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    By TrueTvWatcher, Jan 24, 2012

    Revelations was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Battlestar Galactica because the final four Cylons were revealed to every one and it was interesting to see reactions and how things played out. As acting President, Lee Adama made some difficult decisions. Watching every one try to debate and reason with D'Anna was cool. I really liked her in this episode. Every one eventually agrees to work together and it was great to watch. The space scenes were excellent and so was the acting. I liked the ending thought it was kind of sad. After all this time, and all this way, Earth isn't what everyone had imagined. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!moreless

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    In a word -- disappointing.

    By UnimatrixOne, Oct 18, 2011

    I guess I'm in the minority, because I was disappointed with this episode. [SPOILER ALERT] Yes, the standoff with the cylons was extremely exciting and suspenseful, but there were two major problems with this episode that ruined it for me.

    First was Admiral Adama's breakdown. Yes, EJO's acting was brilliant, but the notion that Adama would completely fall apart over Tigh's revelation was simply ludicrous. Think about it: this is a man who lived through the complete annihilation of human civilization, and even when he thought his son was dead (in the miniseries) he didn't lose his composure. Now, in this episode, the humans and cylons are in the midst of a standoff with the fate of the human race hanging in the balance, and Adama completely falls apart, gets drunk, and collapses into a sobbing heap just because his friend admits he's a cylon?? Give me a break! The second problem with this episode is the ending. So they find Earth and it's a nuclear wasteland. So what? What exactly are we supposed to hope happens next? The humans and cylons seem to be friends now, so there's no conflict there anymore. They've found Earth. There's no immediate crisis to overcome. So I have no idea what we're supposed to hope for or who we're supposed to root for. Normally, in a season finale there is some kind of crisis or conflict that leaves you hungering to find out what happens next. The end of season 2 saw the cylons occupy New Caprica (which we knew would lead to horrifying consequences). The end of season 1 saw Adama shot (leaving us dying to find out what would happen next). Season 3 left us with the revelation of 4 new cylons and Starbuck's mysterious return (leaving us wondering what the 4 cylons would do and how the heck Starbuck returned). Now I have no clue what is going to happen next on BSG, and I honestly don't even care that much.

    So this episode was a HUGE let-down.moreless

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    And the finally find Earth...

    By Parricida, Sep 07, 2011

    wow. I have no words for this episode - it was stunning. I had heard so much good about it and was waiting it but I was not ready for that.

    First the situation they find it - D'Anna has taken all people has hostage and want final four (or three and Troi comes without problem). Adama has to makes hard decition and that leads to events that really are mind blowing - Tigh stands forward in order to save the fleet and those humans aboard Cylon baseship.. A music or something hits on again and before Tyrol and Sam are arrested, they let Starbuck know - that her viper is the key - and then when all is solved in very intense and nerve wrecking moment, they jump to Earth - to find a wasteland..

    Just a brilliant episode!moreless

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    well done season final, though it did seemed rushed through because of the writer's strike

    By guyroy1971, Sep 07, 2011

    Like others on here, I also felt the episode had too much info and too many revelations. The final four revealed and getting to earth all in one episode was too much. It is no secret for us fans that the writer's strike played havoc with the show, and there was talk of ending the show after this episode if the strike dragged on. It had the feel of an emergency series final.

    On the plus side, I don not agree with the reviewers that didn't like th actual content. I am sensig old star trek fandom here in a bad way where people are not satisfied with anything. The acting was again superb an I thought the ending with a decimated earth was a perfect fit for the bleak tone of the show. For years, charaters kept saying "all this has happened before" and this was the payoff of that line. It indeed did happen before. This fictional universe has only two characters the fleet and the cylons. There are no aliens, no hope of others riding to the rescue. If there was another society on this earth, it would ruin (for me) the empty universe feel of the show, which is one of the things I liked about it and was most intriging. There are no earth battleships to fight the cylons, or vulcans or klingons. There is only the survivors and the cylons. The season ending earth reveal was consistent with the series and reflected the whole premise of the show, and so I liked it. The colonials and the cylons both learned there is no fresh start or second chances. They reached their goal and they now know they frakked it up here on earth too.moreless

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    The mid-season finale grandly sets the stage for the final batch. It is a perfect opportunity to look back on the series and how far everything -- and everyone -- has come. Some journeys are only beginning, but for others, we've a bittersweet conclusion.

    By pureWasted, Jul 16, 2010

    Revelations may be only the mid-season finale for Battlestar Galactica's final season, but it unmistakably heralds the end of our journey. In many ways, some journeys have already been completed, and the episode's subtle and not-so-subtle nods in these directions are breathtaking and tragic. In light of the series' impending conclusion, the slightest of moments become bittersweet and meaningful, while the grandest boast proudly, "The face of this series has changed forever." As the Cylons and Colonials seem bent on mutual destruction, Col Tigh takes matters into his own hands and tells Adama the truth, offering himself as a sacrifice on the altar of truth and justice and the Colonial way. The moment is perfect, from the heartbreaking acting of Michael Hogan (noble to the last) and Edward James Olmos (in one of his rare displays of emotion), to the swelling music, and this being the mid-season finale of the final season, all bets are off.

    But for every grand moment, there is one just as beautiful in its subtlety. Chief Tyrol, one of the most quietly self-assured characters throughout the first three seasons, is broken and re-made in season 4 into a lost wreck, reminiscent of The Dark Knight's Joker, at odds with the insanity of the entire world. Anders has the audacity to be surprised by the guards that come for him, but Tyrol laughs, appreciating the bitter irony of the situation. His haggard nod to Tigh is another understated, powerful moment, thanks to the reserved acting of Aaron Douglas.

    The tension builds with expert precision... Tigh in the airlock alone seems doomed, yet when Anders and Tyrol join him, their safety in numbers is assured. Nobody would kill off three major characters with untold stories in one fell swoop -- so Anders and Tyrol are forced to leave, once again raising the stakes. Tigh yells, "What are you waiting for Apollo, do it!" and for a split-second the death of this tragic character is imminent, unavoidable, and wholly appropriate.

    Before the choir-accompanied arrival at Earth is complete, however, another of the series' journeys is finally over: D'Anna repeats the religious mantra "All this has happened before," and Lee takes a bold step, replying, "But it doesn't have to happen again." And then the scene that everybody's been talking about since Revelations aired... its mind-frakking value is off the charts. It artistic beauty as a single, lasting image, is iconic. And the subtle moments it leaves us with are frightening -- for years we have watched these characters on their admirable search for a home they never knew, and now they are presented with the reality that that search had been for nothing. The sacrifices made have been for nothing. As we watch the characters adjust to their lot, clinging to each other when it seems they have nothing left (Tori's hopeless gesture; Caprica coming to Tigh's side), it's the embittered Tyrol that has the last, empty laugh.moreless

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    WOW factor 10! BSG works on so many levels

    By RustyTweeter, Jul 10, 2010

    I sooo totally love BSG. This episode left my jaw on the floor (twice no less). I feel that BSG should have been longer (5 seasons), and that the 4th has been a little rushed so far, but I LOVE it totally. Nothing compares to the excellent story telling, the perfect acting, the superb effects, and indeed the total product. Can't wait for the DVD season release. I keep getting non sci fi viewers to tune in as it works on so many levels. God bless Sci Fi (and Sky in UK for showing it) for this wondrous re-imagining! (Yes, I have a Cylon background screen on my PC - but hey - its excellent :D)moreless

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    I will never watch another episode of this show. Trite, predictable, nonsensical and for the least common denominator of viewers with low expectations and the easily amused.

    By BeerMan5000, Jul 29, 2008

    This episode was a travesty. This show has been in steady decline since season 3 began and after this craptacular episode I won't be watching any of the remaining 12.

    What really bothers me about this, is the same thing that kept me from watching the show when it first began to air:

    the Sci-Fi channel is practically a burn victim ward of bad writing and poor production values.

    In the first 2 seasons of this show, I heard so many of my friends sing it's praises that I put all that prejudice against the Sci-fi channel aside. I wondered to myself: Could it be that somehow the upper management and producers on this channel finally got it through their anemic little heads regarding bad writing that stretches not only the imagination but the ability to suppress a gag reflex is actually a BAD IDEA? How could they possibly follow such a colossal blunder like canceling Firefly with such a fantastically good idea like BSG?

    I watched and loved the first two seasons, every episode was a masterpiece and the writing was amazing. I couldn't believe the show was actually a Sci-Fi channel product!!! I let my guard down.

    Then something familiar happened in season 3... the show hit a turning point somewhere, somehow, the show started to suck. The writing became bland and predictable. The show stopping gasps of revelation and amazement were replaced with literally show-stopping gasps of horror... wherein I turned off the TV mid-episode and was horrified.

    I had hoped season 4 would repair all the damage from season 3. it didn't. This episode clinched it. I won't even justify this review with spoilers, it was just bad. Predictable in all the wrong places and unpredictably non-sensical in all the others. The first two seasons made this show with jaw dropping, gut wrenching moments where new and more awful secrets were revealed, the second two seasons destroyed this show by just making the new secrets awful in all the wrong ways.moreless

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    Shoot me stab me hang me but I felt let down.

    By logossun, Jun 27, 2008

    I know, I know, it's the crescendo, right? Two races, same goal, Right? Earth is finally here, right? It's the best show on television, and I felt let down.

    First of all, the pacing of it was WAY too quick. Monumental things happened every 10 minutes while in the past we had to sit through whole episodes of nothing happening. The truce with the Cylons, the "Earth is here" speech, it was done "matter-of-factly", probably feeling the pressure of having to wrap it up before the season break. These scenes should have had a lot more weight than they had, that's all. A 2 hour finale done in one hour.

    And then there was Earth itself.

    Now, I'm sure half of you HAD to groan at the site; not ANOTHER post-apocalyptic Planet-of-the-Apes type script! There was SO much they could have done with this; so many time periods, so many surprises... And we get this.

    Not that the writers can't dig us out of this; not that the season was bad by any stretch of the imagination; it's just that I was maybe caught in that web of expecting too much.moreless

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    Fantastic and shocking. Where can they go from here?!

    By DarthUltima, Jun 26, 2008

    What a fantastic finale. Utterly fantastic. They get to their destination half a season early and find it in complete shambles. Where the shows goes from here, who knows? But it was a great job at keeping the show fresh and exciting!

    The acting was at its best in this episode. The ones who really shined though were Edward James Olmos, Michael Hogan, and Jamie Bamber. The entire cast though was all just really great. Lots of really good facial expressions from the cheif in this episode, and everyone's reactions to the big reveal at the end was also well-done.

    I guess the one thing you can say against this episode was that the pacing was a litte weird, and it felt a tad choppy and likely would have served better as an hour and a half episode instead. But overall...simply an amazing finale.moreless

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