Season 8, Ep 10, Aired 11/24/97
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  • Mitch receives a call that Caroline needs all available assistance during a rescue. Apparently a young girl named Rosanna is missing. Her mother Lucinda is real worried, but she doesn´t speak any English, just Spanish. When Many finally arrives to the beach, he translates everything Lucinda says. When Manny asks Rosanna´s younger sister Nikki what happened, she tells Manny that Rosanna was very sad and that she waited for the lifeguard on duty, Cody, to leave his tower. When Cody left to meet Lani at the movies, Rosanna went into the water, and Nikki never saw Rosanna coming out of the water. Mitch organizes a search unit. All available lifeguards are sent to the beach. J.D. and Sheryl have been out on surfboards but couldn´t find anything. Later Manny finds out that Cody left his tower 4:57 p.m., not 5 p.m. This upsets Mitch who doesn´t like when a lifeguard leaves the tower early. Meanwhile, Cody meets with Lani and she tells him that she just got a call from headquarters. All lifeguards are called back in for an emergency. Cody and Lani returns to headquarters and Jordan tells Cody the shocking news. Cody blames himself for the incident. It doesn´t take long before the press arrive. Because Caroline is a soap opera star, Mitch lets her make a statement to the press. Cody tells Mitch that he left a bit early so that he could make it to his meeting with Lani in time. Lucinda becomes frantic when she sees Cody and Caroline has to calm her down. Mitch is then forced to talk to Cheif Johnson over the radio. She isn´t too happy about seeing Mitch and the others on TV. Suddenly Cody is convinced he sees Rosanna in the water, but it´s just in his imagination. The rescue operation is later replaced with a recovery operation. Mitch is forced to tell Manny that he must tell Lucinda that there is no chance of finding Rosanna alive now. Later at the office, Mitch is very angry when he speaks to Chief Johnson over the phone. He is being pulled in too many directions. The Chief wants Cody´s resignation on Mitch´s desk and out of anger, Mitch quits. He doesn´t want to be a Captain anymore. A while later, the phone rings again and this time Newmie picks up the phone. It turns out that Rosanna just went for a swim and then went out of the water from behind some rocks. She just went home by bus. When Cody finds out about this, he is revealed. Cody gets suspended for two weeks. With a vacant spot in the roster, Mitch gets to work in a tower again.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • David Braff

  • Parker Stevenson

  • Yasmine Bleeth

    Caroline Holden

  • Erin Gray

    Chief Monica Johnson

  • Ingrid Walters

    Sheryl Whalen

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  • Notes (2)

    • Former Baywatch regular Parker Stevenson (Craig) directed this episode.

    • Former Baywatch regular Yasmine Bleeth (Caroline) returns to guest star in this episode.

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