Crossroads, Part 2

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    A great episode to end a great season.

    By dhaworth, Mar 05, 2013

    The ending is probably what viewers are going to remember about this episode, with Tigh, Chief Tyrol, Anders and Tory appearing to make up 4 of the Final 5 cylons.

    I'm not wholly convinced that this makes complete sense, given the limited knowledge we have about the Cylons, but I'm defintely up for having it explained next Season.

    I'm wondering whether this means that the Chief's and Kelly's baby is another Human/Cylon hybred? Where Starbuck fits also remains a mystery to me, but I may have missed something. I hope that she will not be the last Cylon. It does seem reasonably obvious that Earth will be discovered quite soon in to Season 4. I'm still open as to whether this will turn out to be a good thing or a bad thing, I just hope there won't be any scouts leaping 30 feet in the air...

    Roll on 2008.moreless

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    Crossroads, Part 2

    By TrueTvWatcher, Jan 22, 2012

    Crossroads, Part 2 was an absolutely perfect episode and season three finale of Battlestar Galactica. I really enjoyed watching this entertaining episode because it was riveting, suspenseful, dramatic, and full of revelations, surprises, and mixed feelings. There was a ton of character development and the actors played their parts amazingly. In Baltar's trial and verdict there was a lot of interesting points brought to the surface. This episode was very awesome for hinting or false flagging us into believing we know who the other Cylons may be. I did find it interesting that those who heard the mysterious "mucis" all assembled together in a room, though they were only four. Meanwhile President Roslin had another vision involving Hera, Athena, and Caprica Six which was interesting. The ending was really superb and what I'll call Bad#$$ because of the Space Zoom Out Scene where we see the Colonial Fleet in or near the Nebula they jumped to with the Cylon Fleet in pursuit, and it sort of reminded me of the days when I drooled over Goa'uld Mother Ships closing in on SG-1 or their allies. The Cylon ships are beautiful, and seeing them in space is peaceful and they just seem so shiny and clean! I feel every thing is connected some how and I look forward to finding out by watching the next season!!!!!!!!!moreless

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    Battlestar Galactica is close to the nebula that separates the ship from the final road to earth. In the final 5 we'll find 4 members of the crew. Who is the 5th? Is truth what Lee sees from his ship? Is Starbuck alive? She might be the final cylon?

    By radugrigorebox, Dec 20, 2011

    Battlestar Galactica went big like always. So we have to wait for season 4 to see what the final 5 will choose to do. Who is the last member of the final 5? Is it Starbuck? They will find earth? How is earth? Is a modern civilization, or a dead world? Oh, it will be a long year. So many questions and so few answers. If this season 4 it will be the last, I only hope that all our questions will have an answer. This final episode makes you scream of frustration but surely make wait the next season toomoreless

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    Contains many, many spoilers!

    By GavinGibbons, Aug 27, 2011


    What an episode. when the four characters heared the music running up to this finale, i thought it could be rationalised logically, that we would get a cop-out theory... i was wrong. I loved it when Sanders, the presidents aid, Tigh and Chief walked into that room together and they know what and who they are. Everything that they stood for means-nothing now!!! i remember back to the episode where Dean Stockwell is introduced as a priest to help chief, who is having nightmares of killing himself and he jokes "you're not a cylon because i've never seen you at our meetings" Classic episode. i guessed only Sanders to be a cylon but never Tigh or the others!moreless

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    What an episode...

    By Parricida, Aug 27, 2011

    I have no words.. that was just a wow episode.. first it took some time as it really looked like it was going to be about Baltar trial and the culmination will arrive with the verdict what was just looking so much like going to be not quilty - who will kill Baltar if the serie is still continuing?

    And I most say the whole thing with the music and the four people hearing it - I sadly got it in last episode after my sister gave me a hint that call her when radio starts playing and then I did some counting and came out with thought - Tory Foster is cylon.. and then the all other came.. and oh.

    But this episode was just stunning.. the last minutes - the whole action - power out, those four meeting, or the scene when president, Sharon and Number Six where all on that illusion.. and the last scene.. Starbuck.. oo.. that was brilliant one.

    Again - they know how to make season endings..moreless

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    One of the best of the season. After a slow start this season finishes off where the other two seasons began.

    By kingrich06, Aug 27, 2011

    Seems like a lot of shows especially drama type has cliff hangers at the end of a season to keep interest up until the next season. Battlestar Galactica is no different, I would have to say not only I was surprised on what happened on Galactica with Baltar's court proceedings, there was plenty of excitement outside of the ship. Another storyline we were led to until this point was the mysteries of the final five cylons skin job. I was very surprised with the turn of events in this storyline and looking forward to more. This one is worth watching all the way from beginning to the end.moreless

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    The best of that show so far...

    I'm a bit behind from season 4

    By nalt, Aug 27, 2011

    All I can say about this episode is that it is the best by far. It is like when you start wondering if this season will get any more exciting... and here you go... one of the most exciting episodes I've seen in a while. It is definitely worth watching even twice. Huge changes have been made to the show which will prepare you for a whole new season. Even though it makes you think of what will come next and maybe predict some of the upcoming events. Still, in my own opinion, major changes had to be done... I just love it...moreless

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    Greatest episode ever. Period.

    By zampognaro, Aug 27, 2011

    For years friends of mine have been telling me about watching bsg. They were ranting and raving about this show so much, that eventually I caved in; a little bit because of interest, but more about wanting to prove them wrong.

    To my dismay I watched every night in disbelief ... this show was just delivering episode after episode of pure greatness. But this latest episode was just ridiculous.

    The whole episode is a roller coaster of emotions. It starts with vengeance: anyone would be lying if they told you they didn't want to see Gaius lose the case. But then comes the unbelievable speech by Apollo ... it is so great that can make you believe in justice all over again. It gives you the other side's perspective - it gives you your common sense back, without the clouding of vengeance. Of course Gaius's arrogance ruins it ... and almost gives you that feeling of hatred again ... when Apollo and the lawyer (I forget his name) put him in his place and leave him on his own.

    In the meanwhile ... Col. Tigh, Sam, Chief Tyrrel and the president's helper (I forget her name too) hear this strange music coming from within the ship, which brings them together to the same place in the ship - they're the only ones who can hear it, so they immediately suspect that they are cylons (Sam's reaction to this is just awesome). Of course they're probably part of the initial five (or whatever they're called) cylons that they've been so mysterious about ... the other one being probably Baltar.

    Of course, while this is happening the rather important part of the storyline ... you know, the finding earth bit ... is developing, as they finally make the jump to the nebula, which is supposed to be a marker/clue/something left by the 13th colony.

    And guess who's here? None other than the whole Cylon fleet! At this point things are happening so quickly that you just don't know what's happening and how to feel.

    And bam! ... they hit you with another shock: a misterious viper appears out of nowhere. As Apollo goes to investigate, the sound that the 4 in the ship were hearing, starts to become a bit louder and you start to recognize the song. As the wonderful words of Bob Dylan start to be heard, from one of the greatest songs of all time "All along the watchtower", Apollo discovers that the misterious viper is being flown by Starbuck! And she tells us that she's been to earth and she WILL take the fleet there ... this of course with the whole cylon fleet right in front of them.

    I read somewhere in the trivia, that this is the first song in the series to be played (with lyrics). I cannot help but see the symbolism ... as the fleet is getting nearer earth ... we hear the first real song, that actually comes from this planet. This cannot just be a coincidence. Of course I could be wrong, and I'm seeing symbolism where there isn't one. Still doesn't take it away from the fact that this was the greatest episode of any series of all time. Period.moreless

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    Trial and Twist

    By sh811a, May 12, 2011

    I'll admit that third season of Battlestar Galactica has suffered slowdown. Where at first a season plot arc starts of strong but then around the middle it unforunately loses momentum by draging it's own foot for a while, even near the end. I didn't think most of the episodes in the middle were bad, some were good but not great. However like most people I honestly felt that the show was beating around the bush a bit longer than it should (in fact the Cylons were rather absent for a long while) and needed to get back to the jist of things. Thankfully this season finally put Galactica back on course, and it's one of the best episodes I've seen in a long time.

    This episode does two great things, for one thing Lee Adama. His testamony was one of the best moments ever and demonstrates why he was always one of the voices of reason in the show. He didn't defend Baltar to save his miserable life, he did it to defend and protect Justice from abuse and corruption. He knows he's guilty of treason but unfortunately there is just not enough concrete evidence to convict him. However for many other charges he's not guilty of. Lee obviously still may'be always will feel ashamed and guilty for retreated from New Caprica when it was in trouble, it's true that a lot of bad things have happened in New Caprica but Baltar was not solely responsible for each and every sin, other people were also at fault, and these are faults that can not be ignored. And it's true that the law system isn't perfect it's not always fair but it's the only one that we have that works and keeps everything together.

    Despite the verdict (I actually had a feeling it would be not guilty, it makes sense since Baltar's character has a ways to go in the show) Baltar is not truely free. As Lee states not guilty doesn't mean innocent. In a way Baltar has been cursed for all eternity because he faces a fate worse than death. He may have won his freedom but it's an empty victory because he litteally has nothing. No money, no career, no friends, no class status, nothing. And worst of all he is litterally a potential target for anyone, as we see him pass by a number of people all with hate in their eyes for him.

    As for another of my favorate moments is the twist itself when we discover four of the Cylon five. It's really blew me away seeing that my one of my favorate character's Galen "The Chief" Tyrol is a cylon as well as a character I find unlikeable but I don't hate Saul Tigh, not to mention Starbuck's husband Sam and the President's female advior who was with Roselin from the begining. Then there is of course Starbuck's return and the fact she knows the way to Earth.

    All that has happened once again brings more questions than answers. These four Cylons are a very diverse and unique group because all of them have depth, lives (Tyrol has a family of his own after all, I guess that would make his baby another Cylon/Human hybrid like Hera) and past that have acutally happened, what was their true purpose of being among the humans as well as with the Cylons.

    It brings to question once again the motives of the Cylons is there mission really to destroy the human race or is it to find a way to coexist with them. Who is Cylon number one, like a lot of people my suspisions are on Kara "Starbuck". Can Athena/Shannon and Rosilin protect Hera from being kidnapped by Cylon 6 and Baltar. And from the knowledge of Earth's location does this mean their quest is coming close to an end. Only time will tell as we await Season 4.moreless

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