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    Six of One

    By TrueTvWatcher, Jan 22, 2012

    Six of One was another perfect episode of Battlestar Galactica with its stellar space scenes, phenomenal acting, and superb story writing. It was so awesome to see more of the Cylons and learn more about them. Their story played out in a really cool way and I can't wait to see more. What the Six did in the end was so awesome!!! Starbuck holds to her way and is confined, though in the end the Admiral lets her search for Earth, meanwhile Apollo decides not to re-enlist and has a farewell ceremony. There were many intense character driven scenes with great revelations. The story lines are intriguing and engaging. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!moreless

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    Starbuck lose's it. Lee is leaving. The Cylon's have a big problem. The four are so lost they need a map and a flashlight.

    By kruptedseed, Jan 08, 2011

    Starbuck kicks us off, by pointing a gun at the president. Then reminds her about what she did. The arrow ,the plant and all the people who died following her visions. Then she tells the president if you think i'm a cylon, then shoot me. then offer's the gun to the president. Who shoots, but misses (WOW) Then she is hauled off to the brigg, kicking and screaming. The final four thinks Baltar may be one of them or he may know something about who it may be. So, they pimped out Tory Foster to pump him for answers. (wink,wink) Apollo is leaving and he is given a hero's send off. We get to see Adama get drunk and have it out just a little bit with the president. The Cylon's are have really big problem.

    They are fighting with each other. In the end four of the models will lose. It looks like civil war. The hole show is just filled with emotion for begining to end. In the end Adama and Lee believe Starbuck. An Adama just can not bear to lose her again. So, he tells Starbuck that he has pick out a crew, and then gives her a ship and tells her to go find Earth...moreless

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    The goodbyes in the episode parallel those that the cast and crew will be saying as the show wraps later this year. Perhaps an early farewell party for the close-knit group behind BSG? A melancholy episode with a touch of humor too.

    By 123home123, Jan 08, 2011

    This episode is almost like the real-life goodbyes that the cast will be saying soon, as they wrap up the show this summer. :( I think those goodbye scenes had much more meaning because of the show's approaching end. The cast and crew have been working together for 5 years now, going through a lot of emotional struggles with the deep, dark storylines, and the emotional highs of seeing the praise and success of the series. I'm betting some of those tears weren't just acting.

    Now onto the story itself... (spoilers below)

    I wasn't sure where Kara's story was going even until the very end. (Glad I didn't read any spoilers ahead of time.) This is a masterful plot development. I was wondering how they would be able to keep Kara on the Galactica and maintain interest in her story. It would have gotten boring quickly just to see her in a cell screaming "We're going the wrong way" every episode. Now she will be a lone explorer like the original Starbuck in the final episode of Galactica 1980. This may also begin a throwback to the split episodes of Season 1 and the first episodes of Season 2, when we switched back and forth between the Fleet and Cylon-occupied Caprica (Helo and Sharon's story). Season 4 will have a much different feel because of this. Will Kara ever see the rest of the fleet again? I'm not sure. How would she ever find the Galactica again? How would she be able to catch up to the fleet, even if she knew where to go?

    Lee is also breaking all of his old ties as he transitions into a civilian role. Maybe he will become the new president if Roslin dies or becomes incapacitated. This development upends his character and throws him into completely new situations, just like the new story changes Kara's path completely. Even though Lee was involved with Baltar's trial defense, that was only a temporary role. Now he will be working as a civilian full-time.

    Some of the old "No more Mr. Nice Gaius!" humor returned with the appearance of "Head Baltar." I don't think it was Head Six in disguise. Head Baltar's visit indicates that the imaginary person is either a dark side of Baltar's personality or an external being, and not just a mix-up of Baltar and Number Six from the nuclear blast on Caprica.

    I have to say that the sex scene with Tory was pretty hot. A nice bit of spice for the episode. She gave up some of her pride in seeking the information about Baltar, but it's the first time we've truly had a glimpse into Tory's soul and heart. Until now, we've only seen her advising Roslin and meeting with the other Final Four members. She really grew as a character in this episode. We've never seen her in such an intimate setting. Even her scene with Anders last season wasn't very personal or revealing. That was almost a throwaway scene. Not this time. I just wish the actors could have whispered a little louder so that it was easier to understand that scene, but that's a minor quibble.

    This episode was a little more ponderous than the season premiere. Maybe they could have moved through Lee's story more quickly or cut down a scene or two. However, it was still a very good episode, just not as outstanding as "He That Believeth in Me" was. This final season is shaping up very nicely.moreless

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    Normal service (Pure Awesomeness) has now resumed.

    By The-A-Man, Jan 08, 2011

    After the travesty of an episode last week, this one has made me believe once more in the franchise. Not much happened, but the dialogues and scenes were fracking fantastic.

    I'll be honest - I wept at least 3 times in this episode - one when Lee is given his drinking send off, two when everybody salutes him and three, when Adama hugs Starbuck. That is pure genius - I have *never* wept over any tv before, and this show has made me into a blubbering idiot - right from that first moment when Adama told Lee in season "If it was you we would never have left".

    Starbuck does not shoot the president, but gives her the gun. In turn the president fires on Kara at close range and *misses*. pathetic. Guards intervene, Adama yells at her, talks to president, has his doubts, and finally covertly lets her go find Earth again on a borrowed sewage treatment ship.

    Also, the scene between Roslin and Adama was a power-packed one. The two titans of the fleet spoke their hearts and really did justice to a powerful script. I loved Adama's line "You can stay in the room, but stay out of my fracking head!".

    Lee kisses the Galactica goodbye to work for Zarek (why, oh why?). Seems like a promising storyline, though.

    The Cylons are *really* convincing me now. They get excited about the last 5, but are warned not to openly discuss it. Then, 6 organises a coup to stop the raiders being lobotomised, by giving the centurions their own free will. Needless to say, the centurions are pissed and kill those models who voted in favour of the procedure. Strangely - Boomer votes against all her other models. An unprecedented step, and one that I hope gets her smug ass shot.

    Were it not for their annoying God line, I think I would be fully behind the cylons.

    Gaius is boring as ever. I cannot believe they got Tori to sleep with him, and to make matters worse, he starts seeing himself instead of number 6. For crying out loud - I already know he is a narcissistic frack, so why take away the only reason I bother watching Gaius scenes? Unfair.moreless

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    "Overall, another tremendously enjoyable hour from the final season of what has to be one of the best TV series of all time. Gripping, intense, funny and action packed, it rarely gets better than this."

    By MovieMark, Jan 08, 2011

    "Six of One" (love the title!) continues to assure fans everywhere that this show won't be reaching its big bang through various whimpers, oh no: we're getting explosive material and some of the best story developments the show has ever offered up. Ok, so you might think I'm exaggerating, and I'm willing to point out this isn't the best episode ever, but since there's an underlining certainty of when the show will be coming to an end, the stories carry that extra bit of threat value; and considering most of the plot points that were promised a season ago are coming to fruition, there's genuine payoff from the fans' perspective (take that, followers of Lost!).

    The opening sequence didn't quite pan out the way I expected it to and for that I'm grateful. Expecting some compromise to occur, I suddenly realised it was Battlestar Galactica I was watching, so of course Roslin took the shot! Both Katee and Mary do a fantastic job in these few scenes, especially Katee who really gives it her all. As has been pointed out in the recent episode thread, the show is very self-aware, and I simply loved how Kara chastised Roslin over searching for the arrow because of a vision Roslin supposedly had. Is the favour repaid? Not at all. And I thoroughly enjoyed these characters addressing that point face-to-face like it should be.

    I always enjoy when the show enlightens us on the Cylon side of things (one of the reasons why I loved season three); and the conflict between all of the numbers was a gripping, insightful look into the gradual deformation of the Cylon race. Pity Lucy Lawless couldn't have appeared, just to give the story a bit more weight, but it was definitely intriguing seeing one of the Boomer's go against her own model. Fascinating stuff altogether. And wow - how amazing did Tricia look in this episode. A stunning woman in every sense of the word who manages to outdo her special-k attire, by appearing how she actually looks, and she's 10 times the hotness for it. Wow.

    Whoops, had a bit of a guy moment there.

    You know you're in love with this show if you recalled Boomer's treatment of the Raider in season one when No.1 said something like "They're fighters, not pets" - it's interesting how each number views one another. With Boomer and Six embracing the "human" aspect the Cylons have been craving, with the rest opting to mechanise themselves and their Raiders further. Of course, the denouement is an excellent one, with No.1 eating his own words and the bullets of the centurions (will Six suffer the same fate soon enough since they have the ability to reason?). The idea of a centurion rebellion is a truly wicked prospect!

    The four of the final five - ya know, I almost pity them. It's interesting how sinister these lot are behaving now. While I understand the urge to survive, how callously Tigh suggests to Tory she bed Baltar for information was almost as chilling as his season three suicide bomber days. Does he intend to do whatever's necessary - pick off any possible threats on the fleet? Who knows… this story is one I'd gladly allow the writers to milk for a while, because it's fun watching these desperate toasters plan their own survival. It's intense.

    ~~ Other moments like Roslin and Adama's chat about Kara and mortality was beautifully handled; Lee's goodbye scene was cheesy, sure, but a good 'un all the same; and, of course, one of my favourite parts - the old man giving Kara her own ship to prove everyone wrong. Woohoo! It's fitting really, to have Kara journey by herself for a while, as she has always been the lone-wolf, and it'll make for a nice change of pace, too (what with cutting to Lee on the civilian fleet; Galactica, and then the Cylon base, and where Kara ends up), it'll be fun to see it all mixed up and eventually reform and link as one story again.

    Overall, another tremendously enjoyable hour from the final season of what has to be one of the best TV series of all time. Gripping, intense, funny and action packed, it rarely gets better than this.moreless

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  • 9.5

    Go Starbuck!!!! Yet another great episode for setting the scene for things to come.

    By annpo, Jan 08, 2011

    There's so much happening with Lee leaving the military and Starbuck 'losing the way' that it's easy to forget that we have 4 new cylons to deal with. Tigh seems to be a bad tempered sod whether he knows he's a Cylon or not which is a bit unfortunate. I would have welcomed a 'new' Tigh, one who engaged his brain and didn't just react. Oh well.

    As For Starbuck? She really really rocks in this ep. She said to Laura Roslin exactly what I've been thinking. Ie. Why does everyone find it so easy to follow a politician who has religious 'visions' and but can't take the leap of faith required to believe that Kara has been to Earth?

    I never really realized until this ep how much I actually loathe Laura Roslin. She is everything I hate about politicians. She's smug, arrogant, and more than ever before gives the impression she can't conceive the possibility that she's wrong about Starbuck; and I think Bill Adama saw that too.

    All in all, this was an exceptional episode, and Katee Sackhoff outshone everyone else in her portrayal of the dreadful frustration she's feeling.

    Everything about this episide was brilliantly done, from the writers to the director and of course the actors. All were fantastic.

    Oh, and I nearly forgot - the Cylons are revolting! Really, they are. It was great seeing Cavill, Simon and Doral get theirs. Six (happy birthday Tricia Helfer) is fabulous in this and it's always wonderful seeing the Centurions - they're miles better than the old clunkers in the original series (well, let's face it, this incarnation of BSG is galaxies ahead of the original in every way - the first one was done just for fun, but this one's for real).moreless

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  • 9.7

    starbuck tries to convince roslin that she's telling the truth about where earth is located .Lee prepares to leave galactica and the seven cylons learn that the final five are in the coloinal fleet.

    By montogma23, Jan 08, 2011

    This was a fantastic episode that had some major character development going. The scene between starbuck and roslin shows just how hypocritical roslin has become since she delcared herself the "dying leader." The fact that roslin shot kara and missed has to mean something.

    The adama/roslin scene was incredible.Drunk adama was great.Really liked the fact that he gave it to roslin.

    Lee's departure from galactica was hard to watch.The send off was fantastic.Great that we got some lee/dee closure"Well, looks like you get to keep the house." had to have been one of the best lines of the whole episode.

    The characters that had the most development in this episode was not the humans or the cylon models(although natalie(six)/leoben/ and sharon models had some major development) but the cylon centurions.For the first time we see them taking a stand for themselves and fighting for what THEY believe in and not being controlled by anyone but themselves.Looks like the cylons centurions and the raiders are becomming self-aware and you can bet that a cylon rebellion is not to far behind because of it.

    All in all, it was one of the BSG's best episodes.moreless

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    Something has changed....

    By Femvamp, Jan 08, 2011

    Something has changed...that is the theme of the episode. The dynamic of the Cylons have changed. For the first time there is real dissention among the Cylons. One of the Sharons has turned against others. The raiders have been dumbed down and the Centurians have been given free will. There is dissention among Roslin and Adama. They are both afraid of losing each other and of being wrong. Something has changed between them and they are fighting over what to do about Starbuck. Four of the final five have been revealed and they know something has changed but they aren't sure what and they are try desperately to keep there secrets. Tigh sends Tory off to get info from Baltar and she has sex with him when he talks about hearing music.

    Something has changed for Lee as well. He wants a change and has decided to search out a new life.

    The overriding theme of the episode is, something has changed, but has it changed for the better....or the worse?moreless

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  • 9.3

    I love this show with my whole heart. It's captivating, exciting thought-provoking, and makes me feel emotions that run the whole range of the emot-o-meter.

    By kris911rt, Jan 08, 2011

    This particular episode left me with a broken heart. Kara's anguish is palpable, as is Adama's clear desire to believe her. Roslin's quiet suffering is agonizing, and yet she remains dignified even as her life ebbs away. The scene between her and a druken Adama was painful and very sad - the cruel things they said to each other made me cringe. And her being left sitting alone, her hair falling out in clumps as she silently sobs was profound. A very heart-wrenching moment.

    Another beautifully written episode that the talented cast clearly took to heart and gave stunning performances that broke my heart. I'm not entirely sure where the show is going to take us next, but I'm definitely looking forward to the ride!moreless

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  • 2.8

    I saw someone else gave this a 3 and am so grateful not to be alone.

    By pthc400, Jan 08, 2011

    I loved this show for the first 2 seasons, since then it has steadily gone down hill and these two episodes have just been it wallowing in its own filth.

    tryin to compare intuition with rational thought by bringing violent terrorist acts.

    manipulative emotional moments with no basis in background story

    gratuitous sex

    gratuitous violence

    meaningless dialogue with violence replacing any significant interaction between characters

    cliffhangers that are dry and exploitive, I dont care if there is another frigging cylon hiding somewhere. We covered all that in season one. Just more of the same.

    i truly fear there is no hope for this show. Give me a reason to keep watching, please.moreless

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