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    Home, Part 1

    By TrueTvWatcher, Jan 15, 2012

    Home, Part 1 was a perfect episode of Battlestar Galactica and I really enjoyed watching because the drama was intense, the action was awesome, and the character development was deep. Starbuck returns to Kobol and the Sharon with them receives a very cold and deadly welcome. It was interesting to watch the President and group searching for the Tomb of Athena. It was cool to see that Adama has talks with Dee, and what he decided in the end was great news and inspiring to the crew. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!moreless

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    The one where: there's very much a place like...

    By MovieMark, Oct 13, 2011

    I'm gonna be a bit lazy here, and just throw my review for both parts into one.

    I wonder why these couple of episodes were marked as a two-parter? Does it save money? I'm asking because both episodes didn't feel entirely cohesive, with enough differentiation plot-wise to distinguish themselves as singular episodes, as with the last few episodes. I guess they just wanted to round off the Kobal plot once and for all.

    To be perfectly honest, there's not a lot here worth mentioning. Most of the talking points revolve around someone either threatening to kill Sharon, or just generally manhandling the poor cylon. The scenes where Lee and Bill grab Sharon by the scruff of the neck and attack her are really well done. I'm sure Grace Park suffered a few war wounds during this shoot. Sharon had a lot to prove here, and I think she won over [mostly] everyone.

    After an arduous trek through a curiously earth-looking planet, Roslin and her cohort of followers finally make it to the tomb of Athena. They're mysteriously transported to a remote location (an island in space? Or something?) where they discover that they're actually standing on earth (or something?). They find out the constellation they need to hunt down in order to find earth. Why don't they just settle on Kobol? It meets all of their requirements. I just don't know.

    Elsewhere, in subplots across both episodes, Gaius believes that he slowly going insane...because a sexy pair of legs in a dress that only he can see told him he was so. Ya gotta love it. It turns out that head-Six believes that Sharon's baby is the revered child that she and Gaius will raise together. Interesting! I love how little Six thinks of Sharon. Total sibling rivalry.

    All in all, this is an awesome episode for Sharon. But as a whole, it's a tad boring watching a bunch of people soaked to the core trudge across very familiar looking terrain. However, both Billy and Dee rise to the occasion when their respective leader isn't feeling up to scratch. I liked that.moreless

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    Bringing the family back together

    By Parricida, Jun 21, 2011

    Adama suffers much and feels rage after his son is gone and I am not sure what makes him angry more - that he left and president did what she did or that he depends and loves his son and he needs him. He names new pilot leader but he is a crap ending up killing almost one pilot and then ramming a fueling ship - well done!

    Things are not getting much better in Kobol too. Zarek is never easy man and he has a hate for Lee and plans to kill him. Sharon is not treatied as Helo expected and in the end, there is Starbuck who has some hard thoughts.

    And then on the planet.. it does not go much better too..

    I most say - I loved the story.. I loved the way Dee in the end talked sense on Adama and how the story is going. Well done.moreless

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  • 9.2

    Excellent screen play (again)

    By kingrich06, Jun 21, 2011

    I like this episode because the storyline starts to get interesting on all fronts and all the sequences that had us jumping from one location to another starts to end. The writers did a great job of blending all the different little story lines into this one episode. But and it’s a big one, this is a two part episode. I like how Commander Adama is still trying to clean up the mess that is all around him. And as all good military leaders do., he tries not to undermine command decisions that were done in his absence. The human civil war is nice and healthy and worth watching.moreless

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    All the same.

    By kickdoor, Nov 23, 2010

    I knew Sharon and Helo should have just looked for a nice radiation-resistant summer home back on Caprica, as their reception is about what I was expecting. Of course staying on Caprica would've meant Sharon doesn't have any ulterior motives, which definitely doesn't seem to be the case. I was even questioning whether the Cylon ambush on Kobol wasn't orchestrated so she could appear to be the hero to Apollo and company. Either way, I enjoyed the action sequences, gotta love those Bounding mines.

    Starbuck and Apollo's reunion made for some good scenes. I loved that look that Starbuck gives him in the scene near Sharon's cell when she calls him "the poster boy for military discipline." Their other scene with the pyramid ball was really well shot, I loved them being divided by the fencing. I have to say though, Jamie Bamber's acting is really inconsistent, he'll nail one scene and then overact the hell out of the next one. I like the character, but the actor just needs to reel it in occasionally.

    Adama being blinded by his rage and trying to move on without the rest of the fleet made for one of the better dramatic story lines in the series so far. I loved that Dee knows exactly why he picked her to talk to and is brave enough to still tell Adama how it is. The scene of him in the corridor as he decides he has to put the fleet back together was a nice one as well, good music as always.

    I was expecting the episodes after Adama woke up to be some of the best, but oddly enough they haven't been. Not bad really, just not as good as the first few of the season.moreless

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  • 9.0

    Emotions run high as Kara, Sharon and Karl return to a split fleet high above Kobol.

    By garrettide, Oct 11, 2010

    Ron has again tapped into the raw emotions of people in an extreme situation which is the brilliance of this show. The reactions of Captain Adama, President Roselynn, and Lieutenants Thrace and Agathon were completely believable. Even knowing that Sharon wouldn’t get spaced, I found myself sitting on the edge of my seat, hoping that Helo would bust a cap in the President. Even better, though decidedly too short, was Commander Adama’s feeling of betrayal and reliance on unflagging loyalty to the point of sacrificing competence. Less satisfying was the personal interplay between Lee and Kara. Fighting one moment, playful the next, these two are in serious need of Prozac.

    One of the most difficult things about this episode was remembering who knows what in the opening sequence abroad the Rising Star.

    I am certain that there are many out there who will say that the episode wasn't much but it is important to remember that Ron is a slow burn. He takes his time in developing stories and characters. It can take several episode to bring events to fruition. The conflict between Lee and Karl over Sharon, Tom Zerek's machinations, Lee's overhand confession of for Kara, Commander Adama's confession to Dee, all will addressed and resolved in time.moreless

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    Action with the fractured fleet, get complex

    By chrisbd1, Oct 11, 2010

    As an apparent OCD geek, I've watched and reatched the episode about for times since this morning. Wow alot of stuff going on.

    First, as a shameless shipper, I was all about Lee and Kara. I'd been spoiled about the kiss, for weeks ans I still was excited about it. Lee is suddenly more than a true stick-up-the-rear-jaw-clincher. Later, when they have their second, full on conversation, it was so cute. Lee was actually being twelve. Ha ha, I got your ballll. You can't have it baaack.. Kara was all over the emotional spectrum in that scene. First she's playing with the ball that reminds her of Anders. That was....telling. Then Lee gets all friendly/flirty with her. Then she becomes twelve "You can't take it back. There's no take backs". They are so cute.

    While on Kobol, it was so telling. During the firefight, Apollo and Starbuck work as a team. They're both shooting, but Starbuck is acting as Apollo's back up. When he hits a cylon, Starbuck says "Nice one", Apollo responds "Ammo" and hands her his weapon, knowing she's his little helper. It was the trust and connection between them, that was key.

    Anywho, Prez Roslin is kinda scarey, in a I wouldn't mess with her way. She has no problem chunking cylons who look like humans you know, out the air lock. She has a prophecy to fulfill and she's not gonna let anyone stand in the way.

    Adama s painting and musing about rage. Drualla is there, to act as his sounding board. When she lets him know that he let them down, it was interesting. She cut to the quick of the matter. Drualla is like the everday mn or woman, who's helpless to change their lives. The President and Adama, are the ones controlling the destinies of the fleet. Dualla is every member of the fleet who wants their leaders to do what they say, to give them hope, to just keep their promise. He promised to keep them safe and if the fleets seperated, then he's reniging on that promise. Adama isn't a man who likes being weak and when he's shot, he reacts to that memory of weakness in a way that is detrimental to the fleet. In the end, Adama lives up to his promise, as a leader and a father, and vows to get the fleet (family) back togather.


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  • 8.2

    This episode was okay. Once again it seems like they're building up to something but not quite getting there. I don't mind "serial" episodes if they advance the plot. But now it seems like the show is plodding along. Come on pick up the pace!

    By nipsey, Oct 11, 2010

    1. Poor Boomer. She's always having guns pulled on her.

    2. "Put her in the airlock". Roslin is cold.

    3. LOL! All the reporters looked at each other like, "And?"

    4. So Zarek's endgame is revealed.

    5. That new CAG sucks. That's what Adama gets for promoting based on "loyalty" instead of...I don't know...ability.

    6. Ha! Lee tried to slip that "I love you" in there.

    7. Why is it always raining in Vancouver? Sheesh!

    8. I just knew that black lady was going to die. Oh well.

    9. Yeah "D". Givin' the old man a piece of her mind!

    10. Gold star for "D". She saved the fleet this week.

    11. Next Week Previews: Sharon shoots Adama again?!? We'll have to wait 7 days to find out.


    B- This episode was okay. Once again it seems like they're building up to something but not quite getting there. I don't mind "serial" episodes if they advance the plot. But now it seems like the show is plodding along. Come on pick up the pace!moreless

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    Fracking Brilliant.

    By Shardyk, Oct 11, 2010

    I teared up at the end. I'll admit it. What an outstanding episode. Starbuck and Lee are reunited... Helo rejoins the fleet, Adama wrestles over the fact that his son betrayed him. Just excellent, excellent stuff.

    I was sad to see Priestess Elosha go. I figured she had a lot more story to tell. Oh well... at least it wasn't Billy. I like the fact that he chose to remain with Dualla. Can't wait for part 2!

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