Resurrection Ship, Part 2

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    Resurrection Ship, Part 2

    By TrueTvWatcher, Jan 16, 2012

    Resurrection Ship, Part 2 was a deep and character driven episode of Battlestar Galactica and I really enjoyed watching this episode. because the characters were so intense and in depth. It was cool to watch as Starbuck was entrusted with a special mission as was the XO of Pegasus. I'm glad neither came to fruition though Admiral Cain did meet an untimely end. The space scenes were great! The character development was awesome and the story lines were very well written. I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!moreless

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    Great Drama But Seriously Flawed

    By finalscoreohio, Nov 10, 2010

    Another reviewer correctly pointed out that the writers and producers of BSG conveniently change the basic nature of their characters when it suits their desires, such as Adm. Cain backing off on having Adama killed. My big problem with this episode involves something that happens repeatedly on this show and one big problem with this particular episode. You have a Cylon being held prisoner on the Pegasus who has been brutally tortured. It is clearly established that Cain considers Cylons the most evil things that can possibly be. Yet we are expected to believe that the cell that Gina occupies would not have cameras and microphones and that this prisoner would not be constantly watched??!!! If it did, Gina would have never gotten out and killed Cain. Cain would have also known how sympathetic Baltar was to this particular Cylon. Also, is it not beyond belief how many times Baltar speaks to the unseen six model that is in his head and no one seems to notice, even when they are standing nearby or unexpectedly walk in on him? A potentially great episode with a truly terrible ending.moreless

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    Awesome episode. The show keeps getting better.

    By csi782, Oct 11, 2010

    Well, I have to admit I wasn't shocked by who killed Cain. I figured something would happen and Adama would call his part in it off. But I didnt figure Cain would call off her XO as well. I think Adama's talk with Sharon had this effect. WHy does Lee want to die? Because he thought he had let Starbuck down, because of what Adama was going to have Starbuck do or something else. I think Dualla needs to stick with Billy and not even think about APollo. He is Starbucks.moreless

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    Overall, this episode didn´t disappoint and the conclusion is very satisfactory.

    By Dante_Edy, Jun 07, 2010

    ***This review details –» this is a "I" perspective, based in what I like and recognize to be good or interesting, this is not a "god" where the guy thinks what he thinks is the true or the "you" perspective where I know what you will like and what you don´t.***

    If is there one thing that I admire in this show is that even if a Storyline is divided in 3 parts, the writers always come with a interesting idea to start the episode and raise the interest of the audience and this is nicely done here. The conflict phase was nice to follow with interesting points and with tense moments. The climax was very well done, divided in 3 parts, the end is exactly what everyone can expect from this Storyline. Presentation Phase - » (9/10) very interesting beginning, could things be worse?

    Complication Phase - » (9/10) expected more of this phase,

    Climax Phase - » (10/10) high tension,

    Ending - » (9/10) very satisfactory,

    We have the necessary amount of progress for the end of this storyline, some status positions changed. Hard to say what was filler, but I didn´t appreciated Apollo moment wandering in space. The Storyline conclusion is very satisfactory for one of the best storylines in BSG. The only flaw I notice or I think that strange is how six escape without being noticed and was able to get her revenge.

    Details/Progress (To point A to B) -» (10/10) perfect for the development of the previous episodes,

    Time and Scene Management - » (9/10) almost fine,

    Plot Details/Holes- » (8/10) one flaw that even the writers don´t have an explanation,

    Storyline -» (10/10) all the happening fits well,

    This is the type of episode where the tension is very high and the drama follows the same path.

    Drama - » (9/10) nice drama and touching moments,

    Suspense/Tension - » (10/10) the best tension they could deliver,

    Overall, this episode didn´t disappoint and the conclusion is very satisfactory.moreless

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    A victory..

    By Parricida, Jun 07, 2010

    Oh yes, finally - a major victory and it was not only on the against Cylon. The managed to solve their difference between them and the help came from place least expected - from Cylon. On the moment they scene where the Admiral went alone on that room and there was noone, it was so sure that the cylon woman will come and solve their problem and gets her revenge.

    I most say I loved the whole tension between commanders and their assassins. Starbuck being on that role and Lee out of action. She, willing to do it, even if everything in her was against killing and when Adama said - stand down.. I think those were the best words for her then.

    And the scene on the corridor when they both are going on missions - two selected officers to kill other.. that was great.

    Great tension, great visual effect - the battle was impressive and the end - something i think was coming a long time.moreless

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    The first time BSG let me down.

    By classicliberal2, Jun 07, 2010

    The Pegasus storyline really was a great piece of work, overall, but the ending let me down, and let me down hard.

    One of the things that had always made BSG special--in fact, I would call it one of BSG's defining elements--is that it never took the easy way out of any situation. There are no magic bullets, and the creators acted as though they were absolutely allergic to the tired old cliche's we so often get from television in general and these sorts of programs in particular. They seemed to take great delight, in fact, in loudly skewering as many of them as possible.

    That all began to change with the ending of this episode. As the storyline had already established, Admiral Cain is dangerously unstable, and, commanding a ship more powerful than Galactica, a direct threat to the entire fleet that already faces an ongoing threat of extermination. Adama and Cain both realize this galaxy ain't big enough for the both of 'em, and plot to kill one another. Adama is quite disturbed by this, but, with an eye toward protecting the fleet, comes to accept it as a necessary evil.

    All good stuff.

    Then, we get to the conclusion of the episode, and, at the moment of truth, Adama and Cain both back down, calling off their respective murder plots. In the case of Cain, the decision not to assassinate Adama is absolutely inexplicable--she's been portrayed as a monstrous maniac, neck-deep in blood, who has slaughtered anyone who stood in her path. One suspects her decision not to kill was dictated solely by the producers' wish to avoid having Adama kill her. At the same time, Adama's decision, in the face of all logic, not to kill her is plainly dictated by the desire, by the producers, to keep her blood off his hands. That's why it's so disappointing--BSG had, until that point, never backed down from that sort of ugly business. It's why the show has worked so well. It is a cop-out of the first order.

    And it doesn't resolve a situation that must be resolved. The logic that led Adama to his decision to kill Cain in unassailable, and, weak-kneed producers or not, the problem still remained. Cain was extremely dangerous; her continued existence threatened the continued existence of everyone in the fleet, including her own crew.

    So BSG's creators once again take the easy way out; to keep the blood of the hands of our heroes, they have the Cylon prisoner on Pegasus escape and kill her.

    Very disappointing, on every level. And it wasn't the end of bad creative decisions in the second season, either.moreless

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    Look at all the pretty spaceships

    By montaigne61, Jun 07, 2010

    I'm having a little bit of review fatigue here, but I'll try to express my intense astonishment with the quality of this episode as best I can.

    Apollo and Baltar somehow managed to make themselves the focus of this episode, despite one of them being locked (by choice) in a cell and the other floating helplessly in space. And then in the background there's this spectacular battle being waged. A lesser show would have focused on the battle, and paid little heed to the existential stuggles of some little pilot. Heck, I don't even like Apollo, and somehow this episode made me care what was happening with him.

    And then Baltar's less appealing side begins to show. Apparently, falling in love with a Cylon torture victim deprived him of his reason and prompted him to give his enemy a gun and let her loose. How does this fit into his plans for self-preservation? Please, don't turn Baltar into some sort of love-sick idiot. The guy's supposed to be a genius or something.

    Admiral Adama, eh? So this isn't Star Trek, where Riker is totally happy being Number 1 for seven years? Good.

    Okay, I'll bring this abortion of a review to a close now. God Save the President. President Roslin, that is.moreless

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    One of the best episodes.

    By kingrich06, Jun 08, 2008

    One thing I really didn’t like is that the season was split into two. First I had to wait a few months then watch it. I also didn’t like they split up the DVD set to 2.0 and 2.5. I think what the suits or whoever is in charge of this atrocious. If it wasn’t for the fact I am a serious fan I would have stopped watching the series. Now this is the conclusion of a two parter and the action really heats up very well. I like how Starbuck does the planning of this mission and how her out of the box thinking helps once again like the previous attack on the cylon fuel planet. The director take time to show each side their views and how much of it they think is right. Great suspense and awesome last 10 minutes.moreless

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    Great episode.

    By sfviewer, Aug 27, 2006

    Now, the attack will happen on the cylon fleet. it's really cool to see cylon ships getting destroyed. the space battle was a very big one, and presented in a very spectacular way. this is what makes galactica so good, it's with the huge space battles. the vipers go into action, seeing them do manuevers we haven't seen before is a real treat. we see baltar again with his unusual behavior. He provides some comic relief to this episode's very high tension. Adama and Cain holds out their plans to take out each other, but then a cool twist takes place.moreless

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