Resurrection Ship, Part 1

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    Resurrection Ship, Part 1

    By TrueTvWatcher, Jan 15, 2012

    Resurrection Ship, Part 1 was a superb and very entertaining episode of Battlestar Galactica and I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of action, tension between Adama and Cain, and Starbuck comes through with photos of a Cylon Resurrection ship and this leads to a truce though Cain and President Roslin have ulterior motives and missions. I really liked how deep the characters have become, especially the new ones from Pegasus. I look forward to watching the next episode and to see what happens next!!!!!!!!!moreless

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  • 7.5

    Bloody minded.

    By kickdoor, Dec 01, 2010

    The standoff between the Pegasus and Galactica Vipers made for some white knuckle, tension filled moments. I also enjoyed the scene aboard Colonial 1 after Adama and Cain called the Vipers back. I know I'm probably not supposed to like her as a character, but I can't help loving Cain's attitude and delivery. Her immediate impatience with Roslin even being present let alone acting as mediator, endeared me to her all the more. You can just see she's thinking, "Is this schoolteacher seriously trying to tell me how to conduct military affairs?" And it's the kind of thing where even if I didn't agree with Cain on her assessment of Roslin, I would still like her because she pulls the character off so well.

    Roslin on her part earned that contempt I think, as telling Adama that he has to kill Cain was one of her scummier moments. It's not so much that she suggested it, because I understand the circumstances and the necessity to strip Cain of command(though at some point you do have to fear that your choices will mean you become no better than your enemies, whoever they might be). It's more how she said it, "You've gotta kill her." It was just classic Roslin. You. Not we, not us, not me, oh no, not I. See, she doesn't swim in that ****, she just stirs it up and then waits to see if any gets on her shoe. Adama is not your hitman and the military isn't your right hand of justice that you can call in whenever you need them or cut off a finger whenever you don't like how it's behaving. People like Roslin are the reason we have separation of powers and checks & balances.

    I know I said my only regret was that Chief didn't get to kill Thorn slowly, but it was nice to see him and Helo getting a stay of execution. I liked Chief's lines about having to get over his feelings for Sharon and move on with his life. The way he presented it so simply, as if love was anything of the sort, made me feel for him. I can only imagine that the thoughts running constantly through his head(and Helo's) would be enough to drive you mad.

    The outline of the attack on the Resurrection ship as well as Cain and Adama both ordering hits on the other had me very excited for the next episode. But most of this one did feel like setup, more talking than action. Not that I have a problem with that, as for the most part the lines were delivered well and were necessary for the plot. The dialogue heavy scenes helped establish a connection between Starbuck and Cain so that what Adama had asked Starbuck to do would be that much harder for her. As Tigh's scene with Fisk helped establish just how ruthless Cain really is.moreless

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  • 9.2

    Much tension

    By Parricida, Jun 04, 2010

    Oh - the cliffhanger continues and even if the name of the episode really gives away the name of the ship this is all about, there is much to discovere - first I most say I love the development of the conflict between the commanders of Pegasus and Galactica. How they both know where it goes and president even thinking it and pushing Adama back to make the necessarily move. The ending was very well done - the mixed dialoges, the words...

    And I most say I also liked Starbuck. When in the first I only knew that I do not like her char and on other chars I had no clear idea if I like them or not, then now - she is more and more starting to like.. She has courage to do the crazy things like going and seeing that ship.. and she really wants to go back to Carpica.. and that leaves the question - will she do what Adama said to her.moreless

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  • 8.6

    That's an exciting one! The suspence grows!

    By 0hBoy, Jun 04, 2010

    Exactly why i watch this series! The end of the episode leaves us heart-pumping waiting for the next episode. At the end both battlestar commanders order their subordinates to execute an assasin mission on the other battlestar commander. Watching this, especially the techniques of cutting of that scenes, was almost funny - 2 people, 1 thought.

    Also there is something new about the chief's and Helo's feelings about Sharon, - the chief appears to be almolst over their relationship, Helo still loves her, doesn't matter she is a cylon. We'll see, we'll see...

    I look forward to watch the great battle between cylons and human and finding out - will the plan of destroing the Ressurection ship success!

    Let's see...moreless

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  • 9.6

    There's always another cliff

    By montaigne61, Jun 04, 2010

    At the end of "Pegasus" I was thinking that there was no way they could have a more intense cliff-hanger. Two squadrons of Vipers bearing down on each other, with the lives of two beloved crew members in danger, what could be more intense? How about two rival commanders ordering reluctant subordinants to execute their adversary? Yeah, that'll do it. If these BSG guys need a couple of months off from time to time to keep up this level of drama, then by all means take it. I'll wait.

    These Peggies may not be the nicest of people, but at least they know how to torture a Cylon. What was the best Starbuck could come up with, a bucket of water? I don't know what happened to their Six, but it certainly left an impression. I wonder what that mission of hers was...perhaps a flashback some day will reveal it. Kind of like that one episode of Lost where they showed what happened to those tail people. Could be cool. And do I detect some trouble between Baltar and his imaginary friend? First he doesn't want to hang out with her, then he steals her little speech about sports and hangs out with someone who looks remarkably like her. I don't think women care for that sort of thing, but if it works out it could be interesting for everyone involved, especially if there was some kind of three-way. Mmmm, identical robot woman menage-a-trois. Sign me up. Admiral Cain didn't seem quite so nutty in this one. Her logic is pretty solid, her plans are bold, and she rewards the people who deserve it. Except for Lee, but that's what he gets, I guess. So why is she just so wrong? Is it simply because she's going after our heroes? Or because she will inevitably strip the civilian fleet and leave the human race drifting in space to die? Yeah, there's that.moreless

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  • 9.2

    Beginning to End a great episode.

    By kingrich06, Jun 08, 2008

    One thing about this television series it doesn’t let any barriers or moral impede each episode. One thing that doesn’t get televised too much is the inhuman treatment of prisoners. In while it happened in the previous episode, we see the ramifications of how that one act of saving Sharon setups the stage for the tensions in this episode. The acts that define what each battlestar has done to get to this point of the show is revealed. The major differences on how morale decisions are made and carried out. The dialogue on how it is carried out and what sequences keep you intrigued. Lots of suspense action and drama.moreless

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    A great 2 parter episode.

    By sfviewer, Aug 27, 2006

    Pegasus is again on the spotlight. After preventing a direct confrontation with the 2 battlestars, the two bsg commanders work together against a valuable cylon target, one that will make their lives easier in this sector if they destroy it. this is a really cool episode. taking out cylon targets is so cool, especially a big target where we see huge ships getting blown up in space, that's a really cool sight in this show. but the battlestars have conflict within themselves as adama and admiral cain plot against each other. this adds to the tension for the plot, this is exciting.moreless

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  • 9.6

    Following a truce, Cain and Adama employ Starbuck, promoted to CAG, and Apollo to devise a plan to destory a key Cylon ship, the Resurrection Ship, where Cylons return after they die. They then plot each other\'s assassinations.

    By Brettsky1202, Aug 14, 2006

    The idea of a temperary truce to destroy a larger enemy is a real world concept, just one thing Michael Rymer brings to this episode. The cruel methodology with which Cain demotes Apollo and Stinger (\"Captain Taylor\") to replace them with Starbuck, along the information that she marooned a civilian fleet, is meant to relay that she deserves to go, but that she also is pragmatic, in sharp contrast to Adama, who prefers to adapt his people are to current circumstances.

    This episode also reveals how ruthless Laura is, and how self-serving. Granted, she genuinely cares about Adama, but she also knows that Admiral Cain is slowly stripping her of her own authority; hence, she pressures Adama to kill Cain.

    The methods that both C.O.s plan to kill each other are indicative of how different they operate. Adama sends one person, who is loyal, and who may not make it out. Cain sends a squad to ensure the job is completed.moreless

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  • 7.5

    This show indicates to me that Galactica is basically in a state of anarchy. I was very interested to find out how it would end.

    By thefigure, Apr 17, 2006

    The characters are shown as extremely loyal to their superiors rather than to an ultimate set of laws. This is suicidal for the Gallactica society because this sets up a society of anarchy.

    I don't see anyone on either ship as being really evil in what they do. The two admirals plans to wipe each other out are based on their honest convictions. This also points out how useless their president is. She should have the power to make a decision one way or the other. One weakness of this show is that the president is highly reverred but does nothing to justify it in action. This leaves all the drama to the individual admirals or captains.


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