Shark Fever

Season 7, Ep 1, Aired 9/23/96
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  • Episode Description
  • Logan wants to become a director, and he has written a script named Shark Fever. He makes a movie about it and Caroline stars in it. In the movie, Caroline is supposed to be attacked by a shark and the shark is driven by Newmie. But the shark won't work. Logan gets disappointed and asks a Captain on a boat if he can sedate a shark. The Captain agrees to sedate a tiny tiger shark and then hold it with a line. As a dangerous scene begins shooting, the tiger shark breaks loose and everybody have to jump out of the water. Then Caroline quits. When Cody is out in the water on a surfboard, a great white shark attacks him. Mitch is then forced to close the beach for everyone's safety. Despite the warnings, a couple of guys go out to surf. The rookie Donna has to make a daring rescue and rescue a little boy. Everyone blames Logan for the shark activity and Logan no longer has permission to make his movie anymore. When the shark attacks Mitch and Caroline in their boat, Logan films everything. But he also have time to bring Mitch and Caroline to safety. When the shark attacks the boat, the film goes overboard and Logan jumps in after it. In order to create a diversion, Caroline comes to think of "Jaws: The Revenge" and blows the shark into little pieces. Unfortunately for Logan, the film is never recovered. Later at headquarters, Mitch tells Logan that he has to decide if he wants to be a director or a lifeguard, because he can't be both and Logan decides to be a director. Meanwhile, Donna Marco, Mitch's friend who used to own a night club called Nights that he frequented, is a new lifeguard. On her first day, she gets to work with Anthony, a good-looking lifeguard who is dating Neely. Neely gets upset and Mitch places her with Donna instead. Neely isn't very friendly around Donna. Later, Donna tells Neely that she isn't interested in Anthony. She has no plans whatsoever to date someone she is working with. Then, Neely is happy and decides to become Donna's friend.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Yasmine Bleeth

    Caroline Holden (seasons 5-7; 1994-1997; recurring season 8; <i>Baywatch Hawaiian Wedding</i>, 2003)

  • David Hasselhoff

    Lt. Mitch Buchannon (seasons 1-10, 1989-1990/1991-2000; <i>Baywatch Hawaiian Wedding</i>, 2003)

  • Donna D'Errico

    Donna Marco (seasons 7-8, 1996-1998)

  • Michael Newman

    Mike "Newmie" Newman (seasons 7-10, 1996-2000; recurring seasons 1-6)

  • Gena Lee Nolin

    Neely Capshaw (seasons 6-8, 1995-1998; <i>Baywatch Hawaiian Wedding</i>, 2003)

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  • Notes (7)

    • Music: "Chains" performed by Tina Arena; "Nice Doin' Business" performed by Louise Hoffsten.

    • This is the first season premiere since 1991, when Baywatch went into first-run syndication, that did not open with a two-part episode.

    • Former Baywatch regular Jaason Simmons (Logan) returns to guest star in this episode.

    • This season's current cast listed in the order they appear in the opening credits: David Hasselhoff (Mitch), Pamela Lee (C.J.), Yasmine Bleeth (Caroline), David Chokachi (Cody), Jeremy Jackson (Hobie), Gena Lee Nolin (Neely), Donna D'Errico (Donna), José Solano (Manny), Traci Bingham (Jordan), Nancy Valen (Samantha) and Michael Newman (Newmie).

    • Donna D'Errico (Donna) crosses her character over from the the spin-off series, Baywatch Nights, to become a regular. She appeared concurrently on both series during this season.

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