The Edge

Season 9, Ep 11, Aired 12/14/98
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  • Cody has started swimming again. But he is clearly frustrated with his times. They aren´t half as good as his times during the qualification races for the Atlanta Olympics back in 1996. Cody couldn´t go to Atlanta because of a diving accident (6.22 Go for the Gold). After a race, Cody meets Liz Brooks, a beautiful woman. She turns out to know everything about Cody´s past. She wants him to become her spokesperson for a new line of nutritional supplements called "The Edge 4000". Cody accepts the offer. When Liz is mixing up an Edge drink for Cody at headquarters, Mitch and Alex start asking questions about "The Edge 4000". They are very sceptical. Soon, Cody´s training starts to interfere with his lifeguard hours. Mitch tells him to prioritize. He can´t do both things. Cody will think about it. Another day, Cody is very cold due to the fact that he has lowered his body fat with 3 %. Therefore, he doesn´t have the strength to complete a rescue. When Mitch and Newmie arrive to the scene, they are forced to rescue both Cody and the victims. Cody has now made up his mind and takes a leave of absence. He will be gone for three weeks. Meanwhile, Mitch is convinced that Newmie is hitting on Alex. When he confronts him, he finds out that he actually was hitting on Alex. Newmie tells Mitch that he always gets the girls that Newmie likes. But this time, Mitch assures him that he is not interested in Alex at all. Later when Newmie pays Mitch a visit at his house, he asks him to place Alex at Malibu the next morning. Newmie plans on buying her roses and hopes that she will fall in love with him then. Then Alex arrives and asks Mitch if they´re still on for the night. When Alex leaves, Newmie asks Mitch what´s going on. He tells Newmie that Alex invited him to dinner so that she can butter him up for the promotion available. She wants to be promoted to lieutenant. But that night at dinner, Mitch gives a toast to Alex and says that she is a woman who knows how to get what she wants. This really upsets Alex who has opened up her heart to Mitch. She feels that they shared a special moment when they saved the little Korean girl earlier during the day. Alex leaves and Mitch is stuck with the bill. When they are driving home, Pacific Coast Highway is closed for the night. Mitch and Alex are forced to spend the night together in a tower. When Newmie arrives with the roses the next morning and finds the two of them there, he leaves upset. Later Mitch explains to Newmie that he might be interested in Alex after all. But Newmie just tells him that he can´t talk right now. He is going to teach Alex how to surf.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • David Hasselhoff

    Lt. Mitch Buchannon (seasons 1-10, 1989-1990/1991-2000; <i>Baywatch Hawaiian Wedding</i>, 2003)

  • David Chokachi

    Cody Madison (seasons 6-9, 1995-1999)

  • Michael Newman

    Mike "Newmie" Newman (seasons 7-10, 1996-2000; recurring seasons 1-6)

  • Mitzi Kapture

    Alexis "Alex" Ryker (season 9, 1998-1999)

  • Steven Barnes

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    • Music: "Push It" performed by Garbage; "Airplane" performed by Imogen Heap.

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