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    Torn was Perfect!

    By TrueTvWatcher, Jan 17, 2012

    Torn was a perfect and amazing episode of Battlestar Galactica and I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character development as well as plot development. It was cool to see more of the Cylons and how they act and interact aboard the Base Ship. Baltar made a very intriguing discovery and had some great scenes. I thought it was interesting how the Six in his head claimed to be an Angel from God. The Hybrids were very awesome and it was neat how they were described to Baltar. I Lucy Lawless was awesome and brilliant in her role, and I loved the way she said they've decided Earth will be their new home! Tigh and Starbuck are having a hard time letting go of the past and are forced to decide how to move on. Sharon Agathan gets the call sign Athena which was cool, and has intriguing implications if Admiral Adama is Zues. There was still fall out about the past and the drama was great. The actors really humanize their characters well. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!moreless

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    Too much pain for some..

    By Parricida, Jun 29, 2010

    Oh - and they continue with the aftermaths of New Carpica and there are much to ease - too much pain, suffering and blood. The main story goes around Starbuck and Tigh who maybe lost both too much there. Tigh lost the eye and then he was refused the revenge he was getting with the circle.. noone seemed to understand and appriciate what he did and they all went on but not he.. and the anger just eats him.. and I think more than he hates others, he just cannot give for himself.. and seeing that pain on screen - it really hurts watching..

    And Starbuck.. I really have started to like that char so much and now she is in her depth but it looks like she loves flying and she respects Adama and she is getting out of that mystery - the ending at least promised it.

    And then we have the storyline of Gaius who have to survive with those Cylons and he is walking very slippery slope.moreless

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  • 9.1

    Great work as always.

    By kingrich06, Jul 16, 2008

    While the last episode was a little bit slow, the pace certainly picked up in this episode. I like they showed a lot more of the inner workings of a base ship this season. The way the walls are, I am surprised Baltar can even find his way around given the bland look to humans but serine look to cylon skin jobs. The story is carefully devised to the search for earth but this time the cylons are looking for it also. Religion seems to play a major role in the story lines especially with the cylons. The Felix and the president also has their views and how it relates to real life.moreless

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    Finally, things are heating up....

    By sandybadlands, Jul 05, 2008

    "Torn" poignantly and cleverly portrays the conflict between the colonists who struggled on New Caprica and those who stayed behind on Galactica. Unlike in the previous episode, the discontent Tigh and Starbuck convey their bitterness in a series of dramatic scenes, and the episode ends with them choosing different paths towards reconciling their sense of isolation.

    Meanwhile, Gaius Baltar's story is taking an interesting turn. Contrary to the purposeless scenes last week, Baltar is now becoming immersed in the world of the Cylons, with his Cylon guide filling him in about their differences as well as hinting at Cylon models he is (and we are) not yet aware of. How exciting will it be when these questions and conflicts pay off later in the season?moreless

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    Awesome, just awesome.

    By sfviewer, Jan 24, 2007

    Kara and Colonel Tigh deals with the post traumatic experience that they both endured during the occupation, but they start causing problems with their fellow shipmates aboard the Galactica. Admiral Adama deals with both of them seriously. Baltar uses his skill to keep himself alive with the Cylons with some help with his over active imagination. Along the way he discovers something about the cylon race. Meanwhile, a cylon baseship sent to the nebula to find a way to get to Earth falls ill and Baltar goes to find out what's going on. This episode reveals some stuff about the cylons. It's really awesome.moreless

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    Excellent episode! Many subtle hints about what is to come in future episodes

    By Dilliboy63, Nov 24, 2006

    This was an excellent episode. Though there were no significant massive action sequences, this episode gave many subtle hints about whats in store for future episodes. Did anyone else notice how in between life and death when number three was shot in the head that in between the pillars were FIVE silhouettes? I believe this is information of some link between the five cylon models that no one speaks about and the Cylon \'God. I thought it was pretty funny in the flash back when bulldog smashed number three in the nose! I couldnt stop myself from laughing hahaha.moreless

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    There was so much pain in this one and a lot of interesting developments too.

    By crbjc, Nov 17, 2006

    I found it interesting to watch how Saul and Kara both dove head first into their own pain. They seemed to carry it around with them to the point that they had nothing else to share with anyone. Adama said they were not acting like people but perhaps he missed the point, they were reacting like people instead of officers. Starbuck reclaimed part of her composer by reconnecting with the child the cylons tried to make her accept; but Saul could not get past that moment when he took the life of his own wife. In some ways Kara had finally left Caprica and Saul had yet to leave the planet behind. I wonder if he will ever be able to tear himself from that torment.moreless

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    Skin jobs, indeed.

    By montaigne61, Nov 14, 2006

    This is a great example of why cable is great: if your story is a little disjointed and you really can\'t find another way to make it click, you can always throw in some beautiful, scantily clad women to grab everyone\'s attention. This is what we get in Torn, and I have no qualms with it. Also, finishing with a virtuoso, scene-chewing performance by Edward James Almos isn\'t a bad idea, either.

    I have to confess that I\'m not really into this review; I\'m just knocking it out before I watch the new episode tonight (new to me, anyway). So, was \"Athena\" getting infected by the virus at the end, or just responding to the scene? I\'m not sure. And why didn\'t Baltar tell the Cylons about that V\'Ger thing he found? Was he afraid they would blame him? Did he want them to leave it so Galactica could find it and use it? Then there\'re Kara and Tigh. I still haven\'t gotten used to seeing them being all buddy-buddy, and now they\'re turning into a blight on the fleet. I have to assume that Tigh will find his way back to his place in CIC, but I can\'t really imagine how. But if Sharon can get back in the cockpit, I suppose anything is possible.moreless

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  • 9.5

    Back to the search for Earth

    By dhaworth, Nov 12, 2006

    This episode sees some major character development: Starbuck finally starts getting her act together, Tigh dissappears into his bottle and Apollo loses the last of his excess weight.

    So, the whole New Caprica thing is pretty much behind us and we're back on the search for Earth. I liked the Lions Head nebula idea, with the 'blinking' pulsars.

    Interesting developments on the Cylon side too, we learnt about what they call projection and its striking similarities with what Baltar experiences as well as the comments about the missing 5 'skinjob' models which aren't spoken about.

    A great episode, it will be interesting how this 2-parter pans out.moreless

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