, boldly re-imagined the original 1978 space opera of humans versus the robotic Cylons. He teamed up with fellow executive producer David Eick on a powerful and dramatic update of the Galactica story. Gone are the technobabble, disco-themed costumes and Egyptian helmets of the original series. The modern show introduces new elements to the Galactica story. The Cylons have developed human-form models that are indistinguishable from real humans. The Cylons have a monotheistic religion in contrast to the polytheistic religion of the human Colonies. The approach is serious and intense, with a focus on tough political, philosophical and religious issues set in a tale that manages to keep the focus on realistic and not always perfect characters.In the miniseries, the Cylons launch a massive attack against the humans and wipe out the Twelve Colonies, sending the 47,000 survivors on a desperate search for the fabled 13th colony -- Earth. Season One Overview The Cylons declare war on humanity, wiping out billions in an unprovoked first strike. The Colonial fleet is all but eliminated leaving just a handful of ships, including the soon to be decommissioned battlestar Galactica. Galactica is manned by a crew that never expected to be involved in real duty. With the president gone and the government all but eliminated, Laura Roslin, the Education Minister, takes on the mantle of President of the 12 Colonies. Gaius Baltar, a top researcher in Artificial Intelligence, inadvertently betrayed humanity by allowing a Cylon agent into the defense network, rendering it and all of the Colonial military forces impotent in the face of the Cylon attacks. He sees her everywhere when no one else can. He initially attributes this to stress-induced hallucinations. She tells him that she implanted a chip in his brain during their time on Caprica, which enables her to talk to him. Over the season Baltar falls in love with the Cylon, Number Six, eventually betraying humanity again and again. A lone soldier is trapped on Cylon-occupied Caprica, having given up his seat on a transport for Baltar, as he believes that his own life is not as important as one of the greatest minds of their time. He struggles against the odds, trying to stay alive amid the hostile Cylons. He is surprised to learn that Sharon Valerii, the pilot of the transport, returned for him. However, the truth is that she is actually another human-form Cylon. Sharon and Helo spend the season trying to escape Caprica. Sharon also finds herself falling in love with her human target. The season ends with her pregnant and fighting to save his life. Meanwhile, the copy of Sharon onboard Galactica (known as "Boomer") has set off several bombs and engaged in other acts of sabotage. The season ends with a stunning turn of events after a successful mission to disable a Cylon base ship. For a more detailed overview of the first three seasons, visit the pinned thread titled "Battlestar Galactica in Just Ten Minutes" located in the forum. Awards and critical praise The 2003 miniseries was the highest-rated miniseries on the Sci Fi Channel (soon to be known as Syfy) at the time. It was also the most successful cable miniseries that TV season.The first regular season premiered to excellent viewer numbers and critical acclaim. After the midseason break in Season Two, the show received widespread recognition from the mainstream media, including several outlets not always known for their interest in science fiction. As mentioned above, Time Magazine named BSG the best show on television for 2005. Rolling Stone Magazine and New York Newsday also named BSG the best show of the year. Many other publications like the New York Times and the Chicago Tribune lavished praise on the series.The American Film Institute added the show to its list of the ten best television shows of 2005. The show won Emmy Awards in the usual sci-fi categories of special visual effects but it also received Emmy nominations for writing and directing. It also won a prestigious Peabody award for its general excellence in creativity in the television medium. The Sci Fi Channel has used creative means to promote the series, including the release of certain episodes as free streaming video on the official website. In the month leading up to the start of Season Three, the Sci Fi Channel aired a Web-only series titled Battlestar Galactica: The Resistance. The brief, 2 to 3 minute episodes revealed key events from the time period between the Season Two finale and the Season Three premiere episode. Another Web-only series was shown on the official website in the lead-up to the Season 4.5 "final" episodes. A Battlestar Galactica television movie, "Razor", was broadcast in late 2007, followed soon after with a release on DVD. The story followed the struggles of Admiral Cain and young Kendra Shaw as they tried to survive the Cylon attack on the Colonies. The hard-hitting movie was well received by fans and critics. Even though the series "ended" on March 20, 2009, with the two-hour broadcast of "Daybreak, Part 2", the Sci Fi Channel (Syfy) will broadcast one final Battlestar Galactica television movie. "The Plan" is scheduled to air in the fall of 2009. The Galactica franchise will live on, even after the final movie and DVD. A prequel series, Caprica, began production even before Battlestar Galactica ended. The pilot movie will be released as a stand-alone DVD in April 2009. The movie will later air on Syfy along with regular episodes of the new series in 2010. For more information about this look at the early days of the development of the Cylons on Caprica, please consult the separate guide for that series. Original Broadcast History: Season One October 18, 2004 - January 24, 2005 - 8:00 PM SKY One (UK) January 14, 2005 - April 1, 2005 - Fridays @ 10:00 PM Sci Fi Channel (USA)moreless

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    • Shaw: Kendra Shaw. Gina: Gina Inviere. Shaw: Inviere. That's, uh, Old Gemenese for "resurrection," isn't it? One of the benefits of being a lapsed Classics major. Gina: (laughs) Guess you never know when something like that might come in handy.

    • Lee: (to the crew of Pegasus) Eight months ago, the world changed. Our lives changed forever. We found ourselves shouldering responsibilities we never thought we'd have. Duty. Honor. Service. They're more than words. Those are the guiding principles for those who serve in the military. And recently, all have been in short supply on this ship. That's gonna change, beginning today. We can't always choose our circumstances, but we can choose how we handle them. I intend to give you my all. I expect nothing less in return.

    • Tigh: In case you haven't heard, there's a war on. Roslin: Colonel, the war is over and we lost.

    • Apollo: The President has given me a direct order. Adama: You're talking about the secretary of education! We're in the middle of a war, and you're taking orders from a schoolteacher?

    • Hybrid: Soon there will be four, glorious in awakening. Struggling with the knowledge of their true selves. The pain of revelation bringing new clarity. And in the midst of confusion, he will find her, enemies brought together by impossible longing, enemies now joined as one. The way forward, at once unthinkable, yet inevitable. And the fifth, still in shadow, will claw toward the light, hungering for redemption that will only come in the howl of terrible suffering. I can see them all. The seven, now six, self-described machines, machines who believe themselves without sin. But in time, it is sin that will consume them. They will know enmity, bitterness, the wrenching agony of the one splintering into the many and then they will join the promised land, gathered on the wings of an Angel. Not an end, but a beginning. (DVD version only)

    • Hybrid: All this has happened before and will happen again.

    • Adama: (speaking to Lee about Cain and Shaw) I know that I didn't have to face any of the situations that she did. I had the President in my face, arguing for the survival of the civilian fleet. I had Colonel Tigh to keep me honest, balancing my morality and my tactics. I had you. Now, you don't have any children so you might not understand this, but you see yourself reflected in their eyes. And there are some things that I thought of doing, with this Fleet. But I stopped myself because I knew that I'd have to face you the following day.

    • Opening narration Shaw: You're born. You live, and you die. There are no do-overs. No second chances to make things right if you frak them up the first time. Not in this life anyway. ... Like I said -- you make your choices and you live with them. And in the end, you are those choices.

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    • Of the six 2008 Emmy Award nominations that Battlestar Galactica received, two specifically cited the "Razor" television movie: Outstanding Cinematography For A One Hour Series - "Razor" --Stephen McNutt, Director of Photography Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Comedy Or Drama Series (one-hour) - "Razor" --Rick Bal, Production Mixer --Michael Olman, Supervising Re-Recording Mixer --Kenneth Kobett, Supervising Re-Recording Mixer

    • Of the six 2008 Emmy Award nominations that Battlestar Galactica received, two specifically cited the "Razor" television movie: Outstanding Cinematography For A One Hour Series - "Razor" --Stephen McNutt, Director of Photography Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Comedy Or Drama Series (one-hour) - "Razor" --Rick Bal, Production Mixer --Michael Olman, Supervising Re-Recording Mixer --Kenneth Kobett, Supervising Re-Recording Mixer

    • An extended, uncut version of "Battlestar Galactica: Razor" was released on DVD on Dec. 4, 2007. The DVD set includes additional scenes and commentary features. A special "Best Buy edition" includes the documentary "The Making of Battlestar Galactica: Razor."

    • An extended, uncut version of "Battlestar Galactica: Razor" was released on DVD on Dec. 4, 2007. The DVD set includes additional scenes and commentary features. A special "Best Buy edition" includes the documentary "The Making of Battlestar Galactica: Razor."

    • Though Aaron Douglas, Tahmoh Penikett, Kandyse McClure and Michael Trucco were credited, none of them appeared in the broadcast version of the two-episode "Razor" story. James Callis and Alessandro Juliani only appeared in the flashbacks at the beginning of "Razor, Part 1."

    • Though Aaron Douglas, Tahmoh Penikett, Kandyse McClure and Michael Trucco were credited, none of them appeared in the broadcast version of the two-episode "Razor" story. James Callis and Alessandro Juliani only appeared in the flashbacks at the beginning of the episode.

    • Glen A. Larson was given a writing credit for the miniseries under the alias of Christopher Eric James, although he did not actively participate in the writing of the 2003 miniseries. Ronald Moore felt that Larson deserved a writing credit because the miniseries used many characters and story elements from the original series. Even so, Larson had to take his case before an arbitration panel at the Writers Guild of America before getting the credit.

    • Tricia Helfer's hair was dyed platinum blonde for the miniseries. Her natural hair color is a much darker blonde. After Season 1, she wore a wig instead because the dye chemicals were damaging her hair.

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    Trivia (186)

    • When the Guardian Cylon Raiders are first spotted and attack Starbuck's recon patrol, Hoshi says that the incoming contacts are "fighter-sized, unknown configuration". However, the Cylon fighters are the models from the First Cylon War. Their configuration should be known to the Colonial Fleet and stored in the Pegasus' threat recognition files.

    • Introductory text The Cylons were created by Man. They were created to make life easier on the Twelve Colonies. And then the day came when the Cylons decided to kill their masters. After a long and bloody struggle, an armistice was declared. The Cylons left for another world to call their own. A remote space station was built... ...where Cylon and Human could meet and maintain diplomatic relations. Every year, the Colonials send an officer. The Cylons send no one. No one has seen or heard from the Cylons in over forty years.

    • Goof: While discussing Kara Thrace's punishment with Adama in Adama's quarters, Col. Tigh mutters "Jesus" under his breath. The Colonials do not have a Christ in their history or their religion. Thus, Tigh would have no reason to use this as an exclamation.

    • As of the beginning of this episode, there are 49,579 survivors in the fleet. After the Season 2 episode "The Captain's Hand", there were also 49,579 survivors (at the beginning of "Downloaded"). There were the same number of survivors at the beginning of the following episode ("Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 1"). The "Razor" story may have introduced a continuity error in the survivor count.

    • The history of the Galactica The public relations official Aaron Doral notes that the battlestar Galactica was built over 50 years ago, during the early days of the Cylon War. The fleet originally included only 12 battlestars, each representing one of Kobol's 12 colonies. The Galactica represented Caprica. Commander Nash was the first commander of the Galactica.

    • As the armistice station is exploding apart, pages from the Cimtar Peace Accord can be seen on the officer's table. Presumably the Cimtar Peace Accord was the armistice agreement signed by the humans and the Cylons at the end of the initial Cylon War.

    • The courier officer at the armistice station reviews a briefing document, Cylon specifications -- Cylon Centurian (sic) Model 0005. A diagram shows the Cylon model seen in the original Battlestar Galactica television series. The text reads as follows: The Cylon: A Cylon is a bipedal robot. They are self aware, and usually quite logical. They are not especially fast, but they are quite strong. They are artificial in nature, and are larger than a human -- around 6' 6", although this varies with their type. Cylon eyes glow red, and pulse back and forth.' A Cylon is powered by internal powercells which allow it to function without outside aid for around nine to ten yahrens.

    • The "Riverwalk Market" scene on Caprica was filmed at the Simon Fraser University Quad in Burnaby, British Columbia, just outside of Vancouver.

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    • Ragnar Anchorage: Ragnar Station Ammunition Reserve is named for Ragnarök, the events and final battle that would lead to the death of the gods in Norse mythology.

    • Starbuck: Ain't it grand when a plan comes together? This is an allusion to the character Hannibal on The A-Team, who often said, "I love it when a plan comes together." One of the stars of that show was Dirk Benedict. Of course, Benedict starred as Starbuck in the original Battlestar Galactica series.

    • The Number Six character (played by Tricia Helfer) is named after Patrick McGoohan's character in the 1967-1968 British cult sci-fi series The Prisoner.

    • Part 1.0 of the miniseries contains a few nods to the original Battlestar Galactica series. The armistice station officer reviews a briefing document that details the specifications for the old Cylon Centurian (sic) model. The museum in Galactica's starboard landing bay displays a copy of an old Cylon Centurion and a Cylon baseship from the original series. Finally, the martial music played during the Viper fly-by at the decommissioning ceremony quotes the Stu Phillips title theme from the original series.

    • The Swearing-in of Lyndon B. Johnson The camera angles used during Roslin's swearing-in ceremony are very similar to those used in Lyndon B. Johnson's swearing-in ceremony aboard Air Force One shortly after the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963.

    • Bastille Day Bastille Day is the French national holiday. The official French name is "La Fête Nationale" ("National Holiday"), but it is often referred to as "le quatorze juillet" ("The 14th of July"). Its origins lie in the storming of the infamous Bastille prison and fortress in Paris on July 14, 1789. Feudalism was abolished soon after on August 4th. The 1790 Fête de la Fédération was held on the first anniversary of the storming of the Bastille although the modern holiday did not become official until 1880.

    • The Forrestal Fire The missile accident on the Galactica was a reference to the tragic accident aboard the USS Forrestal on July 29, 1967. While stationed in the Gulf of Tonkin, the planes of Attack Carrier Air Wing 17 had flown 150 missions against targets in North Vietnam over a four-day period. At about 10:50 a.m. (local time) on July 29, a Zuni rocket accidentally fired from an F-4 Phantom II, striking the fuel tank of an A-4D Skyhawk preparing for launch. (The Skyhawk was piloted by Lt. Cmdr. John McCain, the future U.S. senator and Republican presidential candidate.) Leaking fuel on the deck set off several subsequent explosions. Burning jet fuel poured into the interior of the ship. The deck fire was contained by 11:47 a.m. The interior fires continued to burn until 12:20 a.m. on July 30. The accident resulted in the deaths of 132 crewmen, 62 more injured, and two missing and presumed dead. After the fire, the Navy emphasized fire fighting and fire prevention. Video footage from the accident was incorporated into basic training. Co-executive producer Ronald Moore watched the video as part of his training when he was enrolled in Navy ROTC as a student at Cornell University.

    • Number Six: Don't make me angry, Gaius. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry. This is an allusion to the 70s television series The Incredible Hulk (1978). David Banner uttered a similar version of these lines in many episodes, including the series pilot.

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