Exodus, Part 1

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    Exodus, Part 1

    By TrueTvWatcher, Jan 17, 2012

    Exodus, Part 1 was a perfect episode of Battlestar Galactica and I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of character development as Helo's Sharon was instated as a Galactica crew member, number three or D'Anna Biers had some interesting visions, and a traitor close to the resistance is discovered. It's really fun to see more of the Cylons and how they act, question and reason. I have to say I'm impressed with Grace Park, especially shooting Lucy Lawless in the knee caps! What a great scene full of intense emotion and information. There were some good action scenes. Seeing Kara and Casey together was touching and makes you think about the implications of her existence. I look forward to finding out what happens in the next episode!!!!!!!!!moreless

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  • 7.0

    First two seasons of BSG are flawless and television at its best: character-driven drama that is constantly challenging the viewer and keeping us hanging on every moment with excellent writing and top-notch acting and visuals; first 3 eps of S3 fail...

    By claushouse, Aug 25, 2011

    The first mistake of Season 3 actually started at the end of Season 2, with out of character decisions made to create this occupation by having the president and admiral allow Baltar to become president and the colony to settle.

    The admiral left behind thousands of civilians to die early in the first season, deposed president roslin over a stolen ship yet renders the fate of humanity over to a suspected cylon aide?

    the whole point of good television is challenging writing, and this is using post hoc rationalization to create a situation which the writers will assume breed good television by having an occupation.

    this spirals out of control with a plotline of the cylons changing their mind and trying to control the human colony and this flimsy plotline is supported by unoriginal and played out concepts of citizens joining the cylon policing ranks, as more unoriginal and predictable, formulaic rescue of the 200 humans marked for death by the chief et al., the betrayal of the exo\\\'s wife, etc.

    moreover, the transformation of apollo is unconvincing and fails to serve a purpose. the only noteworthy subplot is that of kara being coerced through the use of a child. not the most riveting drama, but an interesting development and a sign of hope. also, baltar, one of the most enigmatic and interesting characters on the show, has been reduced to a boring, typecast role of \\\'under the gun\\\' leader; lets hope once the crew escapes his relationship and role take on a more demanding form.

    this episode and the opening three aren\\\'t bad, it\\\'s still moderately entertaining; however, in contrast to the prior flawless dictation of the last two seasons this is a far cry from what BSG is in my mind, much like Godfather 3 is to the first 2 classic movies.

    let\\\'s hope a return to familiar ground aboard the BSG brings about the top-notch writing and drama we\\\'ve been spoiled with in the past.moreless

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    Starting the rescue...

    By Parricida, Dec 21, 2008

    So, Adama is coming and finally there is hope they will get off this planet.

    First we get quite a lot those actions we saw very end quickly in last episode but now we get much larger picture and see what was really going on.

    Ok - what else happened. Sharon got the information and there was the great storyline digged up - Hera is alive and Sharon does not believe it yet but when she learns the truth - that will hurt her trust badly. It just looks so much that she has come around..

    Anyway, much hopes for second part of this story..moreless

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  • 9.1


    By kingrich06, Jul 08, 2008

    I am surprised the occupation didn't last more episodes. Even thou this is a two part episode it is full of action drama and suspense. The preparations for the rescue is extraordinary. What I didn't like it started with a flashback. It started with the list and the firing squad. I did like the sequences of the night vision are the masked men. The editing work on those sequences are amazing, you really get the fear those policemen are trying to instill. The torture techniques the Cylons use are very convincing on Starbuck. Unconventional but then again that what this show is all about.moreless

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    Excellent episode.

    By sfviewer, Jan 24, 2007

    Sharon gets her flying wings back and she takes the oath to serve and protect the Colonial Fleet. Sharon becomes a trusted member of the Galactica. Her character becomes interesting as she appears as another type of Sharon in New Caprica. Tyrol learns that Cally is listed to be executed by the cylons, he races against time to save her. Number three gets strange dreams about the temple. This episode shows a lot of interesting stuff, the story goes deeper and deeper, it reflects the things that took place in occupied France during World War 2. It's a really interesting mix between real life themes and fictional storytelling.moreless

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    A fine conclusion to the story begun in last season's cliffhanger. Stirring, shocking, well-written and exciting to the last moment.

    By CajunGypsy, Nov 12, 2006

    This will be marked as a watershed episode for the series. Adama's inspiring last-minute speech to his troops and Tigh's gentle, anguish-wracked handling of the execution of his wife Ellen for treason make the show worth watching all by themselves. And Lee/Apollo's brazen disobeying of his father's orders to ride in to the old man's rescue at the last minute ("Galactica, this is Pegasus. How 'bout we take some of this work off your hands?") was a priceless moment of heroism. And the broadening of D'Anna and Baltar as characters shown in this ep also underscored the already amply-made point: this ain't your daddy's BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. An excellent job all around.moreless

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  • 8.7

    This episode possessed all the greats that made this show what it is today. I was expecting of course for Laura to live, and was happy to find out that she did indeed live. Gaius sinks further into depression...

    By WraithCommander, Oct 28, 2006

    Battlestar Galactica continues on New Caprica where Laura and Baltar\'s campaign manager are about to be executed by the human Cylons due to actions taken by the resistance. Shockingly, or rather unshockingly, I grew to hate Gaius Baltar more, because of his actions in signing the order to execute so many people. For an attempt to integrate into society, the Cylons are sure doing a damn good job of it (/sarc). They elect human collaborators (otherwise known as the New Caprica Police) who have gone around arresting human collaborators in an attempt to crack down on the resistance. Unfortunately, the resistance only gets more enraged. I was not happy to see Starbuck in such a state. I felt sympathy for the character, although I rarely, if ever, feel sympathy for her. Last season made me want to wish her dead. I felt sorry for the Cylons that realized that what the Priests wanted to do was horrible, as they were ignored, one being shot. I loved the interaction between Sharon and Adm. Adama. What an awe inspiring moment to see her back in uniform. The episode ends when Galactica prepares to launch an operation to liberate the people on New Caprica.moreless

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  • 9.5

    Sounds like the humans..."have a plan"...

    By mhfreak, Oct 25, 2006

    The intensity was turned up during this episode that's for sure. Things are certainly moving towards a make-or-break scenario for both sides. Chosing Sharon to help lead the human's planning for escape was a bold move on the part of Adama. It was also one that was almost very short lived thanks to the actions of Col. Tigh's wife, who hasn't been the most helpful person (or Cylon?) in the world. She revealed to the Cylon's the location of the meeting point between Sharon and the resistance.

    This whole experience has a very large real-world political feel to it. A hostile take over of an existing population (humans) with a new government (Cylons) has decided Iraq/USA feel to it. The difference is this is being depicted the other way around. Here we seeing the side of the population that feels opressed instead of the supposed opressors. We see how far they are will to go - suicide bombers anyone?

    It can be a safe bet that the humans (or most of them anyway) will escape from New Caprica, but the real-world scenario is not scripted and could have decidedly different ending.

    What is the full plan the Adama has in mind for freeing the human race from New Caprica? Who will survive? Tune in next week kiddos!moreless

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    President Roslin, I presume?

    By montaigne61, Oct 25, 2006

    Ellen Tigh, what were you thinking? You must have known that even if you didn't get caught by your own people that the Cylons would never live up to their word. And now you've been found out by Anders. Something tells me that fella doesn't take too kindly to treachery.

    It's nice to see Laura Roslin back in command. It's been a long time since she's really dealt with a crisis - she was solid in the miniseries, and then the cancer kicked in and she went all religious, then not too long after she got better she was out of office. Now she's in nominal command once again, and making the hard decisions. Or is she? She kind of dodged those questions about Ellen and what to do if it looked like the baby might get captured. Maybe she isn't the leader she's cracked up to be.

    Right, so, Lee's had four months to lose some weight, and he's still pigging out. Not even trying to shed the pounds. What gives? And why is he back to being a dick again? And does anyone really think that Pegasus is going to sit this one out? Stay with the fleet my ass. Put down the bon-bons and get back in the fight, boy.

    Oh, and that whole thing with Tyrol running to save Cally? Give me a break.moreless

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