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  • 7.4

    The hype is immense, but it will take a serious and determined sci-fi fan to get through the first hour of the miniseries.

    By goshwow, May 28, 2011

    The hype kills this show for me. I rented the first season, which includes the miniseries, and I was forcing myself to keep watching. I stopped the episode short and decided to put Battlestar through the noose.

    It's well written, I'll give it that. But the characters are dry and unoriginal (of-course they reek with depth later, but that LATER). I guess you can't go back after watching Firefly. Anyways, nobody cares about what I say in this review seeing as how they're all too busy watching Battlestar. But if you are uninitiated with the series, please, do not blindly buy the first season box-set just because your friends told you to.moreless

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  • 9.0

    The Battlestar Galactica is about to be decommissioned, but the Cylons, a race of robots, are about to launch their war against humanity. This introduction is astounding in production quality, rounded out by well written dialogue and sharp acting.

    By huntlsoffun, May 28, 2011

    The science fiction world presents a forum for what could be, a portal to the unimaginable filled with mysterious creatures and mind-boggling technology. Escape to far away galaxies tends to be the biggest draw for many great science fiction shows and movies, but the fantasy removes viewers so far from the real world, typically the biggest criticism of the genre is its lack of relevance to our reality. Ronald D. Moore's Battlestar Galactica successfully bridges the gap between the two, presenting us a fantasy which parallels our real world problems.

    The main conflict of the story is between humanity and a mechanical race of robots known as cylons. They were created by humans, but after they rebelled against them, they disappeared into the far outer reaches of space for forty years. Their return is the beginning of this story, and we see their sleek chrome fanged minions flanked by a striking blond female, apparently one of twelve models designed to appear human. The sixth version, played with sinister charm by Tricia Helfer, comes in to seduce scientist and genius Gaius Baltar (James Callis), a worker for the colonial defense whose arrogance (and sexual appetite) makes him the perfect target for espionage.

    Our protagonists on Galactica are preparing the ship for decommissioning. It is a relic of older technology, with corded phones instead of wireless communicators and computers which look ancient by comparison to our current offerings. This approach is refreshing, as this world presented to us doesn't seem so distant or hard to believe. The characters are well-rounded already, each with their own set of conflicts, presenting the viewer with a seemingly infinite number of sub-plots. Commander William Adama (Edward James Olmos) is confronted by his estranged son Lee (Jamie Bamber), with each one of them having their own unique perspective of the death of the Lee's brother. Starbuck (Katee Sackhoff) has an authority problem, causing a testy exchange with her superior Saul Tigh (Michael Hogan), who happens to have some marital issues and drinking problems. Each actor plays their character with a swagger and confidence, and the situations are written well enough where each moral conflict reveals to be a debatable scenario.

    The strength of the story is the complexity of the situations we are presented with, giving the viewer infinite shades of gray. each person's issues can resonate with our own great difficulties in life. Throw that together with the ethereal soundtrack and expressive cinematography, and Battlestar Galactica paints a beautiful picture of a world dealing with complex problems and imminent danger.moreless

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  • 8.0

    A promising start..

    By Parricida, May 28, 2011

    So, after only heard so much good about this serie I decided it's my turn to watch it and so I took it and with my little sister who have seen some episodes of the serie, and we watched.. To be honest, this part of the miniserie felt somehow little slow.. Ofcourse, I get it.. it's main goal was to build the story, to introduce the chars and give us the idea what it's all about but somehow there were many intriguing parts and then some time when I felt nothing is happening.

    So maybe I was expecting little more action but I am sure it comes later.. I am already liking that Cyclon woman.. maybe because she just stands out so much of the other people.. and the whole scene with her and the baby.. intriguing I most say..moreless

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  • 7.0

    Have potencial.

    By Dante_Edy, May 28, 2011

    After hearing about this series, i finally decided to see it, even if i am not a good fan of battle in the stars. However I liked Star Wars and Star Trek.

    This episode began really slow, since the all purpose is to build the story and to present to us the main cast.

    The most interesting story is this gais or whatever, which seems to have a vital importance to this series, that Cylon woman was a interesing character also.

    Inside the Galactica, the only character that seems interesting is Starbuck.

    Even with the slow pace, this series have some potencial to be a great series.moreless

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  • 1.1

    Can't they just air one regular EPISODE! of Battlestar Galactica without the Razor Series?. And I don't like this show because I have my reasons #1 Every single episode is a flashback episode. #2 Too Much Romance. #3 Worst Sci Fi series current on tv.

    By matrix103, Aug 27, 2010

    I watched this show two or three times and I was very disappointed when I saw it because I though it would be something better than it is now. The reason I rated this show and episode 1.1 the 1 beside 1 to the right that means theirs hope for me left to start liking this show. Thank heavens I'm a Trekkie instead of a Battlestar Galactica fan (No Offense). So I though the storyline and storyboard was made by a trainee that just walked through the door and their is too much romance and it's not a Sci Fi show when it has too much romance even Star Trek did not have that much romance. I give this show two thumbs down.moreless

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  • 8.5

    The perfect Sci-Fi drama for the post 9/11 world...begins.

    By my1sunshine, Apr 26, 2008

    When the miniseries premiered it was in two parts. However, this site has broken down each hour seperately. Batllestar Galactica is a complex show. As I stated in my summary overview, what the show is really about is the people. The more you know about them, the more you care what happens to them, making the action, when it kicks in, all the better and more thrilling. This hour, the first in a two hour showing, concentrates on setting up this world and the characters. This is war. Most of these people, friends and foes, are in it for the long haul. Some of them, even many backround characters, have essential parts to play as the four season long story will unfold. Some, as in any war, will not survive. Just sit back and get to know this world and it's people. The galactica, the last battlestar from the days of the original cylon war which ended 40 years ago, is to be de-comissioned, and is being converted to a museum. The last commander, William Adama, has run his ship just as tightly as if the war was still going on. He is much loved and respected by his crew. On the eve of the ceramony, his deck crew presents him with a present, his old Mark 2 Viper which was lost 40 years earlier..completely refurbished like new. Kara Thrace, call sign Starbuck, is the finest pilot on the ship. She is also the most undissaplined pilot on the ship. She get's thrown in the bring for punching out the ships exo during a card game. On the crew's home planet of caprica, Laura Roslin, Secretary of Education recieves some bad news. She has terminal breast cancer. Shortly after this she climbs aboard her transport to head to Galactica to attend the ceremony. Back on Caprica, Gaius Baltar, head of the sciences department and deleloper of the Colonial defences is paid a visit by his girlfriend, a tall slender, sensual blonde woman, who has been working with Dr. Baltar on the defence mainframe. She is a Cylon, one of the 12 human type models designed to infiltate the humanoid culture. Commander Adama's son, Lee Adama, call sign Apollo, has been shanghied into participating in the ceremony. He has not spoken with his father for two years, since the funeral of his brother Zac. When they do meet again for a PR photo op, it's not a pleasant scene. Back on Caprica, the Cylon known as Number Six, explains the shocking truth to Baltar. he has been an instrument for her mission, and humanities children are coming A patrol from Galactica runs into two raiders, who imobilize the Vipers like throwing a switch, then lauch several missles, destroying them. Aboard a nearby raptor ship. Lt. Sharon Valleri, call sign Boomer and Lt Karl Agathon, call sign Helo, manage to get away, and head toward Caprica. As Laura Roslin leaves Galactica, following the ceremony, escorted by Apollo, the Cylons attack the colonies, bombarding Caprica with nuclear bombs and destroying the fleet. As Adama readies himself to settle in for the night, he is called from the bridge. He is read a message... ...Attention all colonial units: Cylon attack underway. This is not a drill.moreless

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  • 9.0

    Pilot Episodes or Major Motion Film Take your pick.

    By kingrich06, Feb 26, 2008

    I was hesitant on watching a show that was redone from an earlier generation. I thought I would compare the two too much on the differences. I was totally wrong on thinking it took the same approach as its predecessor. The choices for who was cast for what role was almost perfect. The use of nukes and computer viruses updated the series nicely. I also like the approach on how Earth is used as a motivation not a destination. The use of thrusters as gravity in space is almost like watching the space shuttle dock with the space station in real life. The intelligence reports with pictures from the first series was a nice touch.moreless

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  • 8.0

    So it begins

    By amazingwebhead, Jan 05, 2008

    So here we are, at the very beginning of what has since turned out to be one of the finest science fiction productions ever made. Here in the pilot we can see the foundations being laid expertly with the care and quality that we'll come to see over the next eighty or so episodes.

    What is so special about this part of the epilogue/pilot (the 44 minute part that I'm reviewing) is that it is almost entirely character based, with very little plot development at all. Indeed, with the exception of the fantastic opening and the climactic ending, what you have in between is a solid forty minutes of characterisation that sets up the series aptly, and is partly the reason why Battlestar Galactica has become as engaging as it has over the years.

    For me at least, this show has and probably always will be something that I watch for the characters. Don't get me wrong, I love the overall plot and the science fiction elements, but when it comes down to what I find strongest about this show in comparison to others, it's the characterisation. During this part of the series' epilogue we are treated to quite a lot, both on an emotionally raw and mandatory historical level. Through the characters we learn of the Cylons (indeed we are told that one of the main characters is a Cylon themselves), the previous wars, between both the humans/Cylons and humans/humans (I especially loved the establishment of Kara and Saul being at each other's necks).

    On the subject of bare emotion, with little fabrication, perhaps the greatest example of the show's treatment of such qualities comes through Adama's speech near the closing moments of the episode. During it he questions why humanity even deserve to survive, what makes them worthy of life and of continuing existence when they still live as savages. It's without a doubt not the greatest speech in the history of decommissions, but it's a speech that plays a massive part in the show's overall outlook and direction. Not only will we see the answer to Adama's question unfold before us during the course of the series, but Adama himself will probably end up finding the answer inside himself too.

    Another theme that is established is the sacrifice of luxury in order to survive. This is yet another recurring element of the show that gets explored constantly and is indeed perhaps the show's strongest point aside from the character relations. Now it may not be obvious where this comes from during part one of the epilogue, but it comes from the establishment of the fact that there is no form of computer networking aboard Galactica. To Roslin, this seems insane in respect of productivity, and indeed, Adama agrees, but he also knows that during the war, when it came to survival, it was better to do things slow and successfully rather than quickly with bad results.

    It is these important factors that are well established so early on in the series' life that gives it a warm sentimental glow, so very important to a show that wants to captivate viewers into more than silly recycled fiction plotlines. However, so much information is fed to us during this first 45 minutes that it begins to get a little slow and hard to follow (at least from what I remember, watching it for the first time, this being my fourth viewing made it very easy) and this is where very little plot development begins to drags the episode down. So, as an episode, it's not perfect, but in retrospect of the entire series, this is an absolutely essential beginning to the saga, regardless of its technical details.moreless

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  • 9.7

    Great way to start an awesome series.

    By Idbeolderifiwas, Aug 22, 2007

    When I first got into BSG about a year ago, I almost missed this gem. I didn't know that there was a show before the first season, but luckily my friend told me about it. I'm glad he did, because it is one of my favourite episodes of the whole series. It is a bit slow at times, but it tells the story of the cylon invasion so well, and really sets up what is one of the best shows out there right now. I will admit, it was almost hard to sit through at times (due to the length) But if you're ready to sit down and watch it all, you wont be sorry.moreless

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