Crash (1)

Season 9, Ep 1, Aired 9/21/98
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  • Episode Description
  • In the teaser, Mitch is approaching a tower while talking to Craig over the radio. It turns out that tower 14 has been washed very close to the shoreline. As a result of a storm, the tower´s ramp has been moved from the tower. When Mitch is about to leave the tower, a huge wave knocks him off his feet and he becomes all wet. Neely is tired of working at the Sand & Sea Club. She wants to start working as a lifeguard at Baywatch again. Craig has been looking for a priest for Mitch and Neely´s wedding. It turns out that the wedding during the cruise doesn´t count. The Captain of a ship doesn´t have the authority to wed people. When Craig and Mitch are waiting for Neely´s mom to come and pick up Ashley, Peter, Neely´s ex-husband arrives. He tells Mitch and Craig that he has been in the Himalayas for the past six months. When Mitch finds out about this, he knows Neely has been lying to him ever since they were in Alaska. He isn´t sure he can ever trust her again. Mitch and Neely argue and Mitch ends up sleeping on the couch. Meanwhile, April is going to New York to meet with Calvin Klein. Cody follows her there because, he will visit Lani who has moved to New York in order to pursue a dancing career. Cody is put in the coach section and April in first class. Barbara, the flight attendant, places Cody next to a little boy named Tyler. April meets a famous movie star named Hans in first class. She also meets a pregnant woman named Francine there. The plane takes off and then El Nino strikes. The plane crashes into the sea. The coach section goes one way and first class another. The first class passengers are trapped and when April checks the pilots, she discovers that they are both dead. Paul, their flight attendant is trapped. Cody loses Tyler in the crowd. When a shark arrives, panic breaks loose. But Cody kicks the shark and it disappears temporarily. Then everyone is watching as the coach section sinks to the bottom of the ocean.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • David Hasselhoff

    Lt. Mitch Buchannon (seasons 1-10, 1989-1990/1991-2000; <i>Baywatch Hawaiian Wedding</i>, 2003)

  • David Chokachi

    Cody Madison (seasons 6-9, 1995-1999)

  • Jeremy Jackson

    Hobie Buchannon #2 (seasons 2-9, 1991-1999; <i>Baywatch Hawaiian Wedding</i>, 2003)

  • Michael Bergin

    Jack "J.D." Darius (1997-2001; <i>Baywatch Hawaiian Wedding</i>, 2003)

  • David Braff

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Notes (4)

    • Guest star Jennifer Lynn Campbell replaces former Baywatch regular Gena Lee Nolin as Neely Capshaw and becomes the third actress to play the role.

    • This season's current cast listed in the order they appear in the opening credits: David Hasselhoff (Mitch), Mitzi Kapture (Alex), David Chokachi (Cody), Kelly Packard (April), Michael Bergin (J.D.), Brooke Burns (Jessie), and Michael Newman (Newmie).

    • Guest star Ingrid Walters is credited for this episode, but only appears in "Crash" (Part 2).

    • Mitzi Kapture and Brooke Burns join the cast as Alex Ryker and Jessie Owens beginning with this episode and are added to the opening credits, although neither are not introduced in this episode.

    Trivia (1)

    • Neely admits that she never went to see Peter but in "White Thunder at Glacier Bay PT. 2" you see her walk up with Ashley to Peters door step.

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