BBQ with Bobby Flay

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    By CAPNDEL, Jun 27, 2006

    i am not sure what bobby flay knows about bbq since he's from up north where they may know chowder, but not bbq. the show is okay. in the midst of all the programming on the food network it definatly stands on it's own. but i just do not find myself wanting to eat half of what he finds.

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    Fine Exploration of BBQ in America

    By brewsblingsteen, Aug 17, 2005

    Bobby Flay is well known for his expertise with a grill. On BBQ with Bobby Flay, he's on the hunt throughout America for the best BBQ. Mr. Flay can be somewhat standoffish and arrogant in his demeanor, but he is a much more laid-back and easy going than on his other Food Network shows. You can tell he is a true lover of BBQ and that comes across on screen. The show is not nearly as good as his Foodnation show, but is a fairly entertaining travelogue.moreless

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