BBQ with Bobby Flay

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    By CAPNDEL, Jun 27, 2006

    i am not sure what bobby flay knows about bbq since he's from up north where they may know chowder, but not bbq. the show is okay. in the midst of all the programming on the food network it definatly stands on it's own. but i just do not find myself wanting to eat half of what he finds.

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    Bobby Flay travels the US in search of great BBQ

    By tikidawg, Aug 20, 2005

    Bobby Flay has been a chef that I've always liked watching. He is a great cook and is able to put his own, unique spin on the dishes that he makes. BBQ is one of my favorite types of food so I love seeing all of the mouth watering types of BBQ from across the country and the different things that regions do to make their BBQ unique.

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