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    The Eye of Jupiter

    By TrueTvWatcher, Jan 18, 2012

    The Eye of Jupiter was a perfect and brilliantly produced episode of Battlestar Galacitca and I really enjoyed watching this episode because it was rich with depth and character development. This episode seems like a keystone bringing every thing together. The Eye of Jupiter is in the Temple of the Five, and D'Anna or number Three is searching for the Final Five Cylons, and to possibly see the face of God, I wonder if there is any connection. The ideas that this episode made me think of were awesome and I can't wait to see how things play out. I love watching the Cylons deliberate and debate. It was cool to see Admiral Adama and President Roslin interacting over what was happening and the same with Apollo and Anders. I look forward to watching the next episode to see what happens next!!!!!!!!!moreless

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    Great Episode but this series could be better

    By jomomister, Aug 03, 2011

    This is a really nice episode after having had to sit through several mediocre or even bad ones. There are several tense story lines running through the entire 45 minutes, building up right into the "to be continued" banner. That being said, season 3 has been disappointing overall. Before I ever saw any episodes I respected the fact that BG had done their 5 seasons in a nice, tidy package and called it quits. Now that I'm halfway through the run I think they definitely could have done a tighter job. There have been too many filler episodes and just plain stinkers. I've been SUPER tired of Baltar and his Cylon Fetish for about 10 episodes.moreless

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    Food is found perhaps not the best food but at least it is food. On the algea planet while collecting yummy algea to eat. They find a temple left behind by the 13 colony on their way to earth,and the cylons are there to. To find out whats in there.

    By rjweidn123, Mar 16, 2011

    With episodes like this is there any question that this is, was, and will continue to be the best that cable has to offer for quite some time. A delite after all those time killing back story episodes that have served more as a filler than to move the story forward.

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    This is more like it

    By folanjo, Jul 06, 2010

    I said in a previous review that this looked like it was going to kick off soon. Boy was I right. Well paced episode which ended with a few cliff hangers. The acting was superb and the interaction between the characters really worked. It actually bought to light that it hadn't been up to now.

    The storyline is a good one. Although I wish the whole Apollo/Starbuck thing would run its course. Still it made for a good stand off at the end between Sam and Lee. A whole platoon of cylons was seen for pretty much the first time ever. Looks like there is more of a budget available this series!moreless

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    And on the most important moment we got: "To be continued.."

    By Parricida, Jul 06, 2010

    Oh.. It was an episode what was really starting to catch my attention - there was so much potential and some really good storylines with many questions going on.

    First Tyrol - he found the temple.. Why and how? He just went and as he said, he feels like.. he belongs there.. that's an interesting development.

    Then the whole mess with Starbuck, Lee, Sam and Dee.. it's quite weird to watch but when Starbuck came down.. and.. mm.. I do not know - it definetly adds some drama but..

    And then the whole thing on ships: D'Anna and Gaius on their own little things and how the just left Carpica.. and then Cylons aboard Galactica, Boomer versus Shannon.. and the truth about the child.. and the Cylons offering Gaius as a part of a deal.. that was funny.

    And the ending.. it really got so exploding and then.. those lines.. see you next week.moreless

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  • 9.5

    Plenty of suspense and action. Worth watching.

    By kingrich06, Nov 28, 2008

    The biggest problem the third season had until this point of the story was the single non spanning episodes. This changed with this episode and it show why this series is so great. The is by far one of the best episodes of the season. Other than Exodus two parter, this one is up there in terms of quality and action. The thought of everyone eating just algae reminds me on what fish just survive on and on their way of processing this, the Chief find a temple. I like there is a standoff between Galactica and the Cylon fleet. For once its not a shoot first affair. There is a lot of storylines put together or completed in this episode. If you only watch a few episodes per season this one should be one of them.moreless

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  • 9.5

    These boys sure know how to make cliffhanger.

    By FrakkingFrakker, Feb 15, 2007

    This was a cleverly plotted and complexity filled episodes. Most of the major cast, and even many of the supporting cast were given nice meaty things to do, all leading to one heck of a tense ending which made the month plus wait for the second part almost unendurable.

    One thing that always interests me is the texture changes, mostly through filtering and color correcting I'm sure. They give each planet a distinct look without making them look too alien. It's always a nice touch.

    I need to give this episode points for how it increases the tension with each act break. Upping the ante not only emotionally but visually in a very nicely constructed plot.

    I was very fond of this episode and I expect to watch it again real soon, looking for more details.

    Great work!moreless

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    I was so thrilled at how well written this episode was.

    By EmprerNero, Feb 06, 2007

    How often do you sit and watch an episode so intently looking for any kind of clues to the questions running through your head. Almost never. This one had me on the edge of my seat all the way through, mostly from the writing, but also from SciFi Channel's excellent advertising about "one will die, one will find out their a Cylon." At first I thought I had it all figured out, Tyrol was the Cylon and Sam was going to die, but right at the end, all the way up to the very end, they threw a twist I never even thought of. Kara!moreless

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  • 9.0

    The Chiefs character gets some development in this cliff-hanger episode. Granted he had his share in on New Caprica running the resistance and sitting on that kangaroo court in Collaborators.

    By pashao, Jan 31, 2007

    This episode delved into the Chiefs past and highlighted just why he is anti religion. Despite those beliefs it was as if he was tuned into the temple, like it was calling to him. I wonder if the writers will go any further with this. I am not much of a shipper anymore but I’ve always liked the Sharon/Agathon relationship and was glad that it was allowed to continue after the first season. The relationships that irate me more and more with each episode are the Apollo/Dualla ship and the Apollo/Starbuck ship. I am not a Starbuck fan and dislike the idea that she married Anders the day after she bedded Apollo. She is a total mind bender and anyone getting involved with her needs there head tested. When Starbuck's raptor went down I was part of me was hoping she’d bitten the big one. Then I realised without her in the show I wouldn’t have anyone to dislike. So she serves that purpose.

    As far as Dualla and Apollo are concerned the relationship is a joke. It was rushed and forced upon us and we are expected to buy into it. Dualla may have feelings for Apollo but I don’t for one minute believe that she was anything serious to him. Thrace may not want to divorce her husband but I hope Apollo has the decency to set his wife free. She deserves better than this. On another shipper note Lucy Lawless's character D’Anna manages to get herself involved in some girl on girl action as part of a love triangle with Baltar and Number Six. I wonder if that was a nod to her Xena days. Okay enough of the shipper stuff. This episode was a good one. When Adama prepped the weapons to launch I really believed he would go through with it despite the fact that Lee was on the planet below. Great cliff-hanger.moreless

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