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    A Day in the Life

    By TrueTvWatcher, Jan 21, 2012

    A Day in the Life was a perfect episode and side story for Battlestar Galactica and I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had a lot action, drama, and intrigue. I thought it was great to see President Roslin and her Assistant watching Caprica Six in her cell. I also thought Tyrol and Cally's story line was very engaging and intense. Admiral Adama was dealing with his own past and issues which gave him some more recent depth. This may be considered a filler episode but it was full of good stuff! I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!moreless

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  • 8.5

    Much better than the last few episodes.

    By kingrich06, Aug 24, 2011

    While its hard to maintain the level of intensity of the season premier or even "The Eye Of Jupiter" episodes. The Cylon threat in recent episodes have been rather non existent, almost to the point in which the Humans go on with their daily routines. For Tyrol the everyday routine as being the head mechanic on Galactica seems too boring. While he does use his opportunity to spend some time with Cally. In this instance he not only gets himself into a little trouble but has Cally with him also. While the running out of air scenario has appeared in numerous sci fi shows. I really like how the processes they try to use to rescue them. While there was not any space battles that I look forward to. This episode finally has some heart pounding suspense and action.moreless

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  • 7.5

    Some not so happy people, again

    By Parricida, Jul 12, 2010

    Mm.. we have had Lee-Starbuck-Dee-Sam bad life episode, then Helo-Shannon one and now Chief and Celly have their turn.. so.. oh - in that case - nothing new. And we have a lot of nothing I think, on first sight but there is some adventure and some real danger what spiced it up and I most say I really liked some eye-opening on Adama - we all see him as a commander but this episode really brought little more humane side of him.. that he is a person, just like all others.. And I most say I like the way his storyline his going - with his son and with Roslin..moreless

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  • 7.0

    A Tale of two marriages

    By ionee24, Jul 12, 2010

    Once upon a time Bill Adama was a married man, as distant father as he was as a husband soon his marriage was over and so his sons grew apart. However one single day a year he “brings back” the wife he once left to recreate their life together as anniversary gift. As twisted as this may seem it’s noting compared to the married life chief Tyrol must face ever since he brought his family back from New Caprica; sharing the bathroom with hundreds of other colonial soldiers and his wife with another being, Chief finally takes an extra shift on their day off just so he and Cally could spend some time alone just like they used to before their son was born.

    It is strange to picture Galen Tyrol as a man in love with Cally; he’s mainly the chief, a family man who happened to had a baby and Cally just the convenient choice for the mother of his children. We never saw him woo her, he certainly never pined over her and the most romantic gesture he ever pulled was to jump in front of cylon/human crossfire to save her life before Adama’s troops would attack New Capriva so I would’ve never pictured him as the kind of man who would miss some alone time with his wife even if it’s to bicker why they couldn’t afford a day off and yet, apparently, Galen does miss the undivided attention he used to get from her back when they were simly two especialist working working together. Problem is: Something goes wrong in the room they are working on.

    And so the episode displays the tale of these two marriages; the idealized one Adama has in his mind and the very real one that’s about to end as soon as the room Cally and the chief are breaks apart throwing them both out of space. In Adama’s one the problems fade away even if Lee is the one who screams them out loud. In the Chief’s one the problems are confronted together even if it means to deal with what kind of family they’d wish should raise their son after they die. Both marriages are imperfect and yet while Adama chooses to ignore it because he needs to refuge in the lie Galen and Cally rather face how imperfects their lives are only so at the end of the day they could face that fact once more because, unlike Adama did, they won’t walk away from each other no matter how hard things would get which is the single cause of remorse that prevents Adama to let go of his wife: he has to bring her back, he already walked away when she was alive.moreless

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  • 7.0

    Not really that good. But certainly not THAT bad...

    By laveticusprime, Apr 11, 2007

    This episode was definitely not one of my favorites but I can't believe so many are giving it SUCH a low rating. It was ok, nothing special and I definitely have my problems with it but it still is not worthy of 2's, 3's and 4's. Just because an episode doesn't give you all YOU want or excite the hell out of you, it is no reason to dog it out. I guess some people just cant rate. Anyway, what the heck was up with Adama's imagination sequences? Why would the writers destroy something they worked SO hard to build up. This was something that was special between Gaius and Six-always leaving us to wonder: "Just what is up with that and when will we find out? Did she implant something undetectable in Gaius' brain?"...and then: POOF! Caprica Six is also seeing Gaius in HER imagination which ruined it for me but I gave it a chance when they hinted that HE might too be Cylon. But NOW.....Adama's seeing his damn ex-wife? C'mon, now. Even if he WAS, in some silly bad direction way, a Cylon, what does his ex-wife have to do with it? They just destroyed one of the most intriguing senerios they had. The writers/producers sometimes act like amateurs who don't think twice about an idea. Ooooh, that's cool how we have Gaius and six daydreaming and conversing in an alternate environment with nice lighting and coloring, let's do EVERYONE that way and just make it our trademark way for our characters to connect to their inner psyche. yeah, coool....NOT!! However, I guess it was an ok attempt at character development for Adama even if I don't like how it portrays him. The writers should take better care of their characters' appeal. Their making Adama out to be a No-good coward as a father(he just left Lee and his brother with a woman that even HE couldn't stand to stay with), and also we recently found out that HE just might be the reason why they are at war in the first place with his secret mission to spy on the Cylons. Plus they made a GREAT and possibly groundbreaking character which is Starbuck, who was a bad ass sexy tough chick with attitude and skills that you just loved to watch, into a childish, irresponsible, annoying, immoral, unfaithful, drunk whore(excuse me) that I can no longer stand 80% of the time...I mean, NO one does this to their characters. At least on 24, they don't destroy their characters' appeal, they just kill 'em off if they feel like it. lol But this was yet another filler episode-no more, no less. Not really that good, but certainly not horrible. They can't ALL be gems. Remember, they have to spread out their budget for 20 or so episodes as opposed to 13. I just hope they get it back on track by the next episode and don't just try to save it all for the finale.moreless

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  • 8.0

    This one of those quiet, pensive episodes that furthers the development of several of our characters.

    By sistersun, Apr 03, 2007

    Yeah, a slow day, just like any other day; and then something happens to heighten your awareness. In this episode, the big drama is that while trying to make repairs to an area of the ship that gone unused since the last big Cylon attack, Callie and the Chief are trapped in an air lock that has a badly repaired leak. Tick. Tock. And although this near death situation provided the opportunity for the newly-weds to come to grips with the truly important things in life and their relationship, it also provides Adama another lens through which he can see/muse over the choices he has made; I, however, couldn't muster up the energy to really care, 'cause the crisis seemed so maufactured & somehow I never felt they were in any real jeopardy. They could have had this discovery session anywhere else and it would have been fine. In fact, I wish they *had* made these leaps in their relationship elsewhere. but no matter, 'cause the more interesting story, to me, lay with Adama.

    I was truly struck by the scenes involving Adama and his long-dead wife, Carolanne. Olmos is one of the most effective actors I've ever watched, especially in low-key stuff like this, where the most important revelations and epiphanies occur – not because of something big – but because of an everyday thing, like the talk you have with a dead loved one. (and yes, I have conversations like that.) And in teeny tiny small ways, we see advances in Adama and Lee's struggling and tenuous relationship. It was good to see Lee give Adama a little insight into the real life he left his family with and to struggle with the reality of the depth of his responsibility for so much brokeness.moreless

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  • 9.0

    Adama remenises about his wife and

    chief and cally face death

    By dregj, Mar 01, 2007

    Wow another good charater episode

    i always used to dread them

    worthless flashbacks and pointless exposition

    no real plot to speak of

    but this was different.

    Adama really opens a can of worm this year

    when his illusions about his wifes sainthood

    and his career selfishness are shattered

    Bloody good and a bit shocking to boot.

    Cally and tyrol try to fix one of the many broken airlocks from the new caprica battle.

    But are sealed in as the malfuctioning bay decompresses

    they speak about thier fracturing relationship

    and who thier baby should go to if they dont make it out alive.

    Two good episode in a row????

    I look forward to next episode for the first time in monthsmoreless

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  • 9.7

    Oh Lord. I have to sympathise with those poor viewers (former viewers?) who can't stand these "no bang bang" episodes.

    By remshell, Mar 01, 2007

    Hey there's a bit of action in this one, but I'm afraid to say BSG just isn't a show you can sit and veg-out too. A bit of thinking is required - you won't get the plot spoon-fed to you in the fashion that other shows do - BSG doesn't treat its audience as if they were imbeciles...there to be insulted between commercial breaks. I watched a recent episode of CSI:New York this week, and found myself embarrassed to be watching it (in the end I switched channels) - BSG is just raising my expectations of what I expect from a TV drama - and I have to ask why can't other shows match it?

    I can understand why some folk reckon the show is going downhill - there is just too much going on in BSG, and none of it involves the expenditure of huge amounts of 9mm ammunition - hey, watch 24 and Jack Bauer will satisfy those needs! In the end the quality of the show goes up (as if it could go up any more) and the ratings suffer, perhaps as the younger watchers drop off, perhaps more willing to have their intelligence repeatly insulted by more "mainstream" shows.

    Cally & The Chiefs rescue is of course pure sci-fi - lifted from Arthur C Clarkes "A Fall of Moondust". Douglas gets yet another chance to shine and does so without hesitation - he really is a find - an actor who has bided his time and waited for his moment, and like Tahmoh Penikett (Agathon) gives it 100% when that chance comes. Finally...finally, McDonnell gets a bit more script (still not enough to exploit her wonderful talent and I still don't think she's getting the scripts and lines she got in Season Two). Olmos too gets to stretch-out a bit, but once again I think he is being under-exploited. If anything this episode once again exposes the flaw of the 48 minute constraint - a 90 minute special every now and again would be justified and this plot would have been a perfect vehicle for an extended broadcast.moreless

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  • 9.4

    I read other reviews and sometimes I think that people do not get it.

    By crbjc, Feb 25, 2007

    Filler episode, takes away from Adama's character! These are the words I have seen in other reviews and I must admit that I disagree whole heartly. Not every day in a war is a battle, there is a lot of down time when you are left to reflect on why you are fighting and what it is you are fighting for. You can ask any soldier about that if you do not believe me, and it is in that time that Adama found his anniversary, and it was in that day of the year that he asks himself if being a soldier was worth the pain he caused his family. There is not a soldier who does not ask himself or herself that question. Adama did not have the luxury to ask that question every day but on his anniversary he forces himself to face those past decisions. And if you think that makes him a weaker character than you have not been paying attention to the man. Adama has often seen something of himself in the Chief and watching the man face death in the arms of his wife forced the Admiral to consider the truth of his own relationships. Would he have held that tight to his wife? Filler episode? Perhaps! But I hope all the filler episodes are this interesting and this engaging.moreless

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