Battlestar Galactica

Home, Part 2

Season 2, Ep 7, Aired 8/26/05
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  • Episode Description
  • Adama heads to Kobol to find Roslin, reassembles the fleet and heads down to Kobol to find the presidential party in search of the "tomb of Athena" which allegedly leads to Earth. The two groups meet, Adama and Roslin make their peace and continue on their expedition. Apollo hangs out with Starbuck, while Zarek tries to keep his ally busy plotting with Sharon, who is unaware of tension building between Helo and Tyrol.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Alessandro Juliani

    Felix Gaeta

  • Paul Campbell

    Billy Keikeya

  • Tahmoh Penikett

    Karl "Helo" Agathon

  • Leah Cairns

    Margaret "Racetrack" Edmondson

  • Richard Hatch

    Tom Zarek

  • Fan Reviews (24)
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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (7)

    • Sharon: (points a gun at Adama) I need you to know something. I'm Sharon, but I'm a different Sharon. I know who I am. I don't have hidden protocols or programs lying in wait to be activated. I make my own choices. I make my own decisions and I need you to know that this is my choice.

    • Helo: How much further? Sharon: Farther. Helo: What? Sharon: "Farther" describes actual distance. "Further" is more figurative. Helo: You're a dictionary now? Sharon: I'm sorry I'm smarter than you.

    • Starbuck (muttering): Stupid frakkin' thing couldn't come with a handbook? No, because that would be too logical.
      Roslin (quoting the Book of Pythia): "And the Arrow of Apollo will open the Tomb of Athena".
      Starbuck: Yeah, well unless anyone sees a keyhole or, whatever, then we're either in the wrong place or we're perfectly screwed.

    • Baltar: Then who, or what, are you, exactly? Number Six: I'm an angel of God sent here to protect you, to guide you and to love you. Baltar: To what end? Number Six: To the end of the human race.

    • (Looking through the bars of a cell, Baltar turns and sees No. 6 sitting naked, straddling the chair)
      Baltar: Oh - you decided to brighten up the place a little, did you?
      No. 6: Our child will be born here, in this room. (pauses) You're not listening!
      Baltar: Oh, do you notice? No, I've had enough. Do you seriously expect me to listen to you when you sit around stark naked?

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    Notes (2)

    • When Baltar first speaks with Number Six in the holding cell, she is completely nude. After she appears in a jogging outfit and a different hairstyle, Baltar addresses her as Sara, suggesting that this was the name she used on Caprica.

    • Number of Survivors: 47,855

    Trivia (1)

    • In this episode we saw that the Arrow of Apollo opened the Tomb of Athena, which led to a map to Earth. The map was a collection of gems representing the constellations of the Zodiac. Starbuck realized that Earth must be the place where one can see all twelve of the constellations at once.

    Allusions (1)

    • Lagoon Nebula In the map room of the Tomb of Athena, Apollo identified the Lagoon Nebula. Also known by the astronomical catalog numbers M8 and NGC 6523, it is a cloud of interstellar gas 5,200 light-years from Earth, believed to be a breeding area for new stars. It is faintly visible to the naked eye in the constellation of Sagittarius.

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