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    not great or even good

    By jomomister, Aug 28, 2011

    Another "filler" episode with more flashbacks and unnecessary rehashing. There is too much wrong with it to even get into all the details. I'm curious how these episodes get made. Is it to stretch things out or give the real writers time to actually advance the plot? I think all these flashbacks are confusing and a cop out. Also, the fight scene with Lee & Kara was silly. They are both fighting grimly and then boom! Straight out of a flashback they are both suddenly too punch drunk to even stand up without embracing each other. Furthermore....Admiral Adama's character is all over the place. Was he smoking some fine New Caprican with the Madame President?


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    Definitely the worst episode of the series so far.

    By puablo, Aug 28, 2011

    Definitely the worst episode of the series so far, hopefully nothing else will try and take its place (I'm watching on DVD so this is "new" for me). Only about 5 minutes of this episode are worthwhile in the big picture, in that it's finally revealed why Apollo & Starbuck have been acting so weird around each other since New Caprica. I'm not against the idea of filler episodes, but I think the episode prior to this one, "Hero", was also a filler episode but a far superior one. I made the crucial mistake of also watching the extended cut of this awful episode, and I wanted nothing more for it to end. I can't fathom that the broadcast-edit version of this mess was any better. The only other redeeming factor of this episode besides the Kara/Lee revelation is that it makes me want to rush through the rest of the season in order to get back into what makes this show great.moreless

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    worst episode ever... some boxing scenes and flashbacks ? THAT is an episode ?

    fortunately, it's an exception, filler episodes like this.

    This is the 1st episode that bored me like that. I almost stopped watching it.

    By PetrusCynicus, Aug 28, 2011

    worst episode ever... some boxing scenes and flashbacks ? THAT is an episode ?

    fortunately, it's an exception, filler episodes like this.

    This is the 1st episode that bored me like that. I almost stopped watching it.

    This review needs to be a hundred words long, and I can't find 100 words to describe it. Nothing happens. Some boxing scenes, some flashbacks... more flashbacks, a boxing scene; another boxing scene, a flashback.

    OK, I have to admit, I don't care for boxing, but this isn't an EPISODE; this is a filler.moreless

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  • 9.5

    There's a boxing tournament on Galactica during it flashbacks of events on New Caprica explain the tension between Lee and Kara

    By scififan12921, Aug 21, 2011

    I enjoyed the Adama/Roslin aspect of this episode. With the positions they have in the fleet the only real confidante either can have is each other. You can now see that the relationship between them is no longer built on those roles but on trust and respect. Other than Tigh, who else could call Adama crazy and get away with it? I was glad they explained how Kara and Lee ended up feuding and married to other people. I know a year had passed between the episodes but it was driving me a little crazy. If you have access to the dvd version the extended cut is better thant the aired version.moreless

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    Between major char development and major filler...

    By Parricida, May 04, 2011

    So, first I was thinking when it come clear that this episode will be a bib boxing that I won't like it.. soon after when those flashbacks started I really got curious and starting to wonder what really was going on.

    I most say - I am definetly not a boxing watcher but I liked the idea - to let those chars a change to unwind a little and get their steam out as there is so much anger around.

    I like the different parts, angles of the story they were telling - first Tyrol and Celly - I am not sure what was Tyrols anger but I think it was done with Adama letting them go from Galactica and getting them to this mess. Tyrol himself made the request so maybe it was anger with himself.. or Adama.. and I really most say - I never thought of that line and it was interesting one to have.

    Then ofcourse Adama and Roslin.. I think it has been going on in hints and other ways for quite long and I think this episode just added some..

    But the major thing was Lee and Starbuck and when Tigh was telling it's over I was really checking - what.. is there still time before this episode ends as it won't end without that fight.. and that was a fight.. little weird - the ending I mean.. but there were some great developments.. Maybe too much drama and soap.. but ok.. something different at least.. and I think we all saw that coming...moreless

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  • 8.5

    Much-needed character development and excellent direction. Some might not understand it.

    By claudione314, May 04, 2011

    I'll start off by saying that I HATE boxing. It's a barbaric "sports" that sets us back a thousand years and needs to be made illegal NOW. But my hatred of boxing didn't keep me from hating this episode. If you can look past the 15 minutes of repetitive punch-punch-dance-punch-oww!-blood-punch-punch, then you see what lies beneath... although what really upsets me is that some previous reviewers probably found the punching interesting and were scared away by the love stories and the drama. These are probably the same people who teach their kids that "boys don't cry" and who think that romance is for girls and sissies. You don't like drama? Go watch Ultimate Figther or some other macho-man crap. BSG is sci-fi DRAMA.

    As the title says, the episode takes care of some of the many threads that had been ignored in the season 2 finale during the settlement on New Caprica. The episode sets out to reconcile Adama and Tyrol (after a squabble about Tyrol's baby we didn't know about) and primarily Kara and Lee, whose friendship had been severely ruined and we also didn't know why (remember when Kara asked Lee "a favor" and he almost told her to go to hell? yeah, that's why). I get the feeling that much of what we see in the New Caprica flashbacks was material cut from the season 2 finale, perhaps even an entire episode that might have felt like a soap opera. While I am not a fan of the whole New Caprica storyline, I have always wanted to see it be way more developed, and this episode partially fixes that.

    What really shines here though is the inspired screen writing and direction. Live action and flashbacks are perfectly timed and mixed, and the dialogue is seldom predictable or cliche. McCreary's usual, beautiful score helps a great deal. Also many characters not directly involved in the main storyline--Helo, Tigh, Callie, Dee, Roslin--receive fair treatment. That, and I'm SO glad to finally see an episode without Baltar frakking Cylon chicks. Seriously, it's getting old quickly.

    One last side note: I'm happy to see BSG continue its tradition of gender equality. We often see males and females hold similar positions in the military and even share the same restrooms and shower rooms. Here we see males and females beat the crap out of each other, and one major barrier to gender equality is that a woman can hit a man but a man can't hit a woman. Again, I believe boxing (violence in general) is wrong and should disappear, but if it has to be there at least give everyone a chance to participate. Good job once again, BSG!moreless

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    Major character development in a so-called "Filler Episode", LOL!

    By my1sunshine, Jan 21, 2011

    Battlestar is my favorite show right now. I've enjoyed it since the beginning. This is my first review of the show. I'm not going to delve into specifics, because anybody reading this has probably already seen it, and I've got something else to say. To my friends, and my fellow reviewers here. Why this episode to voice these opinions?? Well, guess it's because of all the negative reviews I've just seen. You're kidding with those, right? I've been away from this show for awhile. Personal issues had left us without cable for about six months, and I wanted to see Season 3 from the beginning, not just jump in. Well, we lost our cable again. As a result, I missed most of season three, and the movie Razor as well as the first 2 eps of season four. In the meantime, it's been a battle getting my friends not to spill the beans about what's happening on the show. I have, however gotten plenty of negative reviews on story quality in general since the Exodus episodes. Now that I've rented the DVD's and finally playing catch up, I have to wonder what show those people are watching, and why they're fans in the first place. This episode concerns itself with a boxing match held on the Galactica to expel, or deal with pent up frustrations and issues. It doesn't deal with space battles, or Cylons, or any other major issues or story lines on the show, right? WRONG! Let's just think about how uninvolved with sci-fi the mainstream has been until this show, then think about the fact that this show has consistantly been called the best show or drama on televison. It's because it is not a sci-fi show in the first place. It's a drama (oooh, the D word) that happens to take place in space . That is how the creators describe it..and that is what it is. And that's it's appeal. No matter how fantastic the show is, it's characters always have a real feel. They're very believable. Because the characters ARE the real issues and storylines in the show. Yeah, I tune in for the suspense, the action, the effects, the battles like everybody else.. but would these things mean anything to you, if you didn't care about the characters? About the journey they're on? About how all these fracked-up twists and turns force then to change, and grow? This, people...is at the core of this episode. I read one review which stated there was "Nothing to move the show forward". Three words, man...Kara and Lee. Last time I looked, they were main characters in a character driven drama. And, I'd say they're moving forward. Now, I realize I'm talking about the extended edition on DVD here, but c'mon people. The terrible reviews I've heard have been about every story since the exodus. The new Caprica storyline had to be the most blood pumping storyline they'd come up with to that point. Now, you expect the stories to keep pumping that kind of adreinaline indefinately , and have it be believable? I don't think so. You HAVE to take time to examine what effects and consequences this kind of trauma has on these people. And that's what these so-called filler episodes have been doing. And the Cylon stuff? I think it's facinating that people have been asking sooo many questions about the Cylons, and then get pissed because the creators are spending so much story time on their culture. Amazing. Personally, I can't understand why viewer can't take it for the big preamble it is. And this all being said before knowing how season 3 ends. I'm gonna be writing a lot more for the episodes, past and present. I don't know what the frack these nay-sayers have been talking about for these mid season episodes, but I'll tell you one thing. I think Ron, David and company are doing just fine, and I can't wait to find out what's next, until I'm current again. It's the last season, peeps. It's been a hell of a ride, and I get the feelin' we ain't seen nothin yet!moreless

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    A very emotional episode

    Found myself going from overjoyed to awed, excited to disgusted, appalled and disappointed

    By annpo, Oct 11, 2010

    That was just amazing!!!!

    I was crying at the end - guess I'm just a big girl after all.

    The fight scenes were so powerful, they kind of blotted a lot of the other action out for me. I'll have to watch it a couple more times to get the full impact of the other action.

    More than anything, the episode dealt with what happened between Lee and Kara that they got to the point where they couldn't stand the sight of each other, and now they seem to have gotten past it - I hope. Only took beating each other senseless to do it!!!

    The fight between the Admiral and Tyrol was almost too painful to watch tho'. I thought when it started out that the Admiral was using the fight to punish Tyrol for disappointing him and leaving the fleet. But it became more - that he was punishing himself for letting his guard down and allowing the fleet to disband and settle on 'New Caprica'. Tho how he thought he could've prevented that is beyond me - it was the President's call not his.

    Anyway, regardless of that, the ep was awesome.

    We still don't exactly know why Kara did what she did, but at least we now know 'what' she did, so that's one topic of speculation out of the way.

    All in all, Unfinished Business had a more profound effect on me than just about any other hour of TV I've ever watched. And I'll probably have to watch the ep another 10 times and do a lot of navel gazing to figure out exactly what nerve it touched in me that I think that.moreless

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  • 9.4

    Anders: "Looks like they're trying to kill each other."

    Dualla: "That's one perspective."

    By Tim_Bronx, Oct 11, 2010

    I was dreading this episode from the previews, so I was consequently surprised when it turned out to be exactly everything I could have wanted, except better. (I now have learned to never question Ron Moore and Co. again.) I love Lee, I absolutely adore Kara, and I have always been fascinated by the twisted relationship they share. I'd been anticipating the flashback episode that would illuminate me on what caused Lee to become so livid towards Kara, but I never could have anticipated how poignant it would be.

    There’s Kara and Lee. Lying naked in the middle of the desert like two love-sick puppies and shouting out proclamations of love for one another. The looks of true joy and bliss on both of their faces brought out a smile in mine, despite the fact that I knew their one night stand would finish devastatingly. I suspected it would be Kara to end things, and yet I gasped just the same when Lee was told that Kara had spontaneously married Anders. Lee's broken face was heart wrenching, and his pain was clearly evident as he watched Kara and Anders stroll down the street arm in arm.

    Why would Kara do this again to Lee? Is it because of her commitment issues? Is it because she feels guilty since Lee is Zak's brother? Or, most likely, it is because she just doesn't feel she deserves love; she hasn’t earned the right to be truly happy? Kara is constantly placing herself in situations where she will get hurt, and she consequently always ends up hurting those that she loves most. Has all of Kara’s pain and regret for her past mistakes pushed her down so far that she will never allow herself to experience love again?

    Kara and Lee's bloody fight was emotionally charging and paired with the flashbacks made for quite a revealing look into their mutual, torn feelings. The real question is where do they go from here? Does Lee break things off with heartbroken Dualla? Or will he refuse to let himself become entrapped in Kara's befuddled love-web again? If Lee does indeed drop everything for her, will she be ready to truly give her heart to his?

    Lee and Kara weren't the only ones with unresolved feelings this week, there also was Admiral Adama himself. I felt bad for Tyrol; he was being used as the Admiral’s personnel punching bag for all of Adama’s bitter feelings at the crew who abandoned him on Galactica. It says a lot about the old man, though, that despite his anger at his crew, he laid all the blame on himself. Adama felt guilty for letting the crew get soft, and as a result he allowed the crap to get beaten out of him as penance. It's moments like these that remind me that despite all the talented CAGs, Commanders, and XOs on Galactica, there is only one Adama and there is a specific reason why he is the man leading the human population to salvation.

    In addition to the Kara/Lee flashbacks, all the scenes on New Caprica were enjoyable. It was good to see smiles and relaxed faces on the cast for once. I absolutely loved flirtatious Adama and Roslin; high and lying in each others arms on the beach. Ellen was even back again to show us a much more romantic side of her relationship with Tigh. Even the grass was greener on New Caprica. All a substantial, and most likely intentional, contrast to life after the Cylons invaded.

    Final Notes and Quotes

    - Survivor Count: 41,422.

    - The flashbacks took place eight months before Cylon invasion. That would be four months after the season two finale.

    - I couldn't help but feel sorry for Dualla on the sidelines.

    - Lee: "Congratulations."

    Anders: "Thanks, man."

    Lee: "And good luck. You're going to need it."

    That's for sure.

    - Anders: "I want our marriage back. I want a real marriage."

    Kara: "What if I'm just not ready for that?"

    Anders: "Then I guess you'll never be. Maybe because I'm not what you really want."

    - Kara: "I missed you."

    Lee: "I missed you, too."

    Final Rating: Quality sci-fi doesn't just need good CGI and creative plots, it requires well-written characters with flaws, development, and emotional depth; all which this episode exemplified. Episodes like these, where the writers aren't too scared to edge away from action and plot for necessary character insight, remind me why I love BSG so much. 4 out of 4 stars.

    - Tim Bronxmoreless

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