The Ties That Bind

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  • 6.5

    Soundtrack 4, Story 8

    By JamieMarie3, Mar 14, 2015

    Good story. Callie discovers the four secret Cylons and despairs, the Sixes give cognitive functioning to the Centurion toasters while the Raiders are dummied down, Cylons engage in civil war, Starbuck searches for Earth, Roslin keeps secrets (with "cross my heart and hope to die" intensity), Lee Adama joins the Quorum, representing Caprica, and Tom Zalek attempts to inform and manipulate him.

    All these story threads were engrossing, except for the constant drama that surrounds Starbucks. I thought she had found inner peace after she laid her mother to rest. Guess not. In this episode, she was hateful to Anders, on Demetrius. Ugh.

    My take on the music is based only on personal preference. First, I love the takeo drums (sp?) at the beginning of each episode. In some episodes, I've heard almost the sound of bagpipes, which I enjoyed. I also liked the episodes with recurring echoes of All Along the Watchtower.

    However, the music of this episode -- like many others -- got on my nerves. I had to mute some non-speaking scenes because the music is so unpleasant to my ears. I'm not sure, but the twangy instruments sound like a sitar and an electric violin, etc. The soundtrack makes me think of constant mourning and wailing. Granted, there is plenty of reason to despair, but it gets heavy on my soul.moreless

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  • 10

    The Ties That Bind

    By TrueTvWatcher, Jan 23, 2012

    The Ties That Bind was a perfect and explosively entertaining episode of Battlestar Galactica with one shocking moment or surprise after another. The story was awesome and really tied everything together well. The characters were all dealing with various issues, though Callie may have had the worst out of all at the time. Still suspecting Tyrol of cheating on her she finds a note with a time and place and she finds him meeting with the other three newly realized Cylons. It was cool how things played out afterwards, though sad and touching at the same time. I really wonder what will happen next. Meanwhile the Cylons seemed to all come to terms until there was another surprise and more civil unrest between the two factions over the idea to un-box the Threes. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!moreless

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  • 8.5

    well written. One minor character death. Lee is introduced to the quorum. Starbuck is lost in space. Cylons fight each other.

    By guyroy1971, Sep 02, 2011

    Strength in this episode is the cylon storyline. The writer's seem to know what to do with them now. In previous episodes, I felt they did not have an overall arc and questioned whether showing them took something away from them as villians. (mystery usually makes an antogonist more scary) It looks like they are no longer unified now that humanity has been dealt with. (which may be the point, their genocide solved nothing for them).

    Lee is now a member of the quorum, and this plot was only so-so. I do not understand where this is going yet, and still have trouble believing they would let him retire from being a pilot, since they is a shortage of experienced pilots.

    The tory storyline was above average, Cally was a minor character and they do not lose much in killing her off. Tory seems to be the most "evil" of the final five now that she knows what she is.

    Starbuck storyline is too incomplete to grade, like Lee's story, we do not know where this is going yet. Other than manipulating Anders, not much occurred.moreless

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  • 9.0


    By Parricida, Sep 02, 2011

    Oh - from the first moments that opening have very fast those some scenes from episode - and I saw Tory attacking Celly I was nailed to the screen and wandered what is going to happen. I most say - I loved the way this episode was built - it was just matter of time someone will realize the four is not the same anymore and as chief and Celly were close - it was logical and I love the way the portrayed her pain, confusion before she even learned the truth - and the way she gets closer and closer to it and when she learns it.. and the choice she makes.. They really told that kind of shock so well - to realize the man you have lived with, who is your father of your child.. is cylon. in the world they live.. I cannot.. and I realized on the moment she walked into the airlock what she is going to do- but Tori there and then pushing the button - that girl is more and more slipping away.moreless

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  • 9.0

    this episode should also be called "Cally got owned"

    By GavinGibbons, Sep 02, 2011

    in the start we see flashbacks of cally and chief very much in love, then we see that their relationship is on the rocks. cally goes to joes bar one night and thinks she see's chief cheating on her with torrie and makes a scene! after visiting Doc Cottle she gets given some pills and sympathy, however she seems to be cracking up. Later she finds a note that tigh has left for chief and follows him to a secret meeting. there she listens in and learns chief is a cylon- racked with insanity she takes the baby and goes to an airlock to kill herself, there torrie seemingly talks her out of it and takes the child off her- only to smack her upside the head and kill cally by opening the hatch on her... Another name for this episode could also of been:- "if Doc gives you pills cause he thinks you're crazy, take them" but that title would have been too long, a good endinf for the character Cally though .moreless

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  • 10

    great episode

    By sfviewer, Sep 02, 2011

    On galactica, reporters are curious about the freighter ship that was sent out to search for a way to earth. cally becomes jealous with tyrol talking to tory in the mess hall. a cylon ship gets attacked by other ships when they see number six as a threat. it's a really exciting episode, this episode takes the story and the characters to uncharted territory. we're not sure what are the four hidden cylons doing or what their purpose inside galactica. it's a very exciting episode, i can't wait for the next one. the writers are able to raise to suspense and the roller coaster ride.moreless

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  • 7.5

    This episode had too much Callie for my taste.

    By Writer2000, Jan 16, 2011

    Let me just start out by saying that as a whole, I just didn't really care for this episode all that much because I just felt that this episode focused way too much on Callie who my opinion isn't a very important or significant character on Battlestar Galactica. I also once again found myself not really liking Starbuck's story line at all. The one story line that I did consider to be my favorite was the Cylons story line. I really wish that they had focused more on that story line because I found it very interesting. I also found myself missing Baltar since he wasn't in this episode. Another thing that bothered me about this episode was the lack of Roslin. I wish that they had featured her more and that she had had a bigger story line. In closing, this episode definitely wasn't my favorite episode of Battlestar Galactica, and I'm really hoping that the next one focuses mainly on the main cast members and that the next episode is a lot better than this one.moreless

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  • 9.6

    frak me

    By n00bguy, Jan 16, 2011

    Wow, that's all I can say for this episode, it was very heavy and the finale kept me on the edge of my fake leather coach. It was a very revealing and pivotal episode fore shadowing events to come. Though there were some bad parts. Like how Kara kept on fraking saying frak every fraking minute of the fraking episode that she was fraking in. Other than that this was the best episode yet (this season) and they just get better and better so I'll stay and watch this to death. Overall this was a great episode and that's why I gave it a 9.1moreless

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  • 8.1

    Cally learns a secret. Roslyn's hubris grows. Zarek plays games.

    By zerbleflip, Jan 16, 2011

    Once again we have an episode that deals with the question of identity - and perception. Cally, her marriage to Tyrol already in trouble, drifts further away from him, finding comfort in drugs.

    Tory, coming to terms with the fact she is Cylon, discovers she has a new freedom...a break from her past - and a break from the moral codes she has (from what we've seen of her in the past at least) held as important. Kara continues to question who - or what - she is and in doing so, prevents Sam from completely burying his own self-doubts. Elsewhere, Roslyn continues to isolate herself from those around her. It is now very evident that following-on from the collapse of Baltar's trial, she no longer believes in the democratic process (a rather idelogical concept in the first place, given human kind's overall condition in the series), and is now certain of only her own counsel and her own ability to do what is right. Similarly, her relationship with Adama continues downhill. Not only has he voted to acquit Baltar, he has now released Kara Thrace to find Earth her way. It is easy to see this is a double blow to Roslyn, and one that may yet have deeper repercussions within the fleet. Of all the people she probably felt she could rely on to do the "right" thing where Baltar was concerned, Bill Adama must have been top of her list. What's more, for most of the final episodes of the last season, he very much appeared in full sympathy with her. Yet, at the 11th hour, her undermined her. He voted for an acquital. As Zarek says in this episode, Laura Roslyn does not forgive or forget. Again, this is reflected in the subtext of her confrontation with Adama in his cabin as they discussion Kara Thrace in "Six of One". Now, Adama has gone one step further. Not only has he should against her "politically" in voting in favour of Baltar's life, he has sent Thrace to find a potential alternate route, and in doing so has (to Roslyn) questioned both her visions and her overall leadership. The cracks in their relationship that began last season are now almost as wide as the fissures that lay between them back in the first season. Many has stated here that they don't like this episode due to the "unncessary" focus on Cally. To them I would say, go back and watch it again. Yes, Cally has never been a well-developed character (hence the belaboured re-tread of the fact she was drawn to Tyrol after he had beaten her, just in case we'd forgotten). But even allowing for this, using Cally as a focal point for the core action cleverly raises new questions.

    For example - what of little Nicky? Until now, the only "known" human / Cylon hybrid by natural birth has been Hera. Now we have a second such child. How will this affect both humans and humano-Cylons should the new become common knowledge (if indeed the series can even contain an exploration of this arc)?

    Again, what was the purpose behind Tory's act in the Viper launch bay? OK - so it is clear that in her new "liberated" state (and following-on from her bedding by Baltar) - she has achieved a new sexual freedom (among other things). This has caused her to make a play for Tyrol on at least one occasion (Joe's bar).

    But this doesn't explain why she killed Cally. Similarly, to say that she killed Cally because the latter discovered the truth about her, Tyrol and Tigh doesn't actually work. Why? Because in neither case is there any reason for her to save baby Nicky. Yet she does. Is this because her human upbringing somehow draws a line at murdering an innocent child while at the same time rationalising the need to kill a human adult? Or is it because the Cylon in her recognises the uniqueness of Nicky, and has the same drive to protect the child as evidenced in Natalie/Six's response to Hera?

    Be interesting to see if they cimply try to bury Cally's death as "suicide", when surely the evidence must point to murder (unless Tory found some miraculous way of getting the key back into the launch bay override controls, and opening the bay to space once more without killing herself in the process).

    It's good to see Zarek back so early on. again his presence ups the ante around Roslyn. Is he once again scheming, or is he genuinely concerned? Such is the complexity of his character, one can never be entirely sure until Zarek starts playing more cards. In either case, his choice of Lee Adama as either ally (if Zerek really is concerned) or patsy (if he is again playing games) is a clever choice. Who better to further undermine Roslyn's position than the one man of influence who has, by-and-large, stood by her right from the original mini-series?

    Certainly, from his confrontations with Roslyn in the Quorum meeting, Lee seems willing to play his assigned role - be it ally or patsy. Time will tell as to which, but his is once again standing as possibly the only moral centre within the entire ensemble - doing what he believes to be right and for the good of the people. Right now, after 3 episodes, the production crew have set up a lot of questions that need to be answered if the series is to conclude with full and complete satisfaction, and it is good to see that they are not over-egging the mix: Baltar's absence in this episode was felt in many ways, but to try and shoehorn his particular arc into this episode would have been a mistake. And I know I've not touched on the Cylon arc that much...but I said a lot last time around. All I will say is, the real threat to Natalie/Six, Vallerii/Eight and Leoben/Two does not come from Cavil et is right there in their midst in the form of the free-thinking Centurions.

    All-in-all a much better episode than some might give credit for. Yes, tere are a few mis-fires within it, but overall it building strongly on "He That Believeth" and "Six of One". And thank you, guys for even taking the time for another nice little tip-of-the-hat to Ron D's Star Trek roots. Weapons Locker 1701D was a very nice touch!moreless

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  • 9.9

    Callie returns, The cylons are falling in to a civil war, Starbuck's looking for earth, Roslin's dying and Lee joins the Quorum.

    By h00plah, Oct 11, 2010

    It was a very good episode, so far this season is very impressive, compared to the third season which was a slight bore in the beginning. Callie finds out that her husband is a cylon, and tries to kill herself and her child, but Torri finds out, and sends only callie out of the launch tube. That was a powerful scene, and the look on Torri's face was frightening.

    The only reason why I didn't rate this episode a flawless 10/10 is because of the scenes with Lee, and the scenes with Kara. I found those scenes to be too, long in a sense. They were fairly boring, but I felt they had to be there nonetheless. What made up for those scenes is the final one with Torri and Callie, which is one of my favorite scenes of the season so far.

    The cylons are at war, and the cavils plan to completely obliterate the sixes and other cylon models, I honestly cannot wait to see where this is going.

    All in all, it was a very good episode, but there are too many sub-stories that were rushed. I can't wait to see next weeks episode, my expectations are fairly high at this point.moreless

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