A Berry Bear Christmas (2)

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  • Bear: If otters, mice, lemurs, dogs, hogs, bears and the moon can get along, why can't everyone? Luna: Exactly.

  • Pip and Pop: (singing) We made a wish Jack: And it came true All: Sing hi-de-do-de-derry Bear: And maybe next year / It will be you / Who finds the winter berry All: And maybe next year / It will be you / Who finds the winter berry.

  • Jack: (singing) I don't need presents wrapped in a bow / Still I want you all to know / That you've given me the greatest gift ever I had. Tutter: It's more than a book about cheese Ojo: Much more than some nice new things to wear Pip and Pop: Even more than a pile of gifts a mile tall!

  • Tutter: And look. Look! That's a very rare cheese, only grown high up in the mountains! Ojo: Wow, Tutter, you know so much about cheese, huh? Tutter: Yeah, well, I dabble.

  • Tutter: Oh, wow, a scratch-and-sniff cheese book. Ooh, stinky.

  • Ojo: We've got to give Bear something really neat. Tutter: Oh, I know, but what do you give the bear who has everything? Treelo: Bear have everything? Pip: He's got a swing in the living room. Pop: I'd say that's everything. Treelo: You're right.

  • Bear: (singing) The bear he shared the tiny morsel / With his hungry friend / And when the cold and freezing night / At last came to an end / There were berries blooming everywhere / And from that day down to you / If you find the winter berry / Your wish will come true!

  • Bear: Hey, tradition! Tradition. Tradition! A tradition is something big or little that you do every year. It's passed down from one generation to the next.

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Trivia (2)

  • On the VHS version of this part of the special, the opening song "A Berry Bear Christmas" is not repeated. Additionally, a segment following the caroling in which Bear says the viewer smells like sugarplums and then discusses holiday traditions is removed. Bear discusses Tutter's special holiday tradition --- leaving a pair of shoes out to be filled with cheese. When this part of the special is aired on Playhouse Disney separate from the first part, the following is cut --- Jack tries to sneak away after the "Best Present Ever" song, but Bear convinces him to stay for the search for the winter berry. Additionally, the "Holiday" portion of the "Winter Berry / Holiday" reprise song is cut.

  • Once again, the dog in the Shadow Projects logo in the closing credits says "Happy holidays!" in Treelo's voice, but only on the TV version.

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  • Doc Hogg refers to Fiddler on the Woof in this episode, an obvious riff on Fiddler on the Roof.